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This is a Random Weird thought Experiment......

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posted on Nov, 18 2012 @ 06:11 AM
Okay I'm I'm gonna walk you threw a Random Weird thought Experiment......
(I apologize for any spelling and grammar mistakes in advance)

1) You're seated in front of your computer screen. Now imagine you float up and touch the ceiling of the room your in. You touch it and your floating.

2) Now keep floating up, this is your spirit going on a journey. Your now floating above your house or apartment. But you can look down and you see your body still seated at your computer. You say goodbye and tell your body you'll be back in a little while.

3) You now float up into the sky into the clouds, you're flying. You look down and you can see your community, all the little houses. You decide to keep going....

4) You now fly up much higher and when you look down you can see your whole city or town below. and the country side around it.

5) You fly up so high now that you're on the edge of space. Now look down, there's your whole country below. You see the oceans surrounding it, and the just a body of green land. You continue on.

6) You fly into space. Your now looking at the earth turning in front of you. You see the space station go by. You see the moon a short distance away.

7 Now you go to the moon, as you want to see if the moon landing was real. So you go to the moon, as you get closer it's getting bigger and bigger, bright grey, like a planet coming up. You land on it and you jump around with huge leaps like the astronaughts did. You an throw a rock miles like a pro football player. It's crazy fun.....

8) You're ready to take this to a new level. You think?... hmmmm Mars? Really?? It's just over there, so you fly to it. your soaring threw space toward mars. The earth is getting father and father behind you. You see starts in all directions. It's strange to be dislodged from that computer desk you were at just minutes ago, and flying threw space. Mars starts to get bigger and bigger taking up your whole view how, the surface is getting closer. You eventually land, it's so crazy and strange. The air feel hot and dry and weird. You fly around trying to find the rover for kicks. You do your own probing around for a while.

9) Now you could go back to your computer but you want to see where you can take this. So you think, why not visit each planet?? So you fly at warp speed to Pluto. Weird strange icy cold everywhere, worse than the north pole back on earth. You make a snowman on Pluto before leaving for Nepute and Urainus, not much to see there, so you go fly to Saturn. You're flying closer to saturns rings. Huge meteors right flying around. You get to the rings and you have to fly and dodge all these huge meteors that are whizzing by you. You then go see the planet itself.

10) You now go to Jupitor, and bounce to the next to the next to the next. You're getting closer to the sun now. It's getting warm out. You get to Mercury. And you're looking at the sun just right in front of you. It takes up your whole vision. So for kicks you decide you're gonna fly right threw the sun. You fly at warp speed right threw it feeling glowing bright energy all around you as you do. You fly out the other side. It's so strange you just visited every planet one by one....

11) You wonder what the milky way would look like from a distance. You fly so far away that now you can look back and you see the whole galaxy just floating there in the distance. You're way out in space, way in the depths....

12) A space ship flies up to you. You're astonished. You don't know what to think. An alien comes on the loudspeaker and wants to talk to you. He says wow I didn't know you humans had this capability? What are you up to so far from home? You reply... "well I decided to explore the galaxy". So the alien replies...."well if you're doing some sight seeing here's a map be sure to check out Ambartsumian's Knot NGC 3561 11:11.2 +28:42 Andromeda Galaxy M31 00:42.7. He says when you get there talk to Phill who will show you around.

13) He somehow telepathically sends the info to your mind. You now fly at warp speed to check them out. You see the most bizzare sights, gas formations, strange phonomina, unexplained feelings, sights you've never seen or experienced. Something telepathic says "ask for Phill". You say "Phill are you here?" and shortly a another strange space ship shows up that looks like a bunch of dark matter. It says to you, hello humanoid. I am Phill. I understand you want to take the tour of my galaxy? You agree in bewilderment.

14) He says well best you come aboard. You are beamed to the command deck of the ship. Phill is not a person, but somehow the ship itself. So he flys you around showing you strange parts of his galaxy. Strange planets, black holes, gas cloudes, stars, and even civilizations of strange alien creatures You've never seen before. It's almost way too much information to take in. it's like your in a strange dream and almost want to just fly back home back to your computer desk where you started the journey from. So Phill says to you, do you want to see more or do you want to go back home? He says cuz I sense you're worried to see more, so I could fly you home in 2 minutes and you'll be back at your computer desk or If you want to see more then just say the word.

15) So you're on the fense about it. You almost want to just go home at his point as you've see way too much already. But you decide to chance it and say "Okay Phill show me more". He says "Okay why don't we start by getting out of this universe and seeing the whole universe from a distance." meanwhile you're thinking....oh great...and you ask phill "how exactly do we see the whole universe?" So he says "well I have to call up my friend Mentareousen". He's in the 4th dimention. He'll come get you and take you to that dimention. So you're like "already sure lets call him".

16) Phill calls Mentareousen. A strange deep powerful voice answers "ahhh the humaniod from earth I see. Hi I'm Mentareousen, I'm an entity from another place and time. Something hard for you to understand. So just think of me as "an angel". Are you ready to get out of that box your in and visit the 4th dimension? You're like "nice to meet you Mentareousen, and sure why not". Mentareousen replies "okay prepare to exit the universe"....

17) Instantly your with a powerful creature that looks like an angel. You're floating in cloud like formations. He says "I'm appearing as an angel to you because this is a form that you humans are familiar with". "Now look over there, the whole universe". And you see a sphere, almost like an oversized christmas globe. Inside are all the strange galaxies all floating around. It's just astonishing, as you're no longer in that 3 dimentional space. You're now outside looking in from the 4th dimension. Mentareousen zooms in and out of this virutal map in front of you showing you the milky way, earth, and back out to other strange galaxies. it's like a map in front of you, now that you're out of it, you realize that you can't even go back into it. Unless Mentareousen transports you back into the 3D universe.

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posted on Nov, 18 2012 @ 06:12 AM
18) you ask Mentareousen "What exactly is in this 4th dimension we're in now???" really curious to know what else is beyond these strange clouds your in. He says well, I could tell you but then I'd ahve to kill you....ha ha just kidding!! You really want to know? Are you sure you want to see?" and you're like "ya show me". so he's like "fine sign this non-disclosure agreement that what I'm about to show you can't be revealed to anyone okay" say..."why do I have to sign a non-disclosure agreement??"....he says...."well when you go home it's best you don't go revealing our secrets". So you're like "okay fine and you sign the non-disclosure agreement.".

19) He begins to show you. It's like as if you're in the hollow deck of the entreprise. Everything around you changes from one scene to another to another. You're viewing heavenly realms that defi imagination. Strange creatures that defi understanding. You're communicating with some of the entites as well, as they greet you and explain hidden misteries of the universe to you. When you're done the tour you no longer feel like a person. You feel like you're virtually a higher level spiritual entity with super knowledge wisdom and understanding that defies all logic and all human reason. At this point you know going back to earth would be the most pointless waste of your time. As you've transformed into some kind of strange higher level being similar to Mentareousen.

20) You say to Mentareousen "okay yes, I understand all now as you do". Mentareousen says to you "yes you know much more than any human could ever dream of". You know everything about the universe in which you came from. And you then say to Mentareousen "yes but none of that matters now, all that knowledge is worthless." I want to go to the next level, and understand this 4th dimention you're in. It's like it's own universe of sorts, and there would be so much to know about it. You feel that if you could fully understand Mentareousen's universe of the 4th dimention then you'd even be more superior and more wise than even Mentareousen is.

21) Mentareousen says to you "yes I know you want to know this 4th dimension" and I know you crave to know what's beyond this. And you have every right to know. So if you want I'll call up my superior and he'll take you threw all the remaining dimensions directly to the source." You feel this excitment, and wild anticipation of what's to come. Mentareousen says "or again if you don't want to see that just say the word, and I'll transport you back into the 3rd dimension. Phill (the dark mater spaceship) will guide you all the way back to your galaxy and from there you can fly back to your room, and reenter your body." and Mentareousen continues "because here's what you need to understand, Right now when you go back, you're going back with a lot of powerful knowledge. You've seen the 4th dimension. You've unlocked many of the secrets of the universe. But you're still able to go back home. But if you go to the source you will not want to go home to your computer desk. And then the source might make you return, and if he does then you'll go home and wish you could leave the earth and be with the source. But you'll have to wait. at least until after you're able to leave your body again to have a chance to be with the Source.

So you say to Mentareousen "okay I think I understand, but can I ask a few questions before deciding?" Mentareousen say sure ask away. You ask "well when I get back to my computer then how would I get back to the source again?" Mentareousen replies "you'd have to leave your body again." You ask, "well how do I do that?" Mentareousen replies "there's only 2 ways, 1 is when you go back home you'll have the ability to communicate with the Source, and then eventually when you live your body, physical death, you'll at that point be brought by me to the source again." and he continues..."so like I said, you can forget everything I've told you and don't tell anyone back home what you've been told or saw outside of your 3D universe, or I'll take you to the Source." but again he might not let you say after you visit because you still have not completed your live back home on earth. So you'll likely be sent back and you'll have to live out the remainder of your human years before you can come back here again, and back to meet the Source again."
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posted on Nov, 18 2012 @ 06:12 AM
22) You think it over and are like "no I want to meet the Source!!" So he's like okay fine. I'm going to call up my Superior who is going to come down to the 4th dimention to meet you and take you up to see The Source. Mentareousen "say Gossimer, this humaniod wishes to be brought up to level 10 to see the Source". Slowly you hear a loud powerful noice approaching. Something is COMING FOR YOU. You're afraid for your life. But Mentareousen says "don't be affraid it's only Gossimer coming, he's my Superior. And he won't hurt you. Again what sounds like continuous thunder and a flash of lighting appears and a much larger and much brighter angel appears. Mentareousen say "human meet Gossimer". You are astonished. you can't breath, you fall on your face as if you're dead. But then you feel total and complete love. The feeling you only felt when you were first in love back on earth. The deep feeling of heart felt love surrounds you. Gossimer talks to you, it feels like a powerful blast of energy shooting threw you as he speaks, but all the while you feel total love and safety in the presence of this super powerful angelic being. Gossimer says "Don't worry little human, you'll be okay. I won't hurt you. Im appearing as an angel as this is form you humans are familiar with back home. And I'm sheilding you from the love and power that I have. The powerful feelings you have are only a fraction of the power of the Source. But again as Mentareousen told you if I bring you to the Source you will not want to go back. You will at be in total love. You will not ever want to leave. And to leave would be torchure to you. It would be horrific to send you back to that computer as a human again. So I say to you one last warning, are you prepared to meet the Source, or shall we send to you back to Phill back in your 3D universe who can guide you back home again, and you can forget about this heavely out of body experience? One last time, what is your decision human?"

You reply "Yes I wish to meet the Source" (all the while the presence of Gossimer alone is well beyond any loving feeling you've ever had. And he told you he's sheilding you from his real power. So you know deep down that going to the Source is going to be just a crazy thrill ride. So Gossimer says "okay take my hand" and you grab his largehand and you fly up, as you fly up he says "we will be passing threw other dimension along the way. I need you to close your eyes as you cannot see what's in this dimension or you'll certainly lose your mind." So you close your eyes. You feel yourself being teleported threw other dimensions going further and further along. You feel that Gossimer is sheilding you and protecting you threw these dimensions. "you try to look but your eyes wont' open" Gossimer says "I can't let you see otherwise it will be too much for you to take. I'll let you see when you enter the 10th dimension where the Source resides". Gossimer say "we have arrived, you can open your eyes now".

You open your eyes and you feel different, you realize your not the same person. You've been transformed into something else. You're also like an angelic behing like Gossimer. You feel total and complete love. A peace beyound anything you've ever felt course threw every fiber of your being. You realize now that you were like a little bug before compared to the creature you now are. Your senses are also heightened and opened as to compared before. You realize you were a blind, senseless bug, and now you are a powerful spirtual energy life force, coursing with endless love and peace like a surreal rush of some strange pure love drug. You have no more pain, sorrow, anger, hate, evil thoughts, only goodness peace tranquility now exists in you. And now before very eyes is a being, you know instantly that this being is the Source you are finally meeting him face to face.

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posted on Nov, 18 2012 @ 06:13 AM
Gossimer walk up with you in a area that is all consumed by the most brilliant light that eminates from all directions, and introduces you. As you and Gossimer walk closer and closer to the Source you instantly fall to your knees with Gossimer beside you on his knees, and bow with your nose to the ground below you. The Source approaches, you feel energy, so powerful, so peaceful that you cannot move. All you can do is bow. You dare not look up. As you feel is if it's too bright, it would be as if looking direct into a 1000 suns. You instantly know who the source is. You feel overwhelming love, like a child before his father. You feel innocent again. And your father is now in front of you and you feel his love coursing threw you, but he's so powerfully bright that you dare not even look up. Infact you can't look up. He walks up in front of you and Gossimer. You both are on yoru knees with your face against the floor. You feel your are in the presense of love itself. Love in a spiritual form. So incedibly powerful that you're paralized. You can't move. You dare not look into this glowing energy that's coming from the Source. You do not look up. The Source talks to you "hello my child, welcome to my realm!" When he speaks you feel more love and peace than you've ever felt. You feel innocent, free and hopeful again. You finally feel like you've arrived where you should be. Away from that vial crazy earthly existense as a bug compared to who you are now and what you're feeling and thinking. You already know going back would be innsain tourchure.

The Source continues to talk to you "I know you have travelled long and far to get here. I know you had to leave earth, leave your 3D universe and then pass threw my gate keepers and be brave enough to allow them to take you threw all the other dimensions to finally get here. But I knew you were coming home to me all along. I missed you my child." And when he speaks those words to you you feel his love for you, so overwhelming so all encompassing, so delightful, and heavenly, you feel like an innocent child who's come home to the loving arms of there father. The Source says to you "rise up, don't fear me, don't be affraid of me." you say "I dare not look father, as you're all powerful, if I look your power is so great that I certainly will be no more! (as you've never experienced this kind of love and power all radiating from one source). The Source says to you "who am I?" and you reply "you're my father, my creator, the creator of all things." and he says "arrise and come to me" and so you "look up and you see pure light, in the form of a man, who you know is your spiritual father". You move toward him and feel only love and are drawn to him wheeping with tears and he hugs you and you instantly feel so incredible to finanally have travelled so far to meet your maker. A powerful being that feels like a father which you never had before. Someone who knows and loves you.

After hugging for a while you. Finally just stand with the Source and he asks you "you could have gone back. Why did you choose to come meet me?" and you reply "well I know what is back in our 3D universe. In my human body I have a basic idea of this. But after I explored the galaxy and the universe I wanted to know where all this came from."....and the source says "yes I made you a wise and intelligent creature as a human, with free will to decide to do whatever you wish". But then he asks "but after you met Mentareousen he warned you that you could still go back and not have met me or know what's up here in my realm. So why did you choose to do that?" and you reply "well I was afraid of course. I wasn't sure what was out there. but when Mentareousen told me that there's even more out there and that I could meet you, I knew I had to take a leap of faith and see what was beyound. I needed to know who my creator was." And so the Source tells you "yes I'm glad you have finally come home to visit. Now you know what love and life I have instore for you when you return."

At that point he slowly looks and you and makes you realize that you have to journey back home to earth. You say to the Source "no father I don't want to go back, I can't go back, back to that human life form. And you plead with him not to send you back as you dare not leave this dimension as well as the love from the Source". But the Source tells you "it's okay when you go back you now know who I am. I will be with you everyday back on earth. You can talk to me whenever you wish. And when you're time as a human is done you will return to me." You now know the Source and know that he will always be with you. A feeling of strength and peace come over you and you say "yes father I will do whatever you command of me. And I will meditate and pray to you daily when I get back to earth." The Source says "I'll walk back with you". You are amazed by that and happy to know your creator will accompany you back to your body.

You walk down threw one lower dimension after another after another, until you're back down to Mentareousen. You thank and say goodbye to Mentareousen and you and the Source walk back into the 3rd dimension. You know sense your back in the Universe that the Source created. You walk threw time and space passing galaxies at warp speed and enjoying the wild and wonderous sites, as the Source also explains to you how he made certain planets, stars, gas formations, black holes, cosmoses, he explains all this to you as a father would to there curious child. He then walks you back all the way threw the milky way back to earth, back even further still threw the atmosphere, back threw the sky down toward your country and down even closer to your house and your room. He walks you all the way back into your room. Where you see your human body sitting at your computer. So he says after you enter your human body you will not see me but you will feel my presense in your human heart and all around you. And you can call on me or talk to me whenever you wish and I will listen and reply in my own way.

You understand and you say ``okay father I know you`ll be with me as I continue on in my human form, and I know I`ll see you again soon after my life is completed``. The Source replies ``yes that is true and enjoy this life I`ve given you as a human. You can do anything you want in this universe that it good and honors me and all I`ve done for you. And don`t worry I`ll be with you every step of the way on earth in spirit, until one day when I call you home again. I love you my son. I love you.`` He says ``one more thing, when you step back into the body you`re no longer just a human. You now know who I am. You no longer need your ego or your pride. Let that all go. You don`t have to prove anything to anyone but me your heavenly father. You now operate as a different creature now that you know the truth of the Source of all life. You now operate by way of the spirit, and not just the human body. And in order to talk to me you need to just focus on your spirit, and not only run your life by way of the physical reality you see around you. You can pray to me and talk to me now telepathically, threw prayer to me. and I will hear you.`` You understand that every word he speaks to you is as a concerned loving father would to his own child who he loves and cares about. And you reply ``okay I understand, I will begin to exercise and use my spiritual side now not just my body and I will pray to you often and daily, and I love you too father.``. and so you say you`re goodbyes and you as a spirit step back into your body.

Now as you read this very line you just stepped back into your body, the thought experiement is over, you arrive with new understanding. When you go outside and look up at the stars you`ll remember the journey you went on threw the stars into space, to see the universe, then beyond into the 4th dimension, and up to see the Source himself. And when you look up you`ll know he`s waiting for you and watching you`re every move and he loves you as you`re his child, he`s very creation. So you`re back in your body again, now you know, you don`t need your ego anymore, you don`t need your pride, you can let it all go and just live part of your life by way of the spirit and get to know the Source as you know he`s up there watching you and loves you and he wants you to stay in the spirit as much as possible. To not just operate using only the human body, but also now your spirit which has come to life and has the ability to talk direct to the Source.

The End.

Okay what did you think of this (haters be nice)

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posted on Nov, 18 2012 @ 06:13 AM
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posted on Nov, 18 2012 @ 06:51 AM
A very good read, unfortunatley the phone interupted my reading of it, I would like to be able to read it again for the first time without interuptions.

kind regards

posted on Nov, 18 2012 @ 06:53 AM
To be honest, I liked your thread s&f. I feel like going out and look up at the stars now.
In fact I will do just that. The thread actually made me feel happy

I can picture a lot of what you talk about, even felt possible .
The only problem I had trouble with is the god like figure, I felt myself squirming away
from the story at this point.

Due to me not having religion or god like beliefs. Maybe this is not even how you meant it, i don't know.
Disappointed at this twist. But not greatly
did I say s&f, yep i did. Thanks for the read.
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posted on Nov, 18 2012 @ 06:59 AM
I had problems too--had a blow out on Neptune. You should have warned us about the potholes...

Anyway, after a costly space-tow (got charged double because they had to come clear from Uranus) I was
finally able to complete the journey....

Now I'm hungry. Know of any good restaurants out here?

posted on Nov, 18 2012 @ 07:00 AM
I missed a paragraph sry. I fixed it now.
I like your replies so far.

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posted on Nov, 18 2012 @ 07:04 AM
reply to post by feelingconnected

Well you were asked if you wanna turn back 3 times! LOL But no you had to go looking. Well what did you expect. ha ha j/k

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posted on Nov, 18 2012 @ 07:09 AM
reply to post by r2d246

Haha, we'll to be honest I shouldn't have been flying around making big decisions whilst drinking
good read. Will read it again in morning.

posted on Nov, 18 2012 @ 07:10 AM
nice story but i too didn't care for the religious part.

sometimes i wish that i could be a mindless believer. i dont mean that in a bad way either, i just think too much and dont do enough trusting.

posted on Nov, 18 2012 @ 07:15 AM
I really liked it a lot, thank you for taking the time to share it

The godlike part didn't bother me at all. I have no religion but I do think that there is some sort of source and your interpretation of that source was really neat. Over all the entire thread made me very happy and it's given me things to think about. (I just hope I don't hurt myself thinking lol)

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posted on Nov, 18 2012 @ 07:16 AM
reply to post by lonewolf10

What religious part? They said they were appearing as angels because that's a form a human could understand, they didn't say they were angels.

posted on Nov, 18 2012 @ 07:58 AM
I was about to go to bed before reading your post as i just wanted to check the updates on ATS then i came across your thread i started reading the first 5 para then thought to myself hmm this is pretty interesting & sounds fun, then read the rest.. ahah

thanks for my bed time story! ahahah

posted on Nov, 18 2012 @ 08:02 AM
This was unquestionably an interesting journey for me.

Thank you for writing this, it has allowed me to understand in greater light (pardon the pun) some of the spiritual paradigms that I have read and evaluated over the years.

Nevertheless, I’m curious, what was your inspiration for this ‘thought experiment’?

posted on Nov, 18 2012 @ 08:09 AM
reply to post by r2d246

7 Now you go to the moon, as you want to see if the moon landing was real.

Yep. Checked out all the litter they left behind. Since you've now seen it with your own eyes, please have the respect to spell "astronaut" properly.

posted on Nov, 18 2012 @ 10:08 AM
Wonderful story, S&F! thankyou very much. Reminded me of The Egg by Andy Weir, a story i read on here the other day. Gave me the same feeling of elation and realisation ^^
It's strange reading so many posts like this on here recently, and the negative responses also..
I am nowhere near born again or a Christian.. but after being an adamant atheist for my entire formative years then coming to this new understanding, doubting it, then finding confirmation in other ways of this 'esoteric' understanding of 'creation' and existence, i have to say, has been a journey and a half.

And just like the story and the video points out.. it is crucial to step out of your comfort zone! I try to refrain from doubting or ridiculing myself or others because of their understandings nowadays as i realise just how easy it is to become close minded and believe that you are an open book, simply because you refuse the popular belief at the time (Christianity, Islam whatever). Turns out you become just as bad as them, with the whole
NO BUT GOD from christians and the
NO BUT SCIENCE from atheists.
Coming to the realisation they are heavily connected has been somewhat enlightening haha!

posted on Nov, 18 2012 @ 12:31 PM
reply to post by r2d246

Wow, nice story, may I ask, is this something you've experienced personally? Recently I've been meditating and trying to astral project, but with no luck. I'm too impatient I guess... Reading this was what i needed haha.

posted on Nov, 18 2012 @ 03:54 PM
Really nice read, enjoyed the story, smells ALOT like Dimethyltryptamine =)
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