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Ballad of The End Days of the Jews [CTPWC]

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posted on Nov, 17 2012 @ 10:01 AM
The End Days of the Jews

Under the hot sun-soaked land,
Returned, the biblical tribe of ten.
Finally at rest, lives to mend,
To live free, unmolested, at diaspora's end.

But it is not be, as a few ex-colonized indigenes rant,
When they themselves were freed by same magnanimous men,
'Kill the jews, no sharing, no negotiations!' so they chant,
as they bait,twisting emotions uncared, hatred long fanned.

Missles fired, indiscriminately, deaths began,
Defence by jews, but twisted as victim card indigenes bend,
Lies and crocodile tears, the indigenes screams, hyperventilate & vent,
Working up the naive innocents, to follow their destructive path they sent.

Burying the dead, with faked tears the indigenes lent,
Blaming the jews, when it was they themselves who caused pain and mayhem,
Hiding themselves and weapons, firing from civilian dens,
Resistance fighters they are NOT, they belong to beast clans.

Self-interpretated prophecies, watched by apostate leader in Iran,
Dirty bombs mounted on missles launched, he gave his consent,
Upon Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Bethlehem, and many more planned,
Deaths to jews & infidels, self-interpretated doom prophecy fulfilled and panned.

Millions dying, Israel leaders no longer can stay the hands,
Locations targetted, powerful WMDs on courses set,
for ERADICATION OF BEASTLY EVIL, as jews breathe their last breaths,
A favor to remnant mankind, a final gift sacrificed by jews, for peace and zen.

A hundred years passed, a single monument upon the land stands,
Carved with words that all men may comprehend,
'Here lays fallen innocent humans and comrades,
Whose only crime was to live, love and beget'. .......


To the peaceful stars, the jews and innocents return,
Holocaust compatriots welcoming smiles discerned,
To the final Home, that they had earned,
While evil souls, to the sun and be eternally burned.

posted on Nov, 17 2012 @ 11:19 AM
Nice try, let me try and peel a quickie off for the fun of it while I'm here

A time came when jews as a race got intermingled with impostors whom would race only for fame and money,
the few humble jews that would be left were as timid as a bunny,
unfortunately the impostors cared not for the true ancestry,
they preferred the ways of the wicked, and to fight with others infantry.

Many prophets would come and go after their deviation,
but most of them still saw not the error in their ways of total manipulation,
when they looked in the mirror they thought their white cloak would be very appealing,
but to those who seeked truth it was obvious what they were concealing.

They tried to kill the beloved prophet Mohommed(saws), as well as his brother Jesus,
but all it did was reaffirm to the world that the impostors were certainly spineless,
many years of the impostors treacherous behaviour would pass until the world would have enough,
and the day came were the truth seekers had to get tough.

From north to south, and east to west,
the world was certain these impostors must be possessed,
afterall they had not been pushed out of every land for little or no reason,
although it was continually hidden the truth seekers new it was for treason.

Gather one, gather all,
why not make it this fall,
the false jews today hide under the zionist umberella,
so grab your mates, oh, and that other fella,
for the time has come to rid this world of cancer,
they will cry holocaust and that there surely must be another answer,
but when the truth comes out about all of the false flags,
there wont be a man on earth who doesnt want to see them all in body bags.

If one shall live surely his cunningness shall again spread,
weve seen it too many times before to bother to retread,
so do it now and live not with regret,
just as the impostors killed millions of the innocent because they thrived off being a threat.

Dont listen to me, read history for yourself,
I'd hate to see your conscience sitting on the shelf,
Then, and only then may the real jews be heard again,
when Jesus returns and the real christians, jews, and muslims gather together to all say "Amen".

My first attempt ever at a poem/ballad/whatever if it could even be called that, I never did like english at school, lol, the OP's may be better in regards artistry(more like twisting truth), but, well I think most of us here wont be killing anyone for those that worship money.
edit on 17-11-2012 by Haxsaw because: (no reason given)

posted on Nov, 17 2012 @ 11:56 AM

If this thread becomes a venue for spreading bigotry and hatred, it's gone to the trash bin. I'll be happy to return the OP to the author so that they can re-enter it into the contest.

Save all spite for KKK rallies.

posted on Nov, 17 2012 @ 01:18 PM
Thanks Masqua for moderating this thread. I sincerely have no intentions for bigotry or hatred with my entry, but only an expression of art using poetry to help end the further insane slaughtering of human against humans, based upon current issues that may be relevant to readers of this great site ATS.

To HaxSaw,

I apologise for my poor attempts in poetry that had made you attempt to disprove my points. Poetry ultimately is only an artform, an expression of an INDIVIDUAL and not necessarily of anyone else. As the poet wannabe, I am fully responsible alone for what I wrote, regardless if you agree or disagree with it.

I only made this attempt as an anti-war contribution, based upon my perceptions alone, and seek not to change anyone's view, or seek for any 'calls -to-arms', but I do accept your criticism on the poetry subject itself, even though a criticism on the style would be better appreciated to raise and improve my pathetic attempts

However, I am heartened that you made the effort to challenge my views, and using poetry as a first attempt, which bodes well that you may find poetry stimulating itself as a means to express yourself and your thoughts.


posted on Nov, 18 2012 @ 07:02 AM
Ending Wars......

Ending wars are not by standing in the middle,
Screaming at all sides to end their deadly tangles.
At most it is only a temporary halter,
Of differences that are way much longer.

Ending wars are by digging roots that reached deeper,
And had twisted rational minds into becoming bitter.
Identify and examine the root causes more thorough,
Then, find common grounds for all to stand better.

Peace, love, equality, shared prosperity & freedom responsible,
Are a few traits all humankind share, desire and avaliable.
Acheiving them is not that impossible,
Only possibilities of realities, if we can look beyond own selfish horrors.

There will be some whose positions are intractable,
Despite the best logic, they yet refuse even to quibble.
They are only a few, for mankind today lives not in jungles,
But a shared world, so isolate and let them dwindle.

In a democracy, it is the majority whom is greater,
Ignore the regressive stubborns, and refuse them power,
Deny them support but instead let TRUTH flower,
Only then, will civilised society progress and evolution be brighter.

What happened in the past, is no longer changeable,
But mankind's future is not carved in stone either.
Compromise through sharing common goals is safer,
Or intractableness only prolongs suffering and makes life unbearable....

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