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Hamas Rockets of Fail Just Got Upgraded

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posted on Nov, 16 2012 @ 11:07 PM
Wednesday, November 14th Hamas claims to have reached Tel Aviv with one of their rockets. The IDF fires back with one word, propaganda (source). Today, Friday, November 16th the IDF post this video on their YouTube channel,

Yes they have a YouTube channel.

Fajr 5 - The Hamas Rocket That Threatens Millions of Israelis

The Fajr-5, an Iranian-made rocket in Hamas' arsenal, has a range that threatens more than 3.5 million Israelis. Since the beginning of Operation Pillar of Defense, the IDF has destroyed a significant portion of Hamas' Fajr-5 arsenal.

An an Israeli newspaper reports rockets have reached Tel Aviv, a 20 year first! Although they missed and or were duds, jury is still out.

Update: 2 Rockets Aimed at Capital Hit Open Area in Gush Etzion

For the first time since the Hamas terror organization took over Gaza and began firing their barrage of rockets towards Israel, an air raid siren was sounded in Jerusalem and the surrounding area late Friday afternoon. Just one day after terrorists successfully shot off a long-range missile aimed at Tel Aviv, it seems Israel's capital city is Hamas's next target.

Hamas immediately took credit for the attack, claiming to have shot "an improved Kassam," according to Channel 2. The launch represents the first Hamas rocket attack aimed at Jerusalem.

Reports are surfacing that the rocket hit the Judea and Samaria city of Gush Etzion, just south of Jerusalem, Israeli police said on Friday, with the army reporting no injuries or damages.

"Preliminary information shows that a rocket fell in Gush Etzion in Judaea and Samaria and police are on their way over there," spokeswoman Luba Samri told AFP.

The army confirmed that a rocket fire from Gaza had landed "outside of Jerusalem" but would not specify further.

Residents, who are not used to hearing air raid sirens, were obviously shaken. Jerusalem's Mayor Nir Barkat urged residents to listen to Home Front Command orders and to carry on with routine life.

"The municipality is prepared for all scenarios, and the public bomb shelters are ready in case we need to open them," he told Yediot.

Meanwhile, residents in Tel Aviv reported hearing a loud blast a short time after sirens were sounded Friday afternoon.

Security services are searching for the impact site. According to initial reports, at least one rocket hit an open area in the Gush Dan region.

No injuries have been reported.

Hamas has claimed responsibility for the attacks.

The city of Tel Aviv has decided to open its bomb shelters, as because the city has not experienced a direct rocket hit in twenty years many bomb shelters remain locked to keep out the homeless and stray animals, and many others are used as storage facilities. City workers are going from shelter to shelter to open the doors in case of further attacks.

The cities of Be’er Sheva, Ashdod, Ashkelon and Ofakim repeatedly came under attack Friday. The Iron Dome defense system shot down several rockets.

One rocket hit and demolished a home in a community near Gaza, but did not cause injury as the residents were not at home.

Turns out Hamas wasn't full of spit after all and the IDF was. Historically Hamas rockets are complete fail. Since the turn of the century they've fired over 8000 and counting and the only thing they are good for is property damage and psychological trauma (source) but now they got about 100 brand new rockets from their buddy Iran that is capable of reaching deeper into Israel. Am I the only one who thinks its very convenient that Iran supposedly gave them these new rockets? Since Israel can't strike Iran's yet because of their nuclear program maybe this makes a great false flag back door? I mean, it really doesn't make much sense if your Iran and everyone seems to know you just sent Hamas shiny new rockets to fire deep into the heart of Israel, right?

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posted on Nov, 16 2012 @ 11:18 PM
All over the Aussie sky news press we Aussies are bombarded with th eterrible news that dual citizen Israelis( ie UK citizens...USA citizens..Australian citizens ....Russian Citizens ect ect ect ect mauseum.
these poor guys and gals are subject to countless Palestinian rocket attacks.

No mention of the scores upon scores of blown apart non Jews in the Gaza strip blown into little pieces...including innocent children....old people...women.

Iam an Australian Anglo..but cannot fatom why Iam brainwashed every day via the Sky news...cnnn news fox news channels that this middle eastern nation Israel)is morally superior to the philistines (palestines)

I see them both as bigoted extremists.
Who have no love for christians.
So why are we being manipulated and brainwashed via our own?/????????? news channels?
Or as we suspect are the news chanels just puppets?

I really cannot doubt this.
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posted on Nov, 16 2012 @ 11:46 PM
Yeah seen sky news and the Iron dome working in overload
One rocket has hit the ground in Tel Aviv as of now.. Great strike rate but it also shows that israel isn't as secure as what a lot of people think. Turn those 100/1000's of rockets into missiles and Israel have some major problems.

posted on Nov, 17 2012 @ 12:14 AM
reply to post by DarknStormy

Yeah, since these rocket attacks started Saturday the Iron Dome has been doing it's just but it just can't keep up with all of them but it's still doing a good job. As far as these new rockets go, supposedly Hamas only has about 100 of them and already there's report of fail coming from them but if all 100 were fired at the same time that would be Hamas best chance to ever hope to do any comparable damage to Israels. It would be a Hail Mary pass and from it WWIII will probably begin. That and attacking Iran which it's being reported Israel is now looking to do strike to take out supposed missile stockades as a preemptive strike.

posted on Nov, 17 2012 @ 03:58 AM
reply to post by Swills

You know, If Hamas were smart, they would just send a few over the border, wait for the Israeli military to start entering Gaza and then give them everything they have inside Gaza when it comes to rockets
Looks like they gonna need them.

posted on Nov, 17 2012 @ 04:17 AM
Yeah, I keep reading where Hamas said this and Hamas said that.
Who and where are they getting the quotes from?

Anytime I follow up the link it's invariably from an Israeli source newpaper.

posted on Nov, 17 2012 @ 04:33 AM
reply to post by Dr Expired

Because Australia is still a Brittish/USA colony, politicaly, and will support and send troops to any major war the Crown so nicely organizes. You cant send troops in if you dont create an image of "innocent and endangered Israelis". Also, Australia supports the bombing of Gaza publicly, and that would look real bad if Australians knew what is realy happening.

Good thing theres the internet, though.

posted on Nov, 17 2012 @ 04:44 AM
So, on the one hand, we see the Gaza strip under complete lockdown, nothing can get in or out unless Israel allows it. Hell, they can't even get a boatload of wheelchairs and musical instruments through for the kids to play.
Nothing gets in by sea or air (or out for that matter) and the borders of Gaza are under Israeli military control. Don't even try to use the smuggling tunnel excuse where these rockets are concerned, or their launchers.

Yet, somehow, they manage to get "Fajr-3" and "Fajr-5" rockets brought in? Have you seen the size of those suckers? They are not just set up at a moments notice and fired from the back of a 4x4 or from a backyard.

Not the sort of thing you can hide from prying eyes either, in what has to be one of the most watched places on earth.

I think that may be the smell of bovine poo in the air?

Of course, it's another way to blame Iran for everything though!

posted on Nov, 17 2012 @ 09:45 AM
reply to post by Britguy

Bingo. Couldn't have said it better myself. And now it seems Israel is ready to strike Iran to take out Iran's rocket stockpile

War and propaganda go together like peanut butter & jelly, or fish & chips

posted on Nov, 17 2012 @ 11:04 AM
reply to post by Swills


Iran denies supplying Fajr 5 rockets to Gaza

A senior Iranian official has denied his country supplied the Fajr 5 missiles which Palestinian militants have been firing at Tel Aviv, Iran's Al-Alam television reported on Saturday.

"We deny having delivered the Fajr 5 to the Palestinian resistance. The aim of such accusations is to portray the resistance as weak whereas it is perfectly capable of producing the arms it needs," said Allaeddine Boroujerdi, head of parliament's foreign affairs committee.

Islamic Jihad claimed its militants fired a Fajr 5 which crashed into the sea off Tel Aviv on Thursday, in the first such attack on the heart of Israel since Saddam Hussin's Iraqi regime fired Scud missiles during the 1991 Gulf war.

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