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Britain - A Downward Spiral

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posted on Nov, 14 2012 @ 01:59 AM
So I'm going to go in to a rant about this last week, which somewhat sums up the state of this country.

So, first fo all on to Social Services and the NHS.

My In-Laws have suffered with health problems for years and in March of this year my Father In-Law suffered a stroke, followed by a heart attack and more recently has had to have his leg amputated (the reason being an operation in his leg a couple of years ago was done wrong and so left him without proper circulation). Now I can go in to failings with regards to my Father In-Law's care, but to sumemrise;

He was passed between three seperate hospitals for a number of weeks before being diagnosed as having a stroke.
He was not fed and instead left food on the side during meal times because of failings in communication meant that nurses assumed he could feed and drink for himself, he then suffered with severe dehydration.
He was often in soiled underwear that was constantly picked up on between our visits, but nobody did a thing about, so we had to change him ourselves, every single time.

Note to London residents on this board - Never go to Kings Hospital at Denmark Hill!

Now to skip over the Social Services mess up, which was basically not taking in to account his true state post recovery (he has never fully recovered) that then allowed him to be released home with no home help to a wife who suffers with a heart condition, COPD and is on oxygen more than she is off of it, the NHS policy of treating patients as numbers is truly disgusting and when you had to that zero internal communication, below zero patient family communication (most of which is done by staff who speak English as a third language), that is what is happening with the NHS and Social Services. Needless to say there was an emergency within 48 hours of release, that resulted in me raising hell with Social Services and them "re-assessing" the situation concluding that he needed nursing home care.

So I thought it was a one off.

Fast forward to this week, at present Father In-Law is still in hospital following his leg amputation. Mother In-Law's health has rapidly declined and as such she now cannot feed herself, cannot wash herself, cannot basically do anything. She was taken to hospital Monday after collapsing at home, the hospital released her the same day without any tests. The same thing happened yesterday, the paramedic even said the NHS is failing people left, right and centre, so she has been admitted and is currently in hospital.

We contact Social Services to sort out home care and are told that due to her condition, she is not eligible for any as no amount of home care would help. She would also have to go on to a long waiting list to even be considered for nursing/residential home placement. Therefore, even though she cannot look after herself, she is basically left to get on with it.

Surely that breaches Social Services duty of care, let alone her own human rights? Apparently not so! This country expects you to pay in to it and then retire and die and so that the family can't look after you, those of working age have to work and work and work and do the same! Yet as always, if we didn't work, we'd be better off, it doesn't matter how totally unsustainable it is, its better not to work!


On to work. I can't go in to specific detail on a public forum about cases and incidents, but I will say this;

It's got to the point where I think at least half of Police and Police staff want out, that's a conservative estimate as to be honest, not one person I have spoken to wants to stay. Policies are being brought in by people familiar with running a food retail outfit, yet these "consultants" are on six figure sums and the policies unworkable and to be honest, will eventually open a can of worms or should I say a flood gate, that could be like nothing anyone has ever seen before! Work practices are being implemented that quite frankly, take the Police back about 100 years! There used to be set procedures, now people only follow them if they ahve time! Imagining that when finding a dead body...I'll leave it at that!

The internal politics is getting to boiling point that now officers just want to get their shift done and leg it out of the door, because there is no overtime and nothing more for it, allowances have been cut, paying more in to a pension but getting less for it, how does that work? The job, instead of fighting crime, has become just that, a regular job and it's never been a regular job, because fighting crime in not a regular job!

There were days that you could be away from home for literally days, because you wanted to solve it, catch the filthy b*****d that murdered or raped or kidnapped, you wanted him off the streets. No, that's gone now! I can't blame them, the streets are becoming ever more violent, there is no respect externally or internally anyone in uniform be it a copper or a paramedic, people may say the police have brought that on themselves but unless you have working knowledge of police procedures, you can't say that. At the same time, the people that will suffer from an ever increase in lawlessness is the general public, so whatever people's personal opinion of the police are, it won't do much when you're looking at the point of a blade or the barrel of a gun. As a functioning law enforcement body to protect the public, the police are on the verge of collapse.


So when you add to this the state of employment in this country, schools and the battle for school places, housing shortages, private rent cost increase, general cost of living increase, salary decrease, waiting lists for everything, even to see my GP I now have to make an appointment a month in advance even going to open surgery does not make it certain that a person will see a doc, even then the docs are awful now, the calibre of GP has dropped through the floor. The calibre of everything has dropped through the floor!

I just don't know where this country is going, it's cutting welfare, which I agreed with, but now I hear of immigration doors still being open, money still being wasted abroad and the money saved on cutting the unemployment benefits, still not going to average workers, well to me that's just doing nothing but making us all poor.

Labour come in, spent all the money and wrecked this country in every way, then this shower get in and cut so much that its almost amputating services and sectors of this country, as well as incomes of average workers! The biggest concern, is that its like this across the planet, the only difference is the sky high level of taxation in this country in relation to what we get out of it, is totally messed up!

This is just a rant, but I'm sick of ranting, when does it end, when do we say enough is enough, when will workers be in power? I know in my heart it will be never, but we're losing ground every day and I just hate to think where we are all going to be in ten years from now.

I guess there is good reason to keep our cars, they'll probably be our homes come then. yet will it take that before every Brit says enough is enough? Every worker of each country to do the same? I guess it's a long hard road ahead, but judging how this country treats people from infant to elderly, there is little light ahead.

posted on Nov, 14 2012 @ 03:31 AM
havent got time to read all of it ( work) but they're talking crap about your mother in law not being eligible for homecare. i work in home care and believe me, iv had a fair few clients that cant do anything for themselves.

posted on Nov, 14 2012 @ 04:19 AM
The uk is a dump and getting worse by the minute. We are being financialy raped by massive taxes, VAT the medeval mafia TV license. hugely inflated fuel and food prices, council tax, and pathetic wages. the list goes on and on.The class divide will NEVER go away, anyone who says different is an idiot.Anybody young enough should get the hell out of here while you still have a chance.

posted on Nov, 14 2012 @ 07:45 AM
reply to post by Elvis Hendrix

Britain surrendered to the European Union peacefully, so peacefully infact the British public didn't even notice it taking place.

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