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Nature And Observer: Two Sides Of Cosmic Equation Of Balance

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posted on Nov, 11 2012 @ 05:29 PM
I am going to describe a theory on the Universe as information, where nature exists as one pre-existing function for dealing with information, and the observer is an equally inherent and necessary function. Let us think of the theoretical ‘starting point’ for reality as Information-as-Potential. This ‘potential’ stage is the abstract 0, or emptiness. As this expands outwards, it serves as something like a bubble which encompasses all that grows outwards, for all that ever manifests is an outgrowth of this initial Potential-Information.

Now, ‘nature’ and the observer are implied within the structure of the Universe. Their functions serve to balance a great cosmic equation, ultimately balancing everything out to remaining equivalent to the initial 0, despite expanding into infinity. These are two separate functions. The ‘nature’ functions serves as something like an impartial shuffler of the information. It randomly shuffles out information, and continuously organizes all of the information-elements into new and unique patterns of configuration. This is one half of the cosmic equation. The observer-function is to take in the information spouted out by the nature-function, and order it meaningfully.

Our emprical science has made its emphasis overtly on the nature-function. This is why such a fundamental concept for them is ‘entropy,’ the idea that over time, nature becomes random and meaningless. The solemn conclusion reached by this is that through this process, life eventually becomes unsustainable. This is why there is the need for the other half of the equation, the observer-function, which is life itself. Now I’m not sure how popular this concept has become, but scientifically this observer-function has been termed negentropy, negative entropy. This is the tendency of life to create ever-increasing orders of order and complexity. Somewhat of a parallel to this is found in the ideas of Terence McKenna, who spoke of the dichotomy of novelty vs. normalization.

So, you as the fundamental observer of your reality, play a key role in this cosmic game, or equation. Your external reality is the output of the nature-function, and you play out the observer-function. You can never not sort out, order, and give meaning to the information. That is what life, consciousness, is. So, although the process is inherent, you do have power in that it is up to you to sort the information, both in terms of interpretation and response. All that you know, internally and externally, are the info-elements provided by the nature-function. The better you come to understand these info-elements, and the better you learn to organize them, the better you learn to play the game of life, and the more you leave your own specialized mark on reality.

posted on Nov, 11 2012 @ 06:18 PM
From your perspective,
does the observer have the ability to influence nature?
Does nature have the ability to influence the observer?

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