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Erinnerung an einen Traum~Memory of a Dream(CTPWC)

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posted on Nov, 8 2012 @ 10:27 AM
This one is much shorter, but definitely not sweeter.

Do you remember the sea near the hill? 
Us driving there?
The green of those trees i still see
after all these years...

Suessholzraspler i should have known
I should have never let you take my heart
Into your home

The dampness of the wind
As it whipped my hair...
Standing at the top of the 
Palace's stairs. 

I looked into your eyes 
And I fell straight through
Right into the very heart of you

And I had no clue, 
No clue at all, 
What that one moment would do
Light faded, but a fire grew 
And all of my love was wrapped up inside you

The turning of snow into the rains
The brightness of the leaves green again
In bloom like flowers, the world was ours
And I was only real when I was with you

Do you remember who you were back then?
When we were so much more than
"just friends"
Do you remember the ring on my finger
And slipping it on ?
How hard you tried not to wake me, 
and you dropped it as I yawned? 

I can still remember the ring in the water
I can still remember the train station good bye
I can still remember the look in your eyes

Don't tell me it was true, it always was for me
But never was for you. 


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