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I Admit I Was Wrong [Not Just About The Election, But Many Things!]

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posted on Nov, 7 2012 @ 11:11 AM
Since joining this site, I have learned a lot but have also realised just how often my beliefs turn out to be flat out wrong!

Whilst we can often be on the right 'trail', we have to be careful not to get into a mindset of only connecting the dots that confirm our theories. Looking back, certainly now the US elections are over, I have been doing this.

I was convinced Romney was to be the next president. Romney was seemingly far more willing to 'serve his masters', most notably regards the Iran issue. When I noted that Dov Zakheim and Michael Chertoff were on Romney's foreign policy team, I was convinced that these guys would not get involved if Romney wasn't already 'selected' to be the next POTUS. I was wrong and will admit it.

In the following thread, I addressed the Romney 'White Paper', which talked about what his policies would be if elected-

The basic jist of that 'White Paper' was the increase in the survelliance state as 'domestic terrorism' was to be tackled and how a pathway to Iran could be justified as Iran potentially has hundreds of agents in American cities who have inflitrated through the weak border controls.

This theory also been proven wrong as Obama has been voted in for a second term.

I was wrong about the Olympics. Before the Olympics started, I was almost convinced or certainly fearful that that the elite had plans to carry out a false flag to start more war in the middle east. Again, I was (thankfully)
wrong. I was too hasty to buy into the theories, therefore missing the fact that nothing was planned for the Olympics because many of the world's leaders were gathered there, too many of the elite were present, so no false flag was ever planned.

Overall, I think many of the 'conspiracy theories' out there are true, certainly the centralisation of power and increase in control over our lives- but I've come to realise that this is a looooooooong term 'game', the forces behind it have been at work for centuries. It is a slow, gradual process and isn't all going to happen overnight.

I think if Romney had been elected, then we would be on amuch faster track to a WW3 scenario, so I find it interesting that Obama, who has seemingly defied the Zionist lobby at least in attacking Iran, has been re-elected. But what do I know, I was convinced Romney would be the next president-

When Dov Zakheim was comptroller at the Pentagon, trillions of dollars went unaccounted for- where that money is or what it funded is open to debate (although not hard to guess it funded the illegal wars in Iraq and Afghan for the past ten years) but this hardcore Zionist is now the middle east advisor to Mitt Romney. This post was given to Zakheim in October 2011.

With him being advisor to Romney as of October 2011, I would personally take this a guarantee Romney will be the next president. It shows Romney is another puppet, but the American people aren't waking up in time, this guy will be voted in.

Maybe the American people realise in time. Romney is a puppet, Obama is a puppet too, many will argue the elections make no difference as the same outcome is derived from either result, and I agree, it is just the timelines will be altered. Personally, I think Romney would have started an Iran conflict pretty much straight away, whereas TPTB may have to 'chip away' some more to get the Obama administration into a conflict.

I can't find the source to confirm this but in this video the FOX presenter refers to Israel having given the US administration a deadline of '25th September' when they feel they will have to act and attack Iran before it is 'too late'.

This is one of the policies that has been discussed, that Israel will go it alone, which will force America into action to defend her ally Israel.

The Obama adminstration has repeated many times he 'has Israel's back', so if Israel attacks first, Iran will retaliate and America will be forced to help Israel as an ally.

This could even remove the need for false flag to justify war. Whether needed or not, it has certainly been considered and you'd have to be pretty ignorant at this point to think Israel are bluffing with their plans.

No, nothing happened 25th September!

I am receptive to the info out there, but once we weigh this info up with hindsight, there are seemingly many paths this agenda can take to get to the same result. For instance, Romney may have gone to war straight away, whereas Obama still has 'Israel's back', he is still a puppet of the elite, it's just we are on a different path now than if Romney had won the election.

So, what have I learnt? I guess the biggest lesson is that we can be wrong, I have been wrong many times now since joining this site. As normal, regular people, we do not have inside info, we can only use the info that is out there which means we will be wrong more often than not. Not everything plays out, not everything is a conspiracy. There is plenty of disinfo out there and we have to be careful not to only connect the dots with info that confirms a theory we may have.

Thanks for reading, I'll be taking a backseat for a while now, I'll still be checking in, this site is a great source of info, especially for news, but I'm going to leave all the theories and predictions to you guys

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posted on Nov, 7 2012 @ 11:18 AM
reply to post by Wonderer2012

No, nothing happened 25th September!

Of course it didn't. Israel has been "warning" us about Iran being days away from "the bomb" since the 80s. Every few years they bring it up. It only comes as a surprise to you because for the past decade the US has been too busy killing Israels other enemies (Afghanistan, Iraq). Now that those nations are effectively neutralized, it's time to bang on the Iran drum some more.


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