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In his own words: How Mitt Romney has dealt with reproductive rights...and likely will

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posted on Nov, 5 2012 @ 09:50 PM
Pardon the you tube clip where Dwight Shrute is apparently interviewing Mitt Romney (LOL!).

And I hope you can stomach some of the religious particulars.

But, with regard to reproductive rights, he specifically says:

Having been a leader of my church, a Bishop and a State President, I understand my church better than you do, alright? My church has very strong beliefs that Mormons should not participate in, encourage, in any way support abortion..."

...the Church does not say that a member of our church has to be opposed to allowing choice in society. It does not say that. And therefore there are, there are, Mormon Democrats. There is a Democratic Party in Utah filled with Mormons and the Church doesn't say they're wrong, they're being excommunicated. No, it says, look, we are vehemently opposed to abortion, ourselves and for ourselves, but we allow other people to make their own choice.

I disagree with that view.

Politically, I look at it, I say "You know what? That's wrong" And it's not a Mormon thing, it's a secular position. To say, "You know what? I was wrong...We should have, as a society, a prohibition on abortion n the following circumstances..."

"I was Governor four years, that is what I am talking about. I was Governor four years. I had a number of pieces of legislation in my desk that dealt with abortion, abstinence education, RU486 and so forth. I vetoed any bill that was in favor of choice. I was entirely consistent in favor of life. So its not just my word they can take but for my record as well."

FTR...I am pro life AND pro-choice.

However, there but for the grace of God go I...

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