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A Fairytale about Love (CTPWC)

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posted on Nov, 4 2012 @ 01:06 PM
if anyone is interested enough to read a very LONG Fairytale, welcome.....

You were my prince
And I, your peasant

You were made of gold
Shining bright like the sun
I was born in darkness
The gutter was where I was from
Skin the color of the moon
I shined as well but never as bright as you

you were trapped in darkness behind  guarded walls
You were a prisoner to your family's call
You wished to be free
To live a life without the weight of responsibility

You wanted a taste of another life
Your curiosity burned
To know what it was like
So you left the castle
To spend the night
Among the rabble, 
and in the filthy darkness
You stopped to ask a question
And I fell right into you

My sad prince who was in darkness too
as soon as I saw the loneliness inside
Those aching and violent wide blue eyes
A spell was cast in the glow of the streetlight
I knew I would forever love only you
I knew in my heart it was pure and true.

From that moment on, we were never apart
My heart was a treasure 
I gave to you
I never once thought I should lock it up tight
I never once questioned why someone so fair
Was out roaming in the eldritch night air

I spent days basking in your light, astounded by 
Your glorious sight, the line of your jaw
The smoothness of your skin,
The fierceness of your eyes
The micheviousness of your grin
I knew I'd never find another like you again

I never once asked from whence you came
I never once questioned your history or name
And when you finally whispered to me
The high and mighty name of your family
I showed no sign, gave no word
For it was a name I had truly never heard

You waited for a response, but none there came
In that moment you knew
I loved you before you ever spoke your truth
And once you knew that my love was pure
Once you were sure that I would never use you
you wrapped your arms around me 
And swore all oaths of fidelity

You had a voice of sincerity

Then you began to explain to me that 
Your family was noble
You had the world, but it weighed on your back
Your life was of no worth without me
As yours
You said you'd give it up
To be happy and free

But I never asked anything like that of you
I was so naive I never understood
Who you really were
Or why my love for you was doomed
All I hoped was to have was a place
In your heart that was true
I never knew that it had to be a certain way
I  thought in our fairy tale we'd always stay

But that was not possible, no that could not be
There was never any room in your heart for me
But you wanted to play, you wanted to 
Make believe 
You grew weary of the dark and the gloom
You wished to be back in your comfortable room
Safe and protected by the towers and swords
you wanted me to come away
You swore that it would be okay
You promised that by my side you'd remain

So You brought me to the castle 
I walked trembling down the halls
Past the pictures of royalty on the walls
Their polished crowns, their white ermine
The jewels encrusted, the faces divine

You showed me to the king and queen
I tried to curtesy and fell
They looked upon me with wonder
They did kindly smile
They seemed not mean
But i saw something hidden in the depths of their eyes
I was not destined to ever be your wife
the castle was no place for one of my kind
I tried to run, to flee into the night
But you found me, embraced me and held me down tight
you insisted I stay, that nothing ever would tear us apart
And so I changed my mind, despite the heaviness of my heart

As time past, my love only grew
Not just for my beloved prince but also for his family too
I was taken in, treated as a proper princess should
I was bathed, fed and  wrapped in silks 
and on down pillows slept,
 I was educated, all expenses were paid, 
I learned hoch deutsch, instead of slang. 
I attended court, I danced with kings,
I rode in the royal carriage, I Supped with queens
I was even in pictures in one of the great halls,
standing with the family at a cousins grand ball,
walking through the snow with my prince 
while on vacation, I was part of this world now,
I believed I'd remain without hesitation.

For all intents and purposes I seemed to be
The luckiest peasant in all of history! 
The king even met with my father one day
And asked if I could by the royal family permenantely stay
My father so honored, so thrilled with delight
Bowed to the king and gave his blessing
And thought for sure nothing tragic would happen
My father was wrong, for he did not know
That i was nothing more than a whim
To a rich spoiled prince with a crooked grin

 So the day finally arrived
When you were asked to take a wife
Without a pause you turned to me and said
" I no longer love you
Now get out of my life"

The shock on my face, the blood did drain
The terror and horrible look of pain
The rage and the bitterness did ensue
The shattered remains of a love untrue

So Out of the castle for me,
Back into the darkness I came
The death of night greeted me
As I wandered down 
lonely streets again

vacant buildings Hollowed out the reality to me
There was no love, just life's insanity
Empty words from lie soaked lips
 An Elaborate joke, a cruel kiss
Nothing was left for me to do
But rip myself apart 
because I was foolish enough to believe in you

Looking back on it now, It is so clear to me
What I always was to you, 
And what you were to me
I was only valued for a short while
My purpose was only served
If I could make my sweet prince smile

A trinket, a plaything, an amusing toy
Nothing more than a distraction
Something to enjoy
Kinda like a gift for a well behaved boy
(etwas wie ein geschenk fuer ein braves junge)

Your castle was so cold, so grey,
But I lit up the gloom
I was an entertaining game 
You just played
So much fun for you
To occupy your days
Your little peasant was
So easy for you to throw away

And I never quite recovered from what you did to me
I always saw the world differently
There was no more faith in my heart
That any love was real
And my innocence was broken
And my wounds never healed

But you continued to shine--
Always blessed with light
Your sun kissed skin
Your hair like silk
Your crown untarnished
Your ego unchecked
you ruled your world on your noble throne

And I  a shadow, became a shade
A ghost of longing
Of those bright days
When by your side
I knew only love and in your arms 
I felt alive
Now cold and numb I walk through the world
Haunting the land
Roaming and aching and lost in the dark
Right back where to where I was at the start

You never once hesitated to give me away
You always knew I had an expiration date
You always knew we would never remain
Because princes can have their toys
But must toss them out 
because princes become kings

And Kings are not supposed to have trash lying about. 

posted on Nov, 4 2012 @ 02:20 PM
Thanks to those who took the time to take a look at my work. I realize it is very long, and really needs to be condensed. I started writing last night and came up with this.

I do not expect too many stars, this was very personal, and I'm guessing parts of it are hard for people to relate to, but hopefully the overall themes come through.

There are a few words that are in German, if anyone wants I can explain them, but they are in context to the poem. When i wrote it last night entire sections were in german...but i figured it would make an already dense poem even worse! And yes, just in case anyone is wondering, this is a true story, mixed with poetic license.

I will go back and eventually it will get split up into other poems. It is redundant in many parts, and does not have the exact flow i wanted, but it tells the basic story, and once i started writing i had to just pour it all out.

is not my usual writing style, but I thought it was a style well suited to this kind of story. This is but a small snippet of a larger theme in my life, so maybe one day I will find a way to pull it all together!

Thanks again, I know it is asking a lot to read this whole thing

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