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Focus and Relax[CTPWC]

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posted on Nov, 3 2012 @ 09:28 PM
Now ATSers I want you to do something for me..

Just focus and relax...relax and focus..

Take two deep slowly..out slowly..

Focus on my words..Just relax and imagine my eyes..

staring right into your soul..

Lock in on them...And as you focus..

your getting more and more relaxed..

Your body is beginning to grow heavy..

focus breathing in and out slowly..

Beginning to sink deeper and deeper..

Now imagine looking deeper into my eyes..

and feel yourself falling into them..

so dark and deep they gaze at you..

As you gaze into my eyes..

you start to feel calm..very very calm..

You're starting to relax more and more..

looking at my entrancing eyes in your mind..

Getting lost and relaxed in them..

As you go deeper and deeper..

Settle yourself comfortably into your seat, and let your mind concentrate on my words.. ......

We will begin by focusing on your breathing. ......

You will find yourself relaxing and concentrating more and more on letting go. As you become more and more aware of your breath, you'll notice how naturally tension simply flows out of your body. Take a deep breath in ... now hold it ... just a bit longer ... and now release it.

Notice how relaxing it is to let your breath out. Another deep, deep breath ... filling your lungs completely ... hold it ... hold it ... now slowly release ... feeling the tension flowing out. Each breath more relaxing. Feel relaxation flowing in with each breath in ... tension flowing out with each breath out ... relaxation in ... tension out ... relaxation in ... tension out..

Notice now, how much more relaxed you are already. Now slowly take a breath in through your nose, and follow the stream of air inward. Feel the air flowing though your nasal passages. It becomes warmer and helps you to relax as it flows downward, through your throat, into the upper portions of your lungs. The air continues to stream downwards, filling your chest, pushing your ribs outward, expanding the cavity above your stomach. Draw the breath down until your lungs are completely full ...

hold ... and hold ... and hold ... now releasing slowly through your mouth.

The stale air flows outward, upward so easily and naturally, taking all tension with it. Feel how warm the air is as it flows over your tongue and lips. Feel how much more relaxed you are...

As you learn to focus on your breathing, it becomes easier and easier to relax. It's natural to relax more and more as you focus on your breathing. My words will help guide you in learning to relax...

Simply follow my words, noticing the natural gentle flow of air in and out as you focus on your breathing, and feel yourself relaxing more and more. Enjoy the feeling of continuing to relax ... relaxing deeply ... as you focus on your breathing...

Let's take another deep breath now ... ......

focusing on it flowing in ... ......

filling your lungs ... ......

so relaxing ... holding it ... .

and now slowly releasing ... letting go ... relaxing more deeply.

The more you focus on your breathing, the more deeply you'll be able to relax.
You'll find it very, very enjoyable to focus on your breathing, and to relax even more deeply. Each breath relaxes you ... more. Relaxes you ... deeply.

Each breath more and more relaxed as you read my words. Breathe ... and relax ... breathe ... and relax ... each breath ... more relaxing. Focus on your breathing, and feel yourself relax even more ... deeply relaxed.

Continue to follow my words, as I help you to deepen your relaxation. As you do, you'll feel your body let go, and enjoy the deep relaxation as it does. Each number you read will help you to relax more and more. Each number will take you deeper into trance and relax your mind and body. Deep, deeper, deepest you shall go.


Now its time to think today is the perfect day to do this as well. Have you made someone smile? Have you changed a Life? Have you made a difference, even a small one, in someone's life? These are the important things that people need to remember this winter..

As I slowly begin to count you will slowly leave your trance. Those thoughts of warmth and happiness will stay with you even when you waken. Your life will be filled with joy and happiness as you remember the things that are important. You have made a difference and have brought peace and love into the world?

As I reach the number 3 you will leave trance, again feeling wonderful and recharged

1 ... ...... ... ...... 2 ... ...... ... ......3 ... ...... ... ...... Wake ... ...... Wake... ...... Wake

peace and love,sugarcookie1

posted on Nov, 3 2012 @ 09:38 PM
I enjoyed this submission based on it's uniqueness and it's ability to make me relax. Well written and very cool. S+F

posted on Nov, 3 2012 @ 09:42 PM
reply to post by Rubicant13

Thank you so much for your reply..One thing I'm good at it is uniqueness..peace,sugarcookie1

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