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Always and Never [CTPWC]

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posted on Nov, 3 2012 @ 11:59 AM
I stand on the edge of wilderness
You touch my face and we slowly kiss
And I feel the wind begin to rise
Just a storm you fueled with all your lies

Like an oak, I know I must stay strong
Why did you have to do me so wrong?
I cannot bend, I would rather break
You were just another bad mistake

But then as your rain begins to fall
Cracks spread and disentegrate my wall
I'm exposed to all your elements
Our souls lament all the good intents

I open my arms, I take you in
So we can dance our last dance again
As this storm build in ferocity
Surrender to your intensity

Amidst the destruction, you and I
Holding hands, not scared that we may die
As we reach a sublime crescendo
All my fury flies out the window

Though the skies they may be whitening
In your eyes I see the lightning
In my heart I still feel your thunder
And I can't help but be drug under

Standing alone in the aftermath
The blinding rain washed away my path
You're off again doing what you do
Here I'll stay, I'll always wait for you


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