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Sleepless in Niagara

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posted on Nov, 1 2012 @ 08:25 PM
I thought i'd celebrate my 200th thread with a little story... Call it a rant if you will...

Sleep does not come easy for myself, truely i am the proverbial Night Hawk... i sleep best in the morning hours anywhere between 3-7am, and normally i can't fall asleep any earlier. That is of course IF i sleep at all, and in many cases i don't.

Im also the type of person who likes his space in my own bed... i've never been able to get uses to someone sleeping beside me, even when i was married, but some situations call for just that. I am definatly the type to "disapear" during the night if i happen to "sleep over" at someones house... I can't sleep in a strange bed and most times i lie awake with my thoughts all night.... or until i can return to my own bed... which doesn't always go over so well in the dating world.

Oh well...

Recently after a night of... Lets call it gymnastics
I was extremely tired, i actually thought it might be possible to fall asleep beside another person...

So after a bit of cuddling, i turn over... and low and behold she turns aswell soon after, landing on my chest with my arm around her... *sigh* Trying not to be rude i stay there for a bit, and a while later i make another attempt at the roll over... and of course she follows suit with a little shuffle in my direction...

This now leaves me with approximately a half a foot of bed to sleep on...

Now with a queen sized bed there should be plenty of room for two people to sleep comfortably, why she needs the entire bed is beyond me... but if this isn't bad enough... several minutes later i find a knee in my back and an arm over my side. At this point lack of sleep is setting in, not to mention frustration... and the realization of the ever looming threat of hitting the floor, all while performing this silly balancing act just to stay on the bed.

Enough is enough... there is 5 feet of bed behind her... and im laying on the edge of oblivion here. Theres only one solution... up and over to the other side of the bed whilst trying not to disturb my friend. Oh Geez, if she realizes i've found a bit of freedom, a bit of space... she will surely invade

So i slip out of bed and climb in the at the end of the bed (because theres a wall on the other side) .... i sigh in relief as if a great victory was won in the name of sleep. But my happyness was not to be... just as i start to doze off i feel movement behind me, and an arm comes down on my side like a guillotine!!

Where'd you go? She says half alseep...

Right here, where theres a bit of space... i state bluntly.

Aww you don't like cuddling? She says with a little pouty frown... I do, but i like sleep when i can get it my dear... Seemingly that statement was not heard and she snuggles up again... Now i have half a foot of bed to sleep on, an insistant snuggler on one side, and a wall on the other... :bnghd:

Eventually she falls asleep again... (jealous!) but this time instead of gentilly transfering myself to the other side, i litterally highjump over her, and flop down as hard as i can... which had absolutely no effect on her... and i sware i caught a slight grin when i looked back... *sigh*

but at least i have my space again, shes out cold... im safe...

Finally after all of that i might get some well needed sleep... ( Btw i hate you people that can fall asleep in an instant like that... I wish

Then it happens... Like a frickin chain saw in the woods i hear...


OMG... FML!!

Looks like no sleep for this guy......... again!

posted on Nov, 1 2012 @ 08:43 PM
OMG You got a star and flag just for making me crack up! I needed that!

My hubby and I can't sleep together either. We both need the whole bed it seems. LOL

posted on Nov, 2 2012 @ 07:15 AM
all time great rant right there. had me laughing

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