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Yasser Arafat's body to be exhumed after eight years as his wife calls for murder investigation

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posted on Oct, 31 2012 @ 06:36 AM
Source :
Date : 30 October 2012

According to the article , French officials will exhume former Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat's remains next month in a bid to discover if he was murdered.A team of medical and forensic experts will arrive in the West Bank city of Ramallah on November 24 to carry out the gruesome operation.The exhumation comes after Arafat's widow Suha asked judges in France this summer to launch a murder probe into her husband's death.

Mrs Arafat, 48, believes her husband's death at a Paris hospital eight years ago was caused by the radioactive toxin polonium.
She claims he was poisoned because he was an 'obstacle to peace'.
Mrs Arafat's lawyer Pierre-Olivier Sud told the French media: 'Suha Arafat hopes that the authorities will be able to establish the exact circumstances of her husband's death and uncover the truth, so that justice can be done.
'She and her family want the truth and nothing but the truth. There is no question of any ideological or political exploitation.'


posted on Oct, 31 2012 @ 06:40 AM
Swiss scientists who analysed Arafat's belongings said in June that they found 'surprisingly high' levels of the lethal substance on his clothes .Polonium-210 was also used to kill former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko in London in 2006.

posted on Oct, 31 2012 @ 07:06 AM
I dont doubt that she just wansts the truth and is not politically motivated.

But the French Government are paying for this? Now? I dont think Israel will appreciate this at all. Pretty interesting.

Thanks for posting

posted on Nov, 24 2012 @ 05:33 AM
This would be very bad for the region "if" true..

posted on Nov, 24 2012 @ 05:37 AM
reply to post by UltraMarine

Totally ignorant here, so I need to ask why Arafat's body wasn't dumped in the ocean, or why was Bin laded dumped in the ocean?

posted on Nov, 24 2012 @ 06:02 AM
Shouldn't there have been a full examination of the body before they laid him to rest?
I mean, really?

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