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Hurricane Sandy... could this be the october surprise that will swing the election?

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posted on Oct, 29 2012 @ 11:21 PM
If you've done some research you'll find Sandy is ONE of a kind.

The real danger comes from the potentially huge storm surges the hurricane could cause along coastal areas. NOAA put the storm surge threat from Sandy at 5.7 on that 6 point scale—greater than any hurricane observed between 1969 and 2005,

"The coincidence of that strong of a high pressure “block” being in place just when a hurricane is passing by — in and of itself a very rare occurrence — is just mind bogglingly rare. It’s the kind of stuff that’s important enough to rewrite meteorological textbooks. The result: Instead of heading out to sea Sandy’s full force will be turned back against the grain and directed squarely at the East Coast."

now all this is happening almost 1 week before the elections...

a plausible scenario:
the governments response to the damages from the hurricane are going to be a complete failure and will be blamed on the Obama administrations incompetence ... considering how close the numbers are this event could be enough to nudge Romney a few points to steal the election

please note, this is only a prediction I'm making. I'm not saying this is gona happen for sure, or I had a vision, or your all blind.
Just a plausible scenario to get Romney in... because I know how bad the Zionist entities want him to further their agenda, and to what extent they will go (HAARP)
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posted on Oct, 29 2012 @ 11:47 PM
Hmm...last time a hurricane came this close to elections was ike i beleive and we all know what that blew in to office...not really sure what this storm will bring,,but i am sure both sides will milk it for what they can. 30 million + without power and massive flood and wind damage...going to make a lot of people into shell shocked sheeple.It could go either way at this point.Blessings and love to everyone dealing with this storm and the ones on the way...


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