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More questions than answers

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posted on Oct, 28 2012 @ 08:52 PM
I know that I will receive way more bashing than answers, but if there is a chance for understanding I need to ask.

About me: I am almost 40, male, college student, father, lower middle class (I would say), decently educated (self taught for the most part), and well read. I have never seen aliens, but I have seen things that I just cannot explain.

About four years ago I was living alone in a small apartment in Texas. One day as I was shaving I saw a little boy run down the hallway behind me (I saw him in the mirror). I looked around the house and checked to make sure the front door was locked, as the people above me had two small children. Not finding anything I went about my normal routine. A few days later I saw him again run down the hallway. I again checked the house and found nothing. One night as I was sleeping I heard someone call my name, I looked up and the little boy was standing at the foot of my bed. Being a man I did what any man would do. I curled up in a ball and pulled the covers over my head. About a week later, again while I was sleeping, I heard someone call my name. When I opened my eyes the little boy was standing at my bedside about a foot away from me. I saw him four or five more times over the course of about two months. I last saw him in the walk-in closet in my bedroom. As I opened the door he was squatted in the center of the closet. He was either eating something or laughing, as he had his hands over his mouth as if holding ina laugh (seemed like to me at least).

I was leaving my apartment one day and saw a shadowy creature in the living room. I say creature because it was stooped, black, and about 4 feet tall. The front (upper body) was strong and broad and reminded me of an ape. It had spikes coming from the body but they were large and displaced all over the body. I saw several of these over the course of about three months. One day I was using the bathroom (sorry). When i finished I turned around and inches from me was one of the creatures. It was black but cracked. I could see what looked like blood beneath and flowing through the cracks. I went weak in the knees and fell to the floor. When I came to, it was gone. I don't think of myself as a coward, but it was just something so foreign to me that I was powerless. I moved out of the apartment a few days later.

I recently had a memory that keeps coming back to me from childhood. It was summertime around 1978. I was staying for a visit with my aunt and uncle. They were "hippies" and dabbled in the occult I guess would be the right phrase. One night I was sent to bed and they had a couple of friends over. I snuck downstairs and saw them in the kitchen. My aunt was lying on the kitchen table and the others were standing around her. As I watched she levetated about a foot off the table. Suddenly the candles (only light) went out and she crashed to the table. Everone started screaming and running around. I never told anyone about that and my aunt and uncle never knew that I had saw them. I only bring it up because the memory keeps returning almost every day.

I guess my questions would be:
1) has anyone ever heard of or seen these shadow creatures?
2) has anyone ever seen or heard of the little boy?
3) could the events in my childhood have any relation to the experiences later on?

As I said at the beginning I expect to get trolled. I am willing to go through that if it means finding answers. If I have been to vague or more information is needed feel free to ask. No I do not have pictures, but it did happen.
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posted on Oct, 29 2012 @ 04:57 AM
Now, I may be a little different than you average ATS'er. I accept the paranormal, and in fact I embrace it. How ever I also feel the need to take a scientific approach and remain unbiased until the evidence provides the answer.

I'm not trying to be mean, but after lurking for soo long, and seeing so many stories, I have to ask you some questions and perhaps they may help you as well. Please try not to take any offense.

I'm going to start with the memory, of your childhood. Our minds are very impressionable as children, as well it may at times be hard to decipher fact from fiction, especially in some of our dreams. Is it at all possible you dreamed this, or misinterpreted it? I'm aware given the experiences you mention previously, they could perhaps jostle another particularly mind bending scenario.

As well, why do you feel your family was into the occult? Define occult, because depending on who you ask the occult could be heavy metal, pornography and politicians. As well it could encompass dark ritual magick, which isn't the type I typically associate with peace loving hippies. Again, I'm not trying to belittle, or discredit your story, just trying to get a grasp.

How long did the experiences in you adult life take place? Are they currently happening?

Can anyone else add their own experiences to the situation? Have you thought to tell these things to go away, little boy included?

Now this is where the unusual ATS'r comes out, I'm also going to approach this skeptically. I will tell you before I begin, that I have had paranormal experiences. Some I've explained away as trick of mind, sleep deprevation, or non paranormal occurence, or in some cases truly unexplainable phenomena.

So, please don't take it the wrong way.

Have you or anyone in your family ever suffered from any kind of health issues, mental or otherwise. Certain diseases, and health issues(diabetes,highbloodpressure etc.) Have been known to cause hallucinations. Tumors can cause hallucinations. Obviously, mental health issues can cause delusions and hallucinations. I am not saying this to discredit or insult you in any way, and for credibility sake it's a logical explanation if the means is there. If there is history, even anxiety disorders it may be worth having a doctor check you out, just to be safe. I mean I would rather find out I don't have something wrong with me, then look to the paranormal. This doesn't make it any less unnerving but too many individuals do suffer unknowingly. As well, if you had a tumor it's pretty good to get it checked out. I merely say this because I literally thought i lost my mind a few years back, whether it was the ocurrances I was dealing with or not I got checked out. You don't necessarily have to say I see dark creepies in my house because they will most certainly medicate you but you can say you've noticed some odd things.

I quite literally dumbd down my instance and said I was seeing shadows, flickers of light, and that I might be letting my imagination get the best of me. I explained that I was starting to get paranoid but it could be because I was looking to much into things. Ultimately what solved the issues for me was moving, but I found out I'm as sane as anyone else walking around ha ha. Please don't take what I said as a joke, or intended to be mean, but when all the evidence is considered what ever is left how ever improbable must be the answer.

I understand your terror in all this, and I've had both truly remarkable experiences, and some not so remarkable logically explained instances.

Take care,


posted on Oct, 29 2012 @ 07:00 AM
Right off the bat I would say I take no offense at all. Thanks for the reply and I'll try to offer more detail.

As to the "hippy", I say that because I have very little reference to call them anything else. They were both into a commune lifestyle, neither had jobs, often used narcotics, and were anti-establishment. When I say occult, they had many secrets, but what I did see was very dark. They regularly held seances, burned candles and incense, my aunt would often say "the dark master", I never asked them their beliefs when I was young and they are both dead now.

There is no history of mental disease in my family. in 2004 I was hit in the face and right side of the body by two RPG blasts. The results were shrapnel in my brain from the right orbital to just behind my right ear. I have lost partial use of my right eye, as sometimes the optic nerve is "pinched" I do not suffer hallucinations, and I think I can rule out "seeing things" . My eye and brain injury manifests as a dimming of sight in the right eye, loss of vision in the right eye, and color filming of the right eye (mostlty a red sheen, but orange, blue, and purple have happened). These episodes last for 5 minutes to two days when they occur. I just do not feel that the little kid or the shadow things are a result of the injuries.

After the "thing" was standing behind me,I did see a mental health provider. I told them everything that was going on and they said "maybe the things I saw were really there". Then diagnosed me with PTSD and put me on medications. My seroquel intake was eventually raised to almost 1500mg daily, yet I continued to see the shadow creatures up until the time I moved out of the house.

I confided in my friend that I kept seeing a little boy in my house. That was all I told him. Three days later a friend of his called me on the phone. He exactly described the boy, down to his clothes and haircut. He told me he had a similar experience in Germany and it was called a "twist", he said under no circumstances should I talk to it. That freaked me out more than a little because all I had told my friend was "there is a little boy running around my apartment".

Thanks again for the reponse and I assure you no offense will ever be taken. I am a huge skeptic and I expect everyone else to be as well.
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posted on Oct, 29 2012 @ 10:18 AM
reply to post by 200Plus

Alright, well one more thing. Do you still take seroquel? That sounds like an extreme dose, maybe meds? Is it possible what you're experiencing is due to scar tissue build up, or some kind of late swelling? I'm really sorry to hear of your injuries. Other than that, I guess I'm out of "logical" explanations. I was put on enormous amounts of Anti Anxiety/psychotics with my experience but they also made things worse. I felt like while under the influence of the medications the abnormal experiences lasted longer than they did prior.

You've had a friend experience a similar thing? Wow, okay now that is weird.

Hmmmmmm. Well, you could very well have something other worldly, if you've been checked out.

As far as communicating with them I wouldn't suggest it, there isn't ever a good reason to keep them around.

I'm obviously no professional, but those I've attempted to seek help with always told me to pray, tell the beings to go away, do a white light visualization, Lesser Banishing ritual, or sage smudging or all of the above.

For the most part I've found we being the living are in a position of authority in our world, but I haven't dealt with what you are experiencing and with my run in with dark things i just up and moved.

I don't think what you are experiencing is related to your childhood, unless you participated some how. I mean, it "could" be, but I'd leave it on a back burner for now. Unless of course you're living in the same home you grew up in, that could explain it, but I gather you don't.

As I said earlier, the best you can do while trying to figure it out, is try to remain as calm as possible, fill your head with positive thoughts and try to visualize projecting a positive feeling outwards as white light(may sound weird if this is the first your hearing this.) Praying can help, if you don't follow a particular religion, pray for angels you're obviously experiencing the darker side of the paranormal just know there is a positive side as well.

Sometimes these things are attracted by negativity, bouts of depression, anger, struggling in life can leave us vulnerable especially for those that are naturally more vulnerable to these events.

I don't know if any of this has helped, but I am sure some one else who might know more will come along.

I just wanted to ask, it's just this boy you see now? Or did it stop when you moved? Have you noticed any particular patterns with encounters? Do you see him on a regular basis? Do certain times of day seem to be more prevalent, or perhaps certain moods having any relation? Now not saying it's the PTSD causing it but do you notice if any of that is related? Sometimes stress can make us more susceptible.
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posted on Oct, 29 2012 @ 05:09 PM
I was on seroquel for about two years. That was stopped and I was put on trazedone for another two years and that has been replaced by benadryl for sleep. The amount of seroquel I was on was excessive and it made me into a zombie for hours at a time.

As far as the scar tissue idea, it could make sense. After a serious head injury that required facial reconstructive surgery I had to do physical therapy and speach therapy for over a year. I was using the wrong words in sentences (dog instead of tree, balloon instead of truck), I developed a severe stutter and slurred speach at times. After a year of therapy I am about 100% now. My speaking skills have developed enough that I am carrying a 3.89 GPA in college, so I like to think my brain is working LoL

I have not seen the boy since I moved from the apartment. The shadow creatures are also not around since then either.I tend to have a feeling of someone standing behind me almost all the time, but I do think that is the PTSD. The things I saw do not bother me, the not being able to explain them is what is the issue really.

The memory of my childhood just keeps coming back. Perhaps my brain has locked onto that as an anchor. A "this because of that" type situation.

posted on Oct, 29 2012 @ 06:33 PM
The little boy could be a ghost. As for shdow beings, there is a great thread about them here:

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