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The State of Education -- Unions, Teachers & The System

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posted on Oct, 31 2012 @ 04:21 PM

Originally posted by METACOMET
Here's a brief rant if anybody cares.

My thoughts are that public education in America is BIG BUSINESS. Moreover, schools have become baby-sitters and state indoctrination centers, which is always very important. Big government must establish bureaucrat controlled, authoritarian institutions if it wants to get away with war, slavery, murder, genocide obliterating our rights, amassing total control/centralizing force, and all those good things it does for us.

Public school is a 20th century relic. If the internet were invented 200 years ago, there would be no such thing as public school. It's just about money & control now, not education. Education is secondary to the more nefarious goings on. This is why we will not or cannot move beyond it, sadly. Too many young individuals whose creativity must be crushed and stamped into carbon copies for the benefit of the State.

We shouldn't dare have a society where young minds think for themselves; we mustn't have young minds running wild. We're much better of if we smash individualism while it's young. We're much better off feeding young minds powerful psychotropic pharmaceuticals while giving them a twelve year sentence of mind control as to twist them into meek servants of authority. Stay in school, kids.

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I'm not sure what school you went to, but I don't feel like I was indoctrinated. The way you describe it invokes images of children sitting in a room tied to a chair in from of a big screen flashing images like "OBEY" and "CONFORM".

Even with the internet, people need to go to school to be forced to make the time to learn. Children and even some people aren't responsible enough to make what some would call the right decision. Given the choice to educate themselves, a child would likely spend it doing something else that they would find enjoyable.

Now, that's beside the point. How do we fix the school system. The people who have posted seem to have some inside information into what is wrong with the system. How do you think it should be fixed?

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