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Perhaps The TimeWave Deserves Study

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posted on Oct, 20 2012 @ 01:15 AM
Using the TimeWave Zero software, I predicted and created the The 2008 market crash thread.

First, a history of what happened via Wikipedia in late September of '08:

Week of September 28:

Meanwhile the Federal Reserve announced it will inject $630 billion into the global financial system to increase the liquidity of dollars worldwide as US stock markets suffered steep declines, the Dow losing 300 points in a matter of minutes, ending down 777.68, the Nasdaq losing 199.61, falling below the 2000 point mark, and the S.&P. 500 off 8.77% for the day.[64][65] By the end of the day, the Dow suffered the largest drop in the history of the index.[

And here is what I said on 7/18/2008:

Whatever, I'm just giving, or trying to give a "heads up" to those open-minded enough to listen. Maybe we can prepare...?

I have not any idea what "event" will happen -- but it seems (according to posts above I've linked to) that a total economic collapse will happen in late 2008. Now, I finally have mathematical proof that "something" will happen about/around that time.

Please excuse my brash behavior -- I just had to work so hard to enable to gather all of this information together (let alone take pictures of my own computer screen!) to make this topic possible.

Be prepared.

Now, we did not have a "total economic collapse" but we did see a huge drop in the dow. (-777.68) This is one of the only ATS predictions I have ever seen that actually happened before the fact
It's one thing to read prophesy, and interpret it after the fact. It's an entirely another matter to predict events beforehand.

User MischeviousElf said:

well it seems both the Timewave and Webbots were correct though not exactly to the date, for the start of the worlds biggest depression to date, and a probable change from the capitilistic model to a new way of being, if we all survive it and don't get sucked in to a new World war to defend the status quo....

Eyes the west bank cautiously.


I believe this software deserves some actual logical, methodical study! Perhaps someone can take the Dow Jones Index and overlay it for us on top of the TimeWave?

I know that in my past thread user Foramin had made an Android App for it:

I'm not sure if that even works anymore, I don't own an Android phone. For those that understand what the "TimeWave" is, I won't get into details. I can (and hope you'll chime in below for me) and will explain where this equation came from.

In the original thread, I was using the DOS TimeWave program, and took pictures with a camera on a tripod of my CRT monitor. Those pictures are no longer online it would appear.
It's late here, I'm tired. Can those versed with the TimeWave Theory post some media to help me out? I guess I can start.

Part one of the math:

Part two of the math:

I think this deserves more study, it's not often that something this specific is predicted beforehand, and not after the fact via looking back on sources and material.
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posted on Oct, 20 2012 @ 01:20 AM
Well bro, according to the Time Wave theory you have 60 days before the wave ends! Hurry up faster so i will know exactly when to run for the hills.

posted on Oct, 20 2012 @ 01:50 AM
Like I said, I'm tired

I will say this:

I do not think the collapse of the wave is the "end of the world".

I have no idea what it all means, but the collapse of the wave does not prevent it from inverting itself, or perhaps starting anew again.


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