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One weird dream of flying..

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posted on Oct, 16 2012 @ 05:27 PM
Sometimes i see really weird dreams... and somewhat funny when really thinking about them.
This is an old dream too, but in its funny weirdness, i like to share with you.

Me and two girlfriends of mine were walking to school, it was Autumn and leaves were turning to red/yellow colors, we noticed that we are going to be late and one of my friends suggested that we hitchhike ( i have never hitchiked maybe cos of this

So we went to the side of road, hay was tall and dry by the side of the road and there were no settlements, .
No long and the car came, it was old Citroen CV2, rusty and in bad shape.

Man behind a wheel was tall, very skinny and had owl features about 60 years old. Very bird like nose and balding grey hair almost white. I hesitated to step into car but my friends sat in the car allready so i sat next to this weird looking guy. And journey began.

My friends were giggling on the backseat, and driver were a bit anxious and frustrated. He started to eyeballing us, so i decided to keep my eyes on the road.
The landscape changed, we were not driving to school anymore, we started to climb a mountain road and this fellow next to me started giggling silently.. we kept climbing and climbing with this old rusty car slowly. Finally we reached the top of the mountain and the road ended on the cliff. I was expecting that he will stop the car, but no.. we went over the cliff

We fell down and i felt like this is it... but suddently this Bird like man stood up and raised his arms and started flapping.. the whole car and we in it were flying till we reached the ground..

Weird or what..

Pls donĀ“t tell me i was abducted, this dream was not so funny after seeing the fourth kind
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