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Demonstration Videos.

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posted on Oct, 16 2012 @ 07:03 AM
I thought I start a thread where you can post videos of demonstration. To get the inspiration and motivation going. Black bloc!

I start with this nice video from 2001. It´s filmed in Gothenburg, Sweden during a EU-top meeting which G.W.Bush was atending, now, we didnt like that verry much here in Sweden.

The video is 30min, and gets more and more intense as the video progress. This was a HUGE thing in Sweden, you know, little quite Sweden that never does anything, we are allways so nice and do what we are being told...

Never the less. When the demonstration was over (sadly) one man had been shoot in the back by a fascist pig who felt "cornered" and "threatend" well, there are many videos that clearly show when the guys get shot and he was not posing anymore threat than the cops did.

Hope you enjoy it!
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PS. I suggest you look at the other videos from this demonstration as there are plenty of them, and many are really good!

This is the clip where i gets shoot. It starts at about 00:20

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