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Suspicious Cargo Destined for New Orleans

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posted on Oct, 15 2012 @ 05:16 PM

Originally posted by littled16
reply to post by detachedindividual

I think more than likely it would be for redistribution. Trying to hook up so many small generators to the electrical panels at a large shelter, school or office building would be unsafe and an electricians nightmare! Most of the police stations, hospitals, and large city buildings have huge commercial generators- especially since Katrina.

The only thing such small generators would be good for would be individual houses, small businesses or offices, or maybe even for traffic lights. Maybe possibly to run small pumps at various locations because of street flooding is another thing that comes to mind- they did that where I live during the last hurricane. The BIG pumps in New Orleans have their own generators; my husband worked on a few of them before (electrician).

Edit: Also good for running power tools during electrical outages.

edit on 15-10-2012 by littled16 because: Add on.

That is a very good point, and I did consider that and even watched the video again to make sure they were smaller units rather than large ones (like one to a pallet). I think you're right after considering it a little more. I mean I know I have used these smaller units on industrial sites for powering one tiny mobile unit, so I can see them being used a generator backup, but not for powering a large building etc.

Either way, I think we have our answer. It looks like they're just redistributing their stock to another state. That seems to be a reasonable explanation to me.

posted on Oct, 15 2012 @ 07:56 PM
reply to post by hbarker

Thanks for looking into this

I hope it didn't cost you long distance

posted on Oct, 16 2012 @ 02:55 PM
reply to post by Corruption Exposed

Maybe they're getting ready for storm season?

posted on Oct, 26 2012 @ 12:23 PM
Well, Looks like Frankenstorm rolls in just in time for home depote and others to get rich selling generators?

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