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Week Ending October 12th - Online Video Roundup

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posted on Oct, 12 2012 @ 01:12 PM
All, I want to try facilitating a thread each week that will help share the best bits of online content for expanding our knowledge and information. There is so much information created / uncovered each week, even on ATS, that it is very difficult to keep up with it all. I am hoping that with many members sharing what we've seen this week that they thought was interesting that we can all benefit. It is much easier for me to listen while I work than to read and I'm sure a lot of you are in the same boat.

It does not matter what the subject is but it should be something we have or would discuss within the context of ATS.

FYI - How to Post YouTube Links

So what did you watch this week that you want to share/reshare and why? Please, if you don't like a video or the presenter take it offline and help keep this thread clean with just shared content. Let the viewer do their own research and make up their own mind.

I'll kick it off:

Ben Swann - Is this the End of the Petro Dollar?
Ben Swann seems like one of the few news reporters that will cover the truth and topics all of the stories that other reporters are told to kill. In this piece he educates about what the Petro Dollar is, why it is important to us, and why it might be going away.

Lindsey Williams on Alex Jones - The Final Countdown
Lindsey Williams is a pastor that worked in the Alaska oil fields and was invited to sit in on elite meetings for a number of years and still has elite sources that feed him information. In this segment he gives Alex Jones an update and specifically discusses why Obama did so badly in the debate, what the Federal Reserve is doing with QE3, China and several other topics.

Four Horsemen - Official Trailer 1
This was shared by woodwardjnr this week and the full documentary is available online for people in the UK. It does not seem to be available anywhere else though.

That is about it for me - been watching season one of Farscape for the first time. I did see some trailers for upcoming documentaries posted on ATS a few months ago that looked interesting but I cannot find them now.

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posted on Oct, 12 2012 @ 02:15 PM
Age of Deceit - Fallen Angels and the New World Order (2012)
I just started watching this but in the first few minutes its touching on a lot of stuff we talk about here on ATS.

posted on Oct, 12 2012 @ 05:12 PM
No one?

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