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Israel, the Economy, and Survival

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posted on Oct, 11 2012 @ 01:11 AM
Has anyone else not pondered the eventual likelihood that when Israel strikes Iran, Iran will block the strait of Hormuz, and this blockade will precipitate the collapse of the stock markets? Gas will skyrocket, and because of this one disturbance, currencies will be deflated.

I make no claim to understanding the intricacies of the markets, but I don know that all things are more or less contingent relative to the price of oil and gas. If something happen here, the entire economy is affected.

So what do we make of the net effect of this collapse?

I predict that Israel may attack Iran from as early as now (even before the American AND Israeli elections) or, more likely, sometime in late 2012 or in the new year. If that's the most probable scenario, how do we prepare? Are we cognizant of the results? Do you realize that a collapse will create a scenario where governments worldwide will be scrambling to pick up the pieces; that 'austerity measures' will most likely be passed in order to cope with the economic chaos; that food shortages will become an issue? That social unrest will become an issue? and that martial law will lily be prescribed to deal with the social disorder?

How do you feel about this? Or rather, what are you doing to prepare for this eventuality?

It can be no more than 6 months away. This is the first time I have ever made a post of this nature, I am absolutely certain that a major world war is ahead of us, and unfortunately, a new dark age that may last for decades.

I don't say this to exaggerate, but simply to gauge where everyones mind is at. If you haven't prepared, you're leaving yourself wholly insecure and vulnerable to the coming food crises. If you haven't even built a modest food supply to deal with at least a year or two for yourself and your family, why haven't you?

Of course, no one is beyond the political issues that will be created by this attack on Iran's nuclear facilities by Israel, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't at least try to give yourself a minor advantage, a 'head-start' so to speak, where you could be provided for a particular period of time.

Also, and to the deeper question, aside from food shortages, public unrest, and martial law, there will likely be an increase in antisemitism (since it was the Jewish state which induced this economic dark age), and if claims that Iran has suicide cells in north america holds true, I imagine there will also be a backlash against the Islamic community.

Too many issues lie ahead of us, far beyond subjects of economic privation, joblessness, hunger, but also hate, which government propagandists feed off of.

Brace yourself for the brave new world ahead.

posted on Oct, 11 2012 @ 01:28 AM
I think the best we can do, is to try and be aware of what is coming. That's the first step. Once that is realised, then you can plan from there. Not only do you need to think of food, but where will you go to be safe? It may be too late for a lot of people to plan this. What skills do you have that can be used in a post apocalyptic world? Skills that you can make a living off.

It is certain that if Israel are determined as the cause, then antisemitism will rise to never before seen levels, as will the hatred towards Muslims if their cells go 'bang' worldwide.

Have a safe place, stock up on food and water and have a skill that will be needed. The rest is down to chance.

posted on Oct, 11 2012 @ 02:34 AM

I predict that Israel may attack Iran from as early as now (even before the American AND Israeli elections) or, more likely, sometime in late 2012 or in the new year. If that's the most probable scenario, how do we prepare

Israel was going to attack early in 2012. 2012 was going to be the end of time.

Israel is never going to attack Iran. It is just making economical pressure on Iranian people.

I hope they never start the attack , or I will have to be defending my soil , my family and my honor.

And maybe in that case , you see me puling the ring in your arms.

Come with your war propaganda as soon as you were sure that Israel is going to commit suicide.

WAR Mongers

Israel survival = invading , making new wars , taking lands.

Israel economy = drinking blood from war and usury
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