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Navy spy sold secrets to Russia

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posted on Oct, 12 2012 @ 01:42 AM
reply to post by Bisman

walked into the Russian Embassy in Ottawa in 2007
Either this is BS or the Canadian's are incompetent at playing this Game.

posted on Oct, 12 2012 @ 02:10 AM

Originally posted by TFCJay
Should be hung for treason.

I want to give you so many stars you have no idea. Do it like the old times. Maybe soon that will start happening again, public executions need to return to criminals as well, will definitely lower crime rates.

posted on Oct, 12 2012 @ 02:19 AM

Originally posted by Lonewulph
And he's just one of them who got caught and thankfully because of his stupidity and that of the Russians who should have known that if you carry anything over $10k across borders you will be detained and investigated. If released you will be documented and followed up on.
5 years is all he'll get?? Weak.

Actually that isn't really true about being detained just because you have over 10,000 cash.. IF you claim it ..

Only if you don't claim it they will detain you.. I have taken over 10k in to the the US before, but I told them immediately, and they just had me fill out a short form stating who's money and what purpose it was for, etc.. But they are not allowed to accuse you of anything or harrass you in any way as long as you claim it..

Obviously though, if you say "It's a payment from the russian military for state secrets I sold them" they are going to give you a free colonoscopy..

posted on Oct, 12 2012 @ 11:58 PM
This is such a tragedy..Omg people at work (DND) are very pissed about this and think he should be sentenced to death penalty immediately.. I agree, hes a disgrace to Canada..CFB Sheer water did have highly classified stuff..This idiot even pleaded guilty still gets his salary and Rank and Canada..

posted on Oct, 14 2012 @ 01:23 AM
This whole story "smells".

2800-3000$ per month is quite "cheap", so I guess the information wasn't as "breathtaking" as we might consider.

- You have to be really dumb to just "walk in to an embassy", knowing that they're being monitored everywhere in the world
- The story with the "picture of his daughter" sounds too Hollywood to me (after he wanted "to quit").
- There is no comment whatsoever from the Russian side
- Only 5 years sentence? For espionage and treason? You gotta be kidding me.

I would stamp this whole story as "possible disinformation".
Just my own two cents.

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