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Poetry in motion on the ocean

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posted on Oct, 8 2012 @ 07:13 AM
Musically framed by the evocative "Sailing By", The Shipping Forecast is poetry in a very pure form, every forecast area has a pleasing phonetic ambiance. The terminology resonates even to those who do not understand the meaning, listening in while a BBC voice speaks of an occluded front losing its identity over Fisher, German Bite is a national pastime, and is as traditional as a roast on Sunday.

Informing seafarer's of conditions in places such as Cromarty, Dogger, Portland, Biscay, and Rockall is one of the few remaining things the BBC does with the accuracy, finesse, and poise for which it was once renowned. Expats across the globe tune in to the world service for a real taste of home, and those with no maritime interest, or connection listen for the comforting tone in which what is often a serious meteorological matter is softened into poetic verse.

For many it is the first and, or last thing they hear each day, and doubtless for some unfortunates it was the last thing they ever heard. My reasons for drawing attention to this program are to ask if other countries have a Shipping Forecast broadcast, and which forms they take. It may even be possible to convince me that ours is not the best, but I doubt it


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