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Happy Hallow's Eve! My oddball/paranormal story to share.

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posted on Oct, 8 2012 @ 12:03 AM
I love these types of threads especially this time of the year!

Below is my story. The following occurred between the years of 1984ish and 1998. If you’re up for a read, here goes nothing…

My best friend growing up lived down the street from me. From the time were roughly 6 years old we witnessed and experienced odd things separately and together in his home. The first unexplainable occurrence that we witnessed together was a time when we were sitting in the living room watching television. We heard someone running from one side of the second floor to the other. We both knew we were the only ones in the house. He told me it happened often and his mother told him there wasn’t anything to worry about. In later years, he mother told us that she said this so he and later I, wouldn't freak out while she was working becase we were in the home after school by ourselves. In the home, it was not uncommon for small items to go missing. On one occasion his mother's wedding ring went missing. We helped turn the house upside down looking for that ring. It did turn a few years later in a very strange place. His parents had a water bed that had sprung a leak too large to repair. After emptying the water and breaking down the material, we were surprised to find the missing wedding ring. We were even more surprised to find that the ring appeared to have been twisted, sort of like a pretzel stick. The look on his parent's face that day is still vivid. His mother put the ring in her pocket and didn’t say a thing. Again, years later when we were old enough to laugh about the experiences, she opened up and said it was one of the most ominous moments of her life and that a feeling of sadness washed over her when she touched the ring.

Events occurred on and off for years in that home. In the dining room there was a wall clock that had a shelf attached for knick-knacks and a pendulum that swung back and forth. The Westminster Chimes would play at the top of each hour. Occasionally the cat in the home would jump up the wall and try to bat the pendulum. When it did, the thimbles and other knick-knacks would fall to the ground. One afternoon, both of us walked in the front door after school, we were stopped in our tracks. From the entry way we could see that clock at an almost 45 degree angle. The knick-knacks were undisturbed. We walked slowly into the dining room and as we were approaching the threshold, the clock fell back into its natural position and the items on the shelf all fell to the floor. We hadn’t a logical idea why the clock was in that position and why the items, which fell off anytime the cat swatted the pendulum, could remain static on the shelf. And finally, why did it suddenly shift back when we got close to the dining room?

Over the years, we would have summer time squirt gun fights with the cold spot in the attic. For anyone who hasn’t been in a 3 story house with an attic in the summer time, the temperature easily breaks 100 degree Fahrenheit. The house didn’t have air conditioning or central air and we could never explain that cold spot. We chalked it up to the ghost in the house and although he had no evidence to designate what it was, we made up the fact that it was a child and it would chase us and we would chase it.

In the mid 90’s my friend’s parents had divorced. His stepfather was selling the house and my friend was getting ready to leave for the military. The week before he left, we spent some time together hanging out and a few times at the house. One day during the week we had gone swimming at another friend’s house. We all stopped back at his house and I was going to throw my swimming trucks into the dryer before again leaving with our friends. While he and another friend waited outside, I ran into the house and opened up the door to the basement. I made it almost down to the landing where the light switch was when I hear what sounded like a male and female whispering. It froze me for a moment because I knew I was in the house by myself. I reserved in my mind that I was not going to be ‘that guy’ who investigated the weird noises in the basement. I backed up and walked outside with my swimming trucks still in hand. When asked why I still had them, I said I wasn’t going into the basement. I deflected an offer to go back in the house again that evening and left for a night out with my wet swimming trucks drying off on the front steps.

A few days later we were packing up some items in the garage at the house. I needed to use the restroom and went inside. I was walking up the stairs to the second floor bathroom when again I was frozen by someone talking before I could reach the landing. This time, the television in his stepfather’s bedroom was on full blast and I heard his stepfather yelling for my friend. My friend’s name was yelled 3 times and each time the voice got louder. This again was not something that I was going to investigate by myself. I ran back out of the house and got my friend. I explained what happened and he gave me a confused look. He asked how his stepfather could be home when his car wasn’t here. We both went in the house to investigate and found no one home and the television upstairs was off. It was the first time that we had the thought that maybe this presence knew that this week was going to be the last week we would ever set foot in this house. Maybe it wanted to show us something or let us know it recognized us.

A couple days before he left, the house was virtually empty. His bedroom consisted of a dresser pushed up against the door to the attic; the same attic where years before we would hunt out the cold spot and squirt it with our water guns. In the center of the room was an inflatable mattress. He told me that while he was settling in for the night the side of the air mattress he was laying on lifted up as if the weight of someone was sitting on the other end of the air mattress. He casually mentioned something to the effect of “Not tonight, I have long days ahead of me.” The presence left and he felt the air mattress on his side lower back to the floor. He explained what happened the next morning. We again both joked that this was the ghosts way of letting one of us know it was there. He said if it was I should spend the night over that evening which would be his last night before leaving for the military. How could I say no?

posted on Oct, 8 2012 @ 12:04 AM
That evening, he lay on one side of the air mattress and I on the other. I was staring at the dresser up against the attic door. The headlights of a passing car came in through the window and cascaded light against the walls and ceiling that quickly faded away in the corner by the dresser. I looked at the light and wondered why it remained when the car had passed. Maybe another car was coming. The light in the corner was a luminescent shade of blue. It passed from the corner by the dresser, through the dresser and paused in front of the window. I was looking wide eyed at this apparition and every synapse in my brain was firing, trying to figure out what this was. I could feel it ‘standing’ by my feet. My feet were ice cold while the room was summer hot. I was so scared that I couldn’t speak. It was the shaking of my body that got the attention of my friend who was almost to sleep on his side of the bed. He followed my stare and saw what I was seeing. We watched for a few seconds before it faded. He then jumped up out of bed and started yelling, “I told you, I told you!” I didn’t know what to think. I jumped up, threw my sneakers on while cussing like a sailor. I said I was getting the ‘you know what’ out of the house and never coming back. He followed me downstairs and stopped me at the door. He kept telling me that whatever it was must have wanted to show itself. What other explanation could it be? I could not believe what had just happened. If I was dreaming then how could we both see the same thing?

At this point, we were both sitting in his living room. I was sitting on the couch which faced toward the stairs. While trying to rationalize all the events that had happened in this house over the years, we were unaware that there were a few more surprises in store for us that evening. As I was sitting on the couch, something caught my eye up the stairs by the landing. My friend and I watched what we can only describe as a blue candle flame coming down the stairs. It reflected in the glass of last few pictures that remained hanging in the hallway. We watched in awe as it dissolved and disappeared right before our yes.

At that moment I knew. 15ish years of experiences had culminated to this sighting. Whatever it was, it had to have intelligence. It sounds weird but I was no longer afraid. My fears washed away and wonder and amazement replaced it. I didn’t want to leave, I wanted to know more. That evening, I slept on that air mattress and stared at the same spot in the corner where I first saw the blue light. It did not reappear. It had acknowledged us and we had acknowledged it. At the top of the hour the Westminster Chimes played. My friend and I laughed. That clock, the same one we found one afternoon hanging at an impossible angle, the same one that the cat had so playfully jumped and swatted the pendulum, the same one that had been left on the wall years after it stopped working; chimed in tribute one last time.

posted on Oct, 8 2012 @ 12:38 AM
I read through every part with full enjoyment. You described your experience really well and made pictures seem irrelevant.

Have a nice-almost-halloween, dear sir!

posted on Oct, 8 2012 @ 01:19 AM
reply to post by disclosure

I LOVE stories like this. Thanks. I am fascinated by paranormal things. I have always heard peoples stories of things like this but have never experienced it for myself.....that's why it interests me so much. Sooooooooo many people report things like this, everyone can't be crazy or hallucinating. There has to be something to it. It's not from lack of trying on my part, I have joined several "investigations" and stayed in hotels and homes that people claim are haunted, but, nothing ever seems to happen when I am around. Maybe I stink and ghosts don't like my smell, who knows.

posted on Oct, 8 2012 @ 12:31 PM
reply to post by billy197300

It's not from lack of trying on my part, I have joined several "investigations" and stayed in hotels and homes that people claim are haunted, but, nothing ever seems to happen when I am around. Maybe I stink and ghosts don't like my smell, who knows.

It doesn't happen when you want it to, rather when they choose to reveal themselves to you they will. Over my lifetime of hundreds of years, real paranormal stuff has only happened to me a handful of times. I never saw it coming when it did. I have no explanation for that.

posted on Oct, 8 2012 @ 09:19 PM
reply to post by disclosure

Very nice!

I love this story. I don't have much to add, but just wanted to let you know that I appreciate you sharing.

posted on Oct, 8 2012 @ 10:39 PM
Great story! Have you ever gone back since then? Or your friend?

posted on Oct, 11 2012 @ 02:15 PM
This is a great story, i really enjoyed reading your posts and what a great experience. There is a saddened feeling towards the end, almost like a send-off. Maybe 'it' is trying to say goodbye, since you guys grew up together

I think you should pay a visit one of these days!

posted on Oct, 27 2012 @ 07:52 AM
reply to post by Meldionne1

I haven't been back into the house but I have sat in my car outside it. There is a family that lives in the house now. I have never built up the nerve to knock on the door and ask them if they have experienced similiar events.

posted on Oct, 27 2012 @ 04:22 PM
reply to post by disclosure

When you get the nerve up to ask them, let me know.....i bet they have had experiences, and who knows...maybe the ghost is waiting for you to come back and say hello ....or goodbye.

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