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Do you want to be Paul Rever ? and you live in Denver ... coast to coast am sat. 10/6/12

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posted on Oct, 7 2012 @ 02:43 PM
I was listening to Coast to Coast AM and they had an interesting person talking about Nibiru.... if you believe in it or not - hard to say, but one thing he said made a lot of sense.... there will be an abundance of Gulf Stream Jets at Denver Intl airport just before the guacamole hit the fan.... only one problem - I live in California.... its hard to see all the way to denver and they do not have Web Cams watching the Tarmac. the next thing popped in my head was AboveTopSecret... I noted quite a few people chime in from time to time from Denver on the airport conspiracy posts... how would you like to let the rest of us know when the private jets start pouring in >?

the specifications for survival were also talked about and it appears these elite bastards have targeted 2 miles below the surface as the survival zone. anyway. its a conspiracy mission - hopefully someone who works there or goes there frequently can keep us informed as to what it looks like on the ground over the next few months.

and if anyone is interested here is last nights coast to coast broadcast - it was overall pretty good - if you believe in Nibiru that is... me - not enough facts -- however, the sun is acting strange and there has to be a cause... maybe the bible is correct - maybe the koran is correct and maybe the hoppi indians are correct - there is a planet sized object heading our way - and lord knows our government is really freaked out about something....
the myans said dec. 21 2012 and they were excellent astronmers....

posted on Oct, 7 2012 @ 03:29 PM
Thanks, I always like to listen to different views on everything. Just a side note though, and I may be wrong, but isn't the Dec 21st date originate as more of a guess? Or is that date a solid mayan fact?

posted on Oct, 7 2012 @ 03:50 PM
a calander is probably a fact. since it is when the calander stopped - I wish that was all there was to it... but it isn't -- you have to look at everything and everything I look at is screwed up.... just before 911 - it wasn't.
and 10 years before that you have JB Sr. claiming a 1,000 points of light.... so you have to chose which points your paying attention too. if you notice you have a 1,001 and one things to be concerned about right now... I find that sort of interesting -- but the SUN is beyond our means of control so that is one thing I pay attention too.
and believe it or not - right now there is not a single Sun Spot on the whole SUN now how strange is that >?
and on top of that we are having weird plate movements on planet earth - throughout the solar system the poles are melting... so, I do believe something has entered into our galaxy and is affecting the balance of our solar system ... notice it started off here and there and now it almost weekly we have a major this or that and it is getting more frequent. not to mention the wierd weather - draught in all (oh, no sun spots - cause Draught here on earth) and we have one hum dinger of a draught going on right now world wide... come Novemeber - you had better have a ton of money or lots of food stored up - prices are like double and triple from what they are right now. and Meat of my gosh - right now farmers cant feed the animals so they are sending them to market - that is keeping the prices down - but come Feb - Mar.... I can see those prices going through the roof....


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