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Taken from the journal of an unnamed revolutionary - 44 years before the fall.

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posted on Oct, 6 2012 @ 11:46 PM
For what it's worth; we never meant for it to be this way. There wasn't going to be changes like this. There wasn't even supposed to be changes. We were just kids after all. For all that has happened since then; the original fact still remains; We were just kids who were confused, alienated and were tired of no one listening. So we made them listen.
Since then there have been many changes. The country is in shambles. Even more so than when the campaign started. The economy is destroyed. De facto communes flow from major population centers, and clash violently with tradition in the more rural areas. The guerrilla war continues in Washington without a possibility of slowing down, and radiation blankets the west. War, in fact, is everywhere. This is the face of revolution.
The cohesiveness of our ideologies has changed as well. In the beginning there wasn't really a set belief system. As I have already noted we were just kids. Many of us hadn't even tried to read the history of political tensions or understand the complex nature of many of the worlds social troubles. That had came later when the sociologists got on board. They taught us about collectivism and individualism, and the historical societies that represented both.
We rejected history. It had been a false history anyway. A history written by the ones with the loudest voice.
One day, not in my lifetime, but one day nonetheless; there will be no war. There will be nothing. The attainment of utopia is apocalypse within itself, and it is to be longed for. It is this drive which has led us to our current position in the first place. We were and still are the harbingers of the new society. We feel just as we've always felt that only through direct action shall Babylon fall, and fall it has.


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