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the next generation of HTTP,

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posted on Oct, 4 2012 @ 02:35 PM
HTTP 2.0

The HSTS is an opt-in security enhancement whereby web sites signal browsers to always communicate with it over a secure connection. If the user is using a browser that complies with HSTS policy, the browser will automatically switch to a secure version of the site, using 'https' without any intervention of the user. 'It's official: We're working on HTTP/2.0,' wrote IETF Hypertext Transfer Protocol working group chair Mark Nottingham, in a Twitter message late Tuesday.

"It's official: We're working on HTTP/2.0," wrote IETF Hypertext Transfer Protocol working group chairman Mark Nottingham, in a Twitter message late Tuesday.

The group will use the IETF standard SPDY protocol as the basis for the updated protocol. Engineers at Google developed SPDY as a way to hasten the delivery of Web content over the Internet.

HTTP 2.0 will continue to rely primarily on TCP (Transmission Control Protocol), though other transport mechanisms may be substituted.

Some have praised the IETF's use of SPDY as a launching point, noting how well it optimizes the delivery of Web server traffic.

HTTPS EVERYWHERE for EVERYONE..................

backwards compatible with HTTP 1.1.

first attempt is for HTTPS when your web browser contacts a sight, instead of the less secure http,

internet 2.0?
or would it be better to say world wide web 2.0?
or just http 2.0?


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