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Stealth Virus Group O - All countries of the world

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posted on Sep, 28 2012 @ 04:07 PM
Not too many people pay attention to this one and in some circles it's been buried. Most people don't realize that the standard test for Stealth Virus HIV-1, does NOT cover Group O. Most people think that when they get an HIV test that it covers all forms of HIV. But it does NOT. The standard test for HIV-1 does not screen for Group O. A separate test is required for that subtype.

What is stealth virus Group O? It is a variant of HIV-1, predominantly from the country of Cameroon. Group O was discovered in the 1990s.

HIV-1, Group O Virus Identified in the United States

In 1994, seven unusual cases of HIV infection were identified in France (1). These cases occurred in foreign nationals whose specimens had atypical Western blot patterns and weak or no seroreactivity in HIV-1 peptide or recombinant-based enzyme immunoassays (EIA).

Group O is unique in that upon its discovery Group O was already resistant to various antiviral and antiretroviral drugs. Odd isn't it? That a subtype of HIV in the 1990s was already resistant to antiviral drugs before anyone was officially given any antiviral drugs to combat it?!?

Reviews Impact of clade diversity on HIV-1 virulence, antiretroviral drugs

Antiviral Drug Resistence and the Need for Development of New HIV-1 Reverse Transcript Inhibitors

Antiretroviral drug resistance in non-subtype B HIV-1, HIV-2

Anyhow, what happened with Stealth Virus Group O was upon its discovery, Bayer pharmaceutical suddenly had all paperwork ready for a global patent on testing for Group O. That means that no other pharmaceutical company is allowed to develop a test for this subtype. Think of it like the global patent that Bayer has on antibiotics for Anthrax and how no other pharmaceutical company is allowed to develop or sell an antibiotic for anthrax. Bayer's global patent on testing for Stealth Virus Group O is pretty much the same type of global patent. It prevents anyone else for developing a test.

Bayer Granted License to Manufacture AIDS Test

The worldwide, non-exclusive license was granted under the patent rights of Switzerland-based Roche Diagnostics GmbH and Dade Behring, based in Deerfield, Ill.

The license will allow Bayer Diagnostics to manufacture immunoassays that detect exposure to a specific kind of HIV infection known as HIV Group O.

Which means that everyone getting HIV screening has assumed that the test covers all forms of HIV-1, but it doesn't. Only a separate test can be issued by Bayer for Group O only and no one can add it into screening with the rest of HIV-1.

I suppose what's especially odd is that the only pharmaceutical company testing antiviral drugs in the former German colony of Cameroon from the 1950s to the 1990s was Bayer. And low and behold, Group O is resistant to antiviral drugs upon discovery, with Bayer there to slap the world with a global patent on testing. Wasn't that just so convenient for them?


That's hard to say, if no other pharmaceutical company is allowed to develop a test, how can anyone say if Bayer is even providing an accurate test? Does Bayer have any motive to provide an accurate test for Stealth Virus HIV-1, Group O?

And when looking at the lawsuits against Bayer by hemophiliacs and Bayer selling infected blood products to them, one would conclude, NO. Bayer would not have motive to sell a valid Group O test. If they did, then the families of hemophiliacs who purchased infected blood products from Bayer would turn around and sue a 2nd time if they discovered they had Group O. I'll enlighten you on this history a bit more.

Short summary of Hemophiliacs suing Bayer

In the 1990s, hemophiliacs buying Bayer blood products sued because of the methods Bayer was using to sell its blood products. The technique was that they would take blood donors from a bunch of different countries in Africa (including Cameroon with Group O) and they would mix the blood together of 100 donors to extract the blood clotting product for hemophiliacs. Hemophiliacs around the world ended up with HIV.

At first Haemophiliacs in the United States and Japan sued. They won and Bayer's blood clotting products was court ordered off the market. But even though U.S. and Japanese courts ordered it off the market, Bayer continued to sell the knowingly infected products to Central and South America and Southeast Asia for at least another year. So yes, they did it on purpose. Then later lawsuits were filed by Central and South American and Southeast Asia hemophiliacs.

Haemophilia patients launch action against Bayer over Tainted blood products

Hemophiliac Lawsuit against Bayer

Bayer Documents: AIDS Tainted Blood Killed Thousands of Hemophiliacs

Contaminated Haemophilia Blood Products: Wikipedia

Bayer Sued by Hemophiliacs

Taiwanese Hemophiliacs File Lawsuit Against Bayer over Blood Products


Just as Bayer can stop shipment of infected blood products to the United States and Japan and then simultaneously continue to ship infected blood products to Central and South America and Southeast Asia, THEY CAN DO THE SAME THING WITH SHIPMENTS OF TESTS for Group O.

All they'd have to do is supply CDC Atlanta with an accurate test and then if they wanted to, they could ship bunk tests to California, or bunk tests to Mexico. They control shipment of their product, right, just like they control shipment of their blood products to various areas of the world.

If Bayer were to sell accurate tests to all areas of the world, then they'd be looking at a 2nd set of lawsuits by haemophiliacs and their families for haemophiliacs who had discovered that they were infected with Group O.

So how can any country or any region of the world determine if Bayer is giving them a valid test or a bunk test? Especially when no other pharmaceutical company is allowed to develop a competing test?

posted on Sep, 28 2012 @ 04:11 PM

Method #1: The Blood Bank Method

This is idea that I thought of with regards to Peace Corps officers. In the past, Peace Corps officers stationed in Cameroon had their donations of blood refused by blood banks since no one could test for Group O. When Bayer released their test for Group O in 2003, blood banks began accepting donations from Cameroon Peace Corps officers. But what if someone is getting a bunk test?

Simple. Gather up all blood bank donations from Cameroon Peace Corps officers and donate or exchange the blood with German blood banks. If Bayer is providing your region of the world with an adequate test for Group O, then there should be no reason for them to deny the donations. But if German blood banks refuse donations from American, British, French or any other country's Peace Corps officers stationed in Cameroon even if you used Bayer's Group O test, then you know that Bayer is providing your country or region with a bunk test.

For some of the third world countries, Mexico, Brazil, any country in South or Central America or Southeast Asia, I'm not certain if you have peace corps officers stationed in Cameroon or not. If not, then go down to the docks and find some sailors which go back and forth between your country and Cameroon and ask for blood donations from them. Then ship them to German blood banks and see if they accept their donations after using Bayer's Group O test. If the German blood banks refuse them, even after you've screened for Group O, then you know there's something wrong with your Group O test. It might be bunk.

Method #2: Make Love, Not War-- PEACE!

Gather up all your Peace Corps officers in your country that were stationed in Cameroon and send them on a "make love, not war - peace tour" of Germany. Be sure to test everyone of them using Bayer's Group O test first. Then send the Peace Corps officers to about 4 or 5 different German cities. Be sure to give "unofficial" encouragement that they might want to visit the German brothels after using Bayer's Group O test and testing negative for Group O.

If Bayer has provided your country or region with a valid Group O test, then they should welcome your Cameroon Peace Corps officers "Make Love, Not War Tour". But if after your Peace Corps officers tour and then Bayer starts getting rid of some of their brothel workers for Group O, then you know that Bayer has provided your country or region with a bunk Group O test.

For those 3rd world countries like Mexico or Brazil, Honduras, Panama, Columbia, etc. or any country in Southeast Asia -- if you've never had any Peace Corps officers stationed in Cameroon, then figure out which boats and sailors regularly travel to that country. And give them a vacation to Germany for a change. Great for German tourism. Same concept as the "Make Love, Not War - Peace tour". Be sure to test all sailors for Group O using Bayer's test before sending the sailors on vacation. And then monitor the German brothels that you send them to.

If suddenly German brothels workers are pulled for testing positive to Group O, even though you tested your own sailors first, then you know that Bayer has provided your country with a bunk Stealth Virus, HIV-1 Group O test.

posted on Sep, 28 2012 @ 05:22 PM
I have nothing relevant to add but this is EXTREMELY interesting and you've really been very informative!
Love the "Make Love, Not War" solution! S & F !!

posted on Sep, 28 2012 @ 06:54 PM
I admit I am tired and perhaps I missed something, but with that said, why should German brothel workers be the guinea pigs in this horrible tour you suggest?
Did I miss something?

posted on Sep, 28 2012 @ 08:43 PM
Interesting to see a thread with a potentially real conspiracy about HIV, and not the usual diversions that HIV doesn't cause AIDS or doesn't exist.

A great post with lots of research.

I'm just not entirely sure whether this all still applies, since the date of these articles are mainly from the 1990s to 2001, and HIV research has progressed (to say the least).
The first article calls for constant vigilance, but by 2010 there were only about 100 people with that subtype (one in the US). It's not clear whether it's still resistant to treatments, which have increased manifold.

At least the general information on testing these days is that the O strain has been incorporated in even rapid tests for quite a while.

Bayer has a rapid test including the strain approved by the FDA in 2006.

I cannot say whether Bayer manufactures all these tests nowadays, and searching on them hasn't really clarified it, since these major firms have all kinds of indirect sub-firms.

The O strain apparently remains quite limited regionally to a part of West Africa.
Apparently there's a newer strain now (I think subtype N) that has caused concerns.

In SA we're not so focused on strains and such, but rather just encouraging people to know their HIV status, and in providing treatment to people who are sick (which works very well, even with a limited range of ARVs).

I think there are real conspiracies behind HIV, and little would surprise me, however it wouldn't be a real conspiracy if HIV wasn't real and the treatments were bogus.

However, the past official indifference has made it obvious that the virus can be used to reduce unwanted populations, and I suppose it could be introduced, increased or almost eradicated in any population group with minor efforts from power either way.
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