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Princess divorces through press

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posted on Oct, 16 2004 @ 09:05 AM

From Princess divorces through press

October 16, 2004

DUTCH princess Margarita de Bourbon, the 32-year old niece of Queen Beatrix, placed an advertisement in a Dutch newspaper today informing her husband that she is filing for divorce.

The advertisement, published in the Dutch Christian daily Trouw by a bailiff, demands that Edwin de Roy van Zuydewijn "without known residence in or outside of the Netherlands" respond before January 21 to the divorce filing.

Taking out an advert is a legal obligation in divorce proceedings where one of the parties has no known or fixed address.

Click link for full article...

Seems like The Royal´s divorcing more often these days. Denmark also have a Royal divorce pending. But they didn´t announce it by posting an ad. in the newspaper...

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