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The Next Crash, where it comes from, what we can do

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posted on Sep, 23 2012 @ 10:28 AM
Now that QEI is in place and the markets are responding to unlimited money printing all over the world i wanted to review what the forces are, more importantly when to see when a crash is coming. I am not predicting any dates here, i am just reviewing the past financial crisis situations to try and learn what the signs are of an impending crash, because this next crash is going to be the worst one in history. I’m not an investor, I don’t play the markets, but i understand the interconnectivity of all aspects of our economy, no matter your role in life the next crash will affect you.

So where have i begun my review, i like anyone else must start at the very beginning, what is money?, where does it come from?, How does it work?, and who controls it?.
The Money Masters with Bill Still

Knowing now what money is, let’s get into the control of money in the US, and the birth of the Federal Reserve. The Creature from Jekyll Island with G. Edward Griffin.

Now knowing who is in control of the Federal Reserve and what the Fed really is, a private bank owned by other bank houses from around the globe, How does this translate to our lives in a personal way and what has it looked like in the past, what were the causes of those crashes.
The Crash of 1929 also available on Netflix

How about 1987, is there anything we can take out of that, information is not easy to find, but i did find a week in review from that time, a lot to learn from this, the first real computer crash i think, and again in a report dollar devaluation is talked about.
Nightly Business Report!
Wall Street week in Review

How about the most recent crisis we faced, what were the roots of that crash, and what are the effects, and what were the signs to look for.
Meltdown - The Secret History of the Global Financial Collapse Episodes 1-4, great step by step worldwide.

Inside The Meltdown, another great step by step examination of the entire situation.

The Fall of Lehman Brothers, putting a microscope on what turned out to be the biggest turning point.

A good review of trigger points and past crash scenarios, so what will the next crash be, corporate real estate, another home bubble, or is it more serious than that, could it be our Dollar, with unlimited printing worldwide I tend to think it is.
The Dollar Bubble
Melt Up

What might that Day look like, will it take a day, a week, a month, or a year, what i have learned from the above videos and other research is that it doesn’t take years to happen, unwinding takes years, crash situations take weeks at the very most, a day at the very least, usually it take 24-72 hrs.
The Day the Dollar Died
14 days to the Death of the Dollar
Peter Schiff reacts to QE3 or as i call it QEI or as he calls it Operation Screw

These are the videos i have decided to restudy, so many similarities to the past senerios and the roots are planted in fiscal destruction, the ups and downs of 1929 are not as visible because the Fed is just dumping money into the mega banks with QEI preventing the stock market from disolving. However our dollar is just begining to drop due to unlimited money printing and there really is no bottom for the dollar this time, QE1 and 2 both had time limits and the dollar rebounded afterward, not this time, there will be no rebound it wont bounce off the bottom just brake through the floor. Once it starts to really tumble it will not stop, there will be a mass exodus out of dollars and dollar equities, the world will than leave the dollar behind and a new Petrodollar will be born affecting every person in the US for literaly every single thing you buy making them VASTLY more expensive. What could results from this kind of crash is very scary to consider can you say Road Warrior, or The Road. Its just a matter of time, when it will happen i dont know, but by studying the past i hope to be able to see it coming, and i see it coming in our future if i can pinpoint it to a week or less im good, i hope you study this and more, life is going to change for everyone in a dramatic way.
Keep your eye to the Dollar Index for a sign, and Bond prices

A few items to buy to save yourself and family.
Silver Shortage this Decade
If Silver goes down, all hell will break loose
What Canned Foods Have The Longest Shelf Life
Food Storage 25 essential foods to store
Glenn Beck's list of collapse items, whatever you may think of Beck, its a great list.

Gold, Silver, Copper are now and always have been money for thousands of years this has been true, just because Ben Bernanke says it isnt doesnt make it so, human history says it is.
Ben Bernanke tells Ron Paul Gold Is Not Money

Ben Bernanke describes his plan incase of a future financial crisis in November 2002, Ben was not the Fed Chairman at the time, he has followed this plan so far and when you read it you find how close he has followed it, and if he continues to follow the 1930s model he will devalue the dollar by 40% or more.
The Ben Bernanke speech where he lays out his plan for devaluation.

An excerpt from the speech: "Although a policy of intervening to affect the exchange value of the dollar is nowhere on the horizon today(Novemebr 2002), it's worth noting that there have been times when exchange rate policy has been an effective weapon against deflation. A striking example from U.S. history is Franklin Roosevelt's 40 percent devaluation of the dollar against gold in 1933-34, enforced by a program of gold purchases and domestic money creation."
Now Ben has done just that, printing money, he also describes how money printing will NOT stimulate the economy in the speech, the opposite of what he says today.
Buy Gold Like Central banks Do
Dont be fooled, Buy Gold, Silver, Copper, Canned Food, Store Water, buy a gun and learn to use it, get out of the cities, know you neighbors, and have faith. Good luck, thank you reading and i hope it helps, good luck.
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