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Selfless Charity

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posted on Sep, 22 2012 @ 12:55 PM
Be as light, which gives you itself, and asks of you nothing in return.

Peace to you all, that you may receive these peaceful word of wisdom.

The greatest virtue is Charity, and it is that virtue that will remain with you in the next life. There seems to be a great need for love of the "self", but there is a greater need for humility.

In each action you take do not think of how you will benefit, but make actions based on the thought of how others will be affected. That is prudence. Be humble towards your brothers and sisters and you will do a great justice to yourself.

To forget one's self for others is for one to forget his faults, and also use their superior part in virtue.

Work with prudence, because the way you treat others is the way others is the way you will be treated by others and by God.

Hold no grudges, because each person has their faults and would like to be forgiven for them as much as you would. God loves everyone else just as much as He loves you, so does it makes sense for you to place yourself above even the worst sinner? Place yourself below others, rather than above them, that is humility and humility is love, and love saves even the most destitute people.

Go out of your way for others out of charity. To forget oneself is the greatest wisdom. To be Light, and to give without the need to take.

Do you not see others suffering of hunger in their bodies and their spirits? You too, have felt this anguish, so have empathy and feed them, with your love; your suffering; your sacrifice; your charity.

We must love to be loved and to love ourselves, otherwise we would have only pride.

Pride is to love our faults and increase them.

Charity does not reach out its hand to be praised, pride does. Rather, increase in yourself the spirit of love for God and your neighbor, by reaching you to give praise and thanksgiving to our Creater.

Give the increase and you will get the increase.

Forget yourself and you will find yourself, your true self.

Act with cheerfulness in giving so that you will burden no one, especially those who must accept charity and receive it, out of the humility of their heart. But instead, uplift the with merciful love.

Heal the wounds of those whose hearts hurt, with selfless charity, and love.

"It is not really the 'great' people but the 'little' ones who proceed along paths of heroism, leveling them through their sacrifices, also for those who are weighed down by too many little things. The 'little' ones, that is, those who are simple, meek, pure in their hearts and intellects: 'little children'".

Peace to all of you.

posted on Sep, 22 2012 @ 01:19 PM
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so mote it be.


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