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Question about Innocence of Muslims trailer

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posted on Sep, 17 2012 @ 09:57 PM
When was the arabic dubbed version of the trailer uploaded to Youtube? And who uploaded that copy?

Ive discovered that the original trailer was uploaded by username sam bacile about 2 months ago (and his most recent youtube activity was Sept 10), but only recently was it translated to arabic. When this happened the local news stations aired highlights and everyone is now acting like the U.S. scuffed their Pumas.

I became curious about the upload date when I was viewing the top topics page and saw the older thread about the illuminati clock ending on Sept 9th. 2 days is a reasonable timeframe for the upload to make it to the news, be spliced up to piss off the masses, and for enough people to see it/ hear about it that they decide to rally up at the U.S. embassy.

If it was uploaded on the 9th it would all fit together quite nicely.

*Bonus* - if we could find out what time it was uploaded and take timezones into consideration would it match up with the countdown clock?


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