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From Now to Then

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posted on Sep, 13 2012 @ 07:46 PM
Whoever made this Youtube video was probably working with the government, and at the same time, probably coordinated it's doings with the leadership in Egypt which played that youtube video on public television; and from there, the whole Islamic world got to see it.

Why? Why would the American government want to help produce a video that fans the flames of anti-americanism in the middle east? That's the deeper question.

Psychologically, the Muslims in the middle east have this idea that the west - America - wants to destroy Islam..and they're probably correct in that assumption; this fuels in the minds of their Islamist thinkers ideas of holy war between Islam and the Infidels - Jews, Christians, Secularists; and that the time is now for Islam to take over, to achieve it's Quranic purpose of converting the whole of mankind to Islam. This may sound utterly silly or ridiculous to you, but to the Islamic faithful, it is highly believable; in their paradigm, this can be the only thing that is happening.

So if the Americans - and by extension, the west - wants in Islam an enemy who will oppose them, for what fathomable reason could they want that?? Perhaps Hegel could help us answer that:

dialectics proceeds from thesis to antithesis, i.e., the negation of thesis, and from antithesis to synthesis, i.e., the negation of the negation.

In other words, the west is the thesis, the Islamic world (and those who protect it's interests in it i.e. Russia/China) antithesis. When these two thing encounter each other, antithesis - the opposition - cancels out the thesis - the formidabilty of American power; the result is a long drawn out evolution into synthesis - some new thesis emerges in the end. Perhaps if a war is planned, it involves many years of interminable conflict that lowers the worlds population, leading to the decay of society and the dissolution of popular beliefs. Islam, Christianity, Judaism - may all be pegged for destruction through this conflict.

In the end, a brand new system emerges; a new agreement amongst mankind forms basing itself not just on political or humanistic terms, but on spirituality as it's basis - since the ultimate reason of the last great war was 'religious' in nature, perhaps the solution will be found there as well: a one world religion must be found in order to make sure a war such as the last one never happens again.

Perhaps the Georgia Guide stones allude to this gnarly vision.

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