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US keeps sticking it's nose in other people's business

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posted on Sep, 13 2012 @ 04:12 AM
This is about US foreign policy and the way the US sticks it's nose where it doesn't belong...
More precisely about this US politician named Philip Gordon.
What's worse about this case is it's in a country that has always been pro american and has for the past 20 years supported every US policy in the area, and very recently has supported the US missile shield in Est Europe.

1) What happened
2) Who got involved
3)Why it all happened

I live in Romania. Romania has been very supportive of the US..sure not a big country, but we've always done our best and been very polite and showed interest to whatever the US wanted like:
-sending troops to Iraq..check
-troops to afganistan..........check
-militay base on romanian soil.............check
-Implement the strategic missile defense system..........check.
And i'm sure you've all heard about the secret CIA flights with various detainees criss crossing all over Europe..full support, of course unknown to the public.............check

So far pretty much every little bit of help we can grant has been granted. OK ?


Recently we've had a referendum to impeach our corrupt to the bone president .
The guy managed to get some external figures like that spanish dude Baroso and that german Merkel in his band wagon and, cause they're all the same type of political party, he managed to force the romanian parliament into accepting a minimum turnout of 50%+1 voter.
Then the romanian president boycotts the voting process, tells all his supporters to stay at home, which aren't even that many as you'll see, and avoids the impeachment by a hairline(2-3%).
The voting had a simple question: Yes for impeachment, No for keeping this corrupt president.
Because he told all his supporters to stay at home the turnout was about 47,someting %.
BUT the results were 88,somethign % for YES, and like 11% for NO.
Ar we supposed to accept this corrupt ugy when 88% of the voters want him gone ?
Or because of a few outside politicians ?


Now along comes this guy named Philip Gordon.
This guy comes here and basically backs the romanian pressident against the impeachment with his obvious back of the palm knowledge ,NOT!, of romanian politics and it's history dating back the past 8 years(the period this corrupt president has been in power, but hasn't done anything for the people but steal, and always keeps crying "the oppositiong isn't letting me", right..when he's got all the power).

After the impeachemnt fails because the corrupt president tells his people not to vote, gee isn't that fair ?.. along comes this Gordon dude again and says:
"If i didn't think Romania is going the wrong way, i wouldn't be here"


Let's see WHO Gordon is supporting.

A guy, the president, who :
- names a Gov. made up of his best pals which in the past 8 years have systematically arranged every possible auction in this country, siphoning billions worth of overpriced(3,4..30 times in some cases) materials/services/etc.

- managed to put his other best pals in places like supreme high court, anti corruption agency, customs, land and surveying office, and basically every other agency that controls how assets are managed by the state, how charges are made and cases judged.

- managed to hit a kid in the face at a political meeting in a public place, all caught on tape, and he denied it first "i didn't hit him", this was just before his election, after he's elected, he says "ok, i might have "pushed" him". WTF ?

-managed to snatch a phone from a woman , journalist, in a public parking lot at a mall, again recorded on tape by numerous tv stations.

-managed to "sink" a whole fleet of around 16 ships back in the day when he was minister of transport. basically he sold every ship for 1 dollar, yes 1 dollar it's in the investigation report by the national bureau of investigation, to some company, who then sold the ships at the real market price and cha-ching. oh yea the romanian state with this manouver also managed to rake in a debt of 20 mil dollars to some bank in Europe.

-managed to burn down a whole port in Rouen in France back in 1981/82 when he was a ship captain.

-recently in a televised interview managed to revealed he actually falsified documents and some some device which allowed him to evade a sentence because it was 100% his fault and his ship which caused the fire in the port of Rouen....again on tape, himself with his own mouth admitting it. WTF ??

-managed to give himself a mansion, while he was mayor, in a very expensive part of the country's capital of about 3800 sq ft for about 19.000 dollars in 2002/3. now it's close to a million bucks.

-his brother is a suspect in weapons trafficking.

The appointed ministers in his GOV managed:
-pay for very simple 5X10m stage made of wood for 75.000 euros, lol
-made a soccerfield on sloped ground, lol,
-swimming pools in the middle of nowhere, that sit empty because there's absolutelly nobody in the vicinity to go there, and dirt roads for access.
-sold a public property for 100.000 euros to a family company instead of 4.000.000 euros the real market value.
-has basically created a monopole on state owned properties that are distribuited to party members and families at prices that are a fraction of the real value.
-and the list goes on and on and on..
Forget the Italian mafia, they're kids in a sand box.

I'm telling you the way this guy has managed to infiltrate every agency is astounding...but quite simple when he controls the Gov. which is made up of the minister of justice(instant control of all things related to justice), minister of internal affairs(everything that moves in the country), minister of defense(police,army,etc)...

Oh did i mention Romania has only 7 !!! secret services ? And in time of recession , and that from 2008 every passing year the budgets for health care, and education and so on have been reduced BUT the budgets for these 7 ! secret services have been increased ? Someone's very busy i guess...all the surveillance equipment doesn't come cheap. All with his order and supervision.

So this is the guy that Philip Gordon came here to save from impeachment ? Why ? Because we are some sort of "who-give-a-fvck" country that supposed to be run by a far by the US ?

Isn't this Philip Gordon regarded as some sort of clown back in the US ?
Either way...this is the democratic teaching and help we get...him and the US better mind their own business far far away form a country where 88% of the voters say YES to impeachment, and 12% say no.. By the way....less than a million , 900.000 to be precise voted for this scumbag president to be kept in office.....7.5 millions voted for him to take a hike.
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posted on Sep, 13 2012 @ 04:42 AM
Wow that is some DEEP corruption!

I must correct you on one thing though, Jose Manuel Barroso is Portuguese, used to be their prime minister. Now he is the president of the European Commission. doesn't change the fact hes a dirtbag though. He is known to ignore voter outcomes. He's a real good boy in the EU Parliaments eyes and always does what is required of him together with Merkel and Rompuy.

Sounds like your country needs a political overhaul just as much as most european countries together with the USA.

We need a fresh start.

posted on Sep, 13 2012 @ 05:18 AM
Wow that is some serious stuff. Its sad they get away with it. They have the "too big to fail" mentality these greedy ass banks have.

Once anyone else is elected (
) isn't it not only our right, but our duty to make these people resign?

I know if i went to work for a company (citizens of any country) and decided to not do any of the work I was hired to do and claimed I would do in an interview (elections), spend my employer's money on "business" trips (tax payer money), then flat out lie through my teeth over and over (true US unemployment rate anyone? or many things for that matter). What are the chances the owner of that company would keep supplying me paycheck and a position?

We should have the right to send these people to the unemployment line. They work for us, we do not work for them. We are the boss, we employ these sorry excuse for human beings, I think they forgot that memo.

posted on Sep, 13 2012 @ 06:09 AM
I'm not completely familiar with the "clown" but I can see your country has problems. I don't know if I would call out a whole country (USA) because someone from that country shows up in yours and does whatever, whilst believing that the perpatrader himself is disliked in his own country....

I mean no offense but I just thought I'd say it. USA has problems too, I think the whole world does. The sons for generations are burdened with the mistakes of the fathers and grandfathers

Just to be clear, I do not condone, approve, or support this mans intrusion into your political system.
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posted on Sep, 13 2012 @ 10:21 AM
Well at least Barosso and Merkel and this gal Redding are receiving a nice nit of backlash in the European Parliament from the other parties like for over steping their duties and boundaries.

Still this Phlip Gordon guy has managed to get by like unseen...he came he bragged he left.
So i wanted to let everyone know what the US foreign policy machine is up to cause i know news from Europe doesnt always reach the other continents when dealing with smaller countries and their news.

i find id very repulsive the way the US keeps medling with other sovereign states...and this time a country that's been very supportive of the's like a we're some dirthole in the middle of the desert ...actually far from it...heck we dont have the world second fastest internet for nothing...and a bunch of other things...
Just remember the case in Panama where the US's CIA managed to infiltrate one of the agents in the presedency race and make him president of Panama if my memory is correct.
And i'm sure there's dozens of other known or unknown similar maneouvers.

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posted on Sep, 13 2012 @ 10:23 AM

US keeps sticking it's nose in other people's business

Every country on the planet does this. No one is more or less guilty than anyone else.
Every country has operatives around the planet and interfering. It's the way it is.

posted on Sep, 13 2012 @ 10:49 AM
reply to post by Choice777

You are still referring to one person as representing the USA. He's not even predominant enough to be known of in his own country, hense him meddling in foreign affairs.

The USA does need to just come home. Get out of all the other countries, (I would says wars too, but we haven't officially been to war since WW2), we have enough problems here on the home front that need fixing.

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