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Sports and polarities

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posted on Sep, 12 2012 @ 09:29 AM
Ok, so people told me they liked the car thread as its not as sci fi and more real world, so im starting a thread showcasing the polaritites in sports, and sometimes how they apply. I will add as I am able to gather more information so its all contained within one thread, but will feature the sports and information they tell me about. So onto it:

Baseball is a game of the diamond order. It is not uncommon for baseball games to play Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline" as a tradition. The field has 4 bases and is shaped like a 4 point diamond. 8 (BLUE/BLACK) likes baseball. They are very big on stat keeping and accuracy (as opposed to RED, where negotiability is heavier), this is why all ump calls are final, regardless of if they make a mistake or not. (This is why its a BLUE sport, they are less known to lie). Id say its a WHITE universal sport, due to the fact that all races are represented more frequently than in other sports (higher concentration of African, Latino, Asian, White-less Middle Eastern, but there are a few). Typically baseball has a house organ for playing music, like a church. In the USA, the Star Spangled Banner is played at the introduction of all games. It is more like a full time job, (work 6 days, rest on the 7th) as players "go to work" almost every day. (Not saying other sports dont practice everyday, just saying its on tv/broadcast every day of the week). They are one of the only sports to use WOOD (in the bats), which is Biblical in nature. They also use wrapped leather (GOLD sacrifice) to balance the RED. It is more popular in the northeast (Cooperstown, home of baseball), which are known BLUE areas. On tv/sports shows, the announcers/correspondents are usually paired in 2's (as opposed to football which they are put in groups of 3's).

Since its football season, ive been paying a little more attention to it, so thats why I have a little more info (as well as wrote out team colors which I will put up after this).

Football is a delta (WHITE) order (2's and 3's) sport. Players (when getting in set) hyave the option of a 3 or 4 point stance (3/2). The field is 120 yards total, with endzones (12 tribes of Israel). Calls in this sport can be challenged (negotiability/bartering is a RED practice) and all calls are not final. There are GOLDen uprights for field goals and extra points. There are 4 quarters that the game is broken up into, with a break at half time, where the opposing team will get to kickoff/receive (to balance fairness). Referees wear stripes (as opposed to baseball) to balance the WHITE/BLACK. There are usually MANY more injuries in football versus other sports, and they only play 1 time per week as far as tv/broadcast. They use the "40" as a measure of speed at teh beginning of the season (2). Even though the total field is 120yds, there is a division point at teh 50 yard line, to balance each side of the field (versus the 60 yard line if endzones were counted). Referees use both the LEFT and RIGHT hands (as opposed to other sports which only use 1 hand signals) to signal penalties or actions in the game, such as both hands to the sky to signal a touchdown. A lot of times you will see a scorer point to the sky with his RIGHT hand to "thank God" for the touchdown. Look for it. Also Tebow has a whole knee to God goin on heh. Aslo 1st down is a RIGHT hand signal (1 with the RIGHT). Plays are a minimum of 2 hands on the ball. For instance, ball goes from snapper to QB, where he has the option to run and keep the play at 2 touches, or he then hands it off or passes it which would make it a 3 part play (2 & 3). The game starts with a cointoss, which uses metal, a masonic tithe, and football specifically is a popular sport with the masons. They use leather balls (commonly referred to as teh pigskin) which is teh GOLD sacrifice. When you watch announcers or sports shows, generally (not always though) there are 3 man teams of correspondents, as well as there are more female correspondents in this sport versus other sports (the only other one you see is basketball). It is a tithe to 3, as it is more sexual centric than 1 or 2. This is also the reason you have cheerleaders in this sport and dont see them in other sports. Sex sells. Football is only broadcast on 4 days mon/thurs/sat/sun as opposed to baseball and other sports, which are played every day of the week. Tailgating is more popular in football and includes drinking beer (GOLD) as opposed to other sports, which tailgating is not really popular in (they drink, but in the stadium). Ive been watching post game interviews with the coaches and players, and I notice they tend to stutter more when being interviewed. This causes them to frequently say things in 3's. Look for it, its there just not all the time. There is way more fighting in this sport than any other sport (versus pugulistic sports). Fighting is a RED activity. And finally, crime/accidents and just generally trouble seems to follow football more than any other sports. There is always a scandal or problem. (Vikings lake Minnetonka sex party, TO overdosing, Pac Man shooting himself, Ben R getting rape charges, etc these are actually among my favorite players and I feel they get "set up" more often than other sports-although other sports are not without their doping problems and such, its just much much less frequent). So those are just some numeric observations that ive seen and some of the patterns the games/sports follow.

Next is NFL teams' icons and colors.

posted on Sep, 12 2012 @ 10:00 AM
Sports are tradition based. You can point out "dualities" all day long, but they will be coincidental. Was that your point? That there are more than just coincidences in all the things you pointed out? I didn't read your car thread so I really don't know what you're getting at here.

If it was about dualities, why didn't you mention there are no females in either Baseball or Football? Football I can understand because it's so physical. Except the punter position of course. You're not in "the line of fire" in that position. That, and some women have stronger legs then men. Trust me.

But Baseball? It's all tradition based my friend. It just is what it is. Although I admit that while every sport keeps stats, Baseball is really heavy into that. That, and the players can be very superstitious about things when it comes to winning and losing. I heard of a certain player who wore a certain shirt under his uniform once, his team beat another team that they usually don't win against, so he refused to wash his shirt and wore it at every game. They had a pretty long winning streak too. Coincidence? He didn't think so and he smelled the part.

And cheerleaders? Yes, football is the only sport that has them, but did you know that George W. Bush was a male cheerleader at Yale? It's true. Colleges have male cheerleaders.

Call me old-fashioned, but THERE'S a duality I can live without.

posted on Sep, 12 2012 @ 10:02 AM
Ok, so these are all from a RIGHT hand perspective. If you look at teh helmet from the LEFT the logos will still be forward facing, just from teh LEFT hand side.

AZ Cardinals- RED/YELLOW/WHITE/BLACK Cardinal is a red bird, often characterized in religion (a religious position). The white and black symbolize balance, its a red team since they are from teh southwest and the yellow is (GOLD) which is a color of luck.

Buffalo Bills- BLUE/RED/SILVER the blue and red symbolize a balance of the 2 opposing colors/polarities , teh buffalo on teh helmet symbolizes a foundation red animal (Indian), and teh buffalo is blue since teh northeast is a heavy blue area.

Atlanta Falcons- RED/WHITE/BLACK/SILVER the symbol is a black falcon (which symbolizes an aggressive blackbird), its RED/BLACK/WHITE (positive delta) and points forward (forward to WHITE versus backward to BLACK) and the silver symbolizes royalty

Baltimore Ravens-BLACK/PURPLE/GOLD Royalty (purple and gold), raven is a blackbird (aggressive bird as well as versatile, a survivor, can be both big and small, bullies other birds, and can fly solo or in a flock, as well as many other things) points forward. Raven is a resourceful leader bird as when its solo but in a flock of other birds, it will direct teh other birds on how to act/what to do-such as when distributing food.

Carolina Panthers- BLUE/BLACK/SILVER is a black panther (dangerous black wildcat) that points forward. Blue/black represents the black cross. Colors also contain silver which is royalty.

Chicago Bears- ORANGE/BLUE the blue in the team is a darker blue, almost blue/black (black cross) and has orange (enforcer) colors. Its blue dominant due to being in the northern states.

Cincinatti Bengals- BLACK/ORANGE Enforcer colors, and symbol is tiger stripes (Bengal Tiger) which is a dangerous, lighter colored wildcat (lighter color since its northern, northeastern). The bengals are the northern red to balance all the blue thats concentrated up north. (also baseball team is the REDS, as they are the red baseball balance up there)

Cleveland Browns- ORANGE/BROWN (enforcer reds), they represent the even guys in teh middle (solid BROWNs-5's) and are another red dominant team to balance the blue in the northern region (RED evens are BROWNs, BLUE evens are PURPLEs)

Dallas Cowboys- BLUE/WHITE/SILVER Blue/white are police colors. Silver is royalty. Americas team. They are the blue balance in the red area (TX-southwest). Symbol is the lonestar, (a star that points UP, is a sherriff star-enforcer/protector)

Denver Broncos- WHITE/BLUE/ORANGE Symbol is a white bronco that points forward (bronco is a horse, whcich is a foundation red animal that symbolizes power-broncos known to be aggressive-and CO is a big native american foundation area) the mane is orange (to show its aggressive nature) and teh blue balances teh team in a red area, but I think the team is actually red dominant due to is geographic location.

Detroit Lions- SILVER/BLUE/BLACK Symbol is a blue lion that points forward (Lion is a king and can be aggressive and is blue due to being in the north). Silver indicates royalty. blue/black (black cross, Detroit as an area is known to hurt persons if they dont come correct).

Green Bay Packers- GOLD/GREEN/WHITE green and white symbolize openness to teh white. There is a lot of religion in Wisconsin. Big white "G" that points forward-simply awesome. GOLD-symbolizes lucky, but also can be interpreted as yellow since cheese is huge up there.

Houston Texans- RED/WHITE/BLUE symbol is a longhorn steer that points forward. Team colors are the color of our flag (America) and politics are central to our country as TX is a huge political area where many of our politicians come from. Red dominant due to being in the southwest.

Indianapolis Colts- BLUE/WHITE/SILVER symbol is a horseshoe that points upward. Horse = midwestern = farming area = foundation native american, and is a blue balance in the middle point of the country as far as east coast/west coast go. Silver is royalty- the team is known for being ethical.

Jacksonville Jaguars- TEAL/GOLD/BLACK wildcat that points forward (aggressive wildcat) GOLD symbolizes luck, as well as is a red color due to Jacksonville being in an extremely warm area. The black spots symbolize the aggressiveness.


posted on Sep, 12 2012 @ 10:06 AM

Originally posted by strangedays
Id say its a WHITE universal sport, due to the fact that all races are represented more frequently than in other sports (higher concentration of African, Latino, Asian, White-less Middle Eastern, but there are a few).

Are you kidding? How about proper football, for example? Played in every nation on the planet............


posted on Sep, 12 2012 @ 10:20 AM
Kansas City Chiefs- RED/WHITE Arrowhead that points forward. Arrowhead is a foundation red symbol (red/white are left leg/foundation red colors). Is red dominant balance in teh middle of the country, and is fitting since the area is formerly a huge Native American area.

Miami Dolphins- ORANGE/BLUE/WHITE Symbol is a blue dolphin that points forward (is a water team). White/blue symbolize light colors, which make the team blue dominant polarity. Orange in teh colors symbolize teh aggressiveness of teh team.

Minnesota Vikings- PURPLE/WHITE/GOLD symbol is a white colored wing that points forward (order of teh eagle, birds, due to purple-like the ravens) Gold and purple symbolize colors of royalty. Is a blue dominant team, since its located in a northern and cold area as well as teh purple color.

New England Patriots- RED/WHITE/BLUE/SILVER red/white/blue are colors of teh USA, and we are patriots (represents fighters that separated from teh red coats in 1776), silver indicates royalty and team is blue dominant due to northern geography

New Orleans Saints- GOLD/BLACK symbol is a corn husk that points upwards. Its a foundation red organic, as corn represents (GOLD) tithe to red. Colors are masonic gold/black.

New York Giants- RED/WHITE/BLUE symbol is a white colored "NY" (white-Gods color, and blue dominant due to being east coast) helmet is largely blue with smaller red stripes to symbolize the American colors but with blue dominance, as NY is in the northeast (as well as other NY teams like the Yankees, which are also blue/white-God loves Jeter just to throw that in there even though slightly OT)

New York Jets- GREEN/WHITE symbolizes openness (GREEN) to God (WHITE). I believe this is why Tebow chose (either consciously or unconsciously) to go there over playing for his sport home-based state (was prospected by teh Jacksonville Jaguars). He brings Gods light to the team even though he didnt make big plays in weeks 1. If they get rid of him they will start to lose, hes like the purple token (the grapes if you read the bible)on the team.

Oakland Raiders- BLACK/SILVER One of my favorite color combos-symbolizes teh royal enforcers. Symbol is a pirate with an eyepatch on the right eye (sees only left side-fitting due to west coast being the RED dominant coast) and crossed swords below the pirate-symbolizes not afraid to scrap with somebody. I hear that rat pack is REAL rough.

Philadelphia Eagles- GREEN/WHITE/SILVER Again, a set of great and awesome colors. Symbol is a set of eagles wings pointing forward (order of the eagle-our country's bird). Openness (GREEN) to God (WHITE) with a touch of royalty (SILVER), but still known for being a very rough team. From the "City of Brotherly Love" which has biblical ties to it.

Pittsburgh Steelers- BLACK/GOLD/WHITE/RED/BLUE symbol is 3 four-point stars. Colors symbolize a balanced union of red and blue masons (lots of masonic color, just a little amount of both red and blue). The "steelers" name comes from the area, which is highly masonic, due to mining the steel out of the mountains.

San Diego Chargers- WHITE/BLUE/GOLD symbol is a lightning bolt that points forward. San diego is also a huge naval experimentation area, and thats why teh navy "talks" to 8, who controls the lightning. Naval colors.

San Francisco 49ers- RED/WHITE/GOLD red masonic colors, light bearing (white) and teh masonic part comes from teh masons mining the gold out of the mountains during teh 1949 gold rush. Red dominant due to being on teh west coast. the SF are drawn in red.

Seattle Seahawks- BLUE/WHITE/GREEN symbol is a seahawk (order of the eagle) and colors are blue (teal)/white. Openness to God. Due to seattles weather constantly being "blue"-under an overcast, rainy, often having storms.

Tennessee Titans- RED/WHITE/BLUE/BLACK symbol is a "T" that is above a set of delta triangles that point downward (very similar to the Pontiac symbol) and 3 RED 5 point stars (represent military or brass with teh 5 points, most likely Marines due to the red area) and helmet is largely white (God). High delta area and also high incidence of homelessness in this area, as common with delta areas.

St Louis Rams- BLUE/GOLD symbol is a set of rams horns pointing forward and they are GOLD (luck) in color. Blue masonic colors (blue with gold) as the actual Saint Louis is a blue polarity saint. (Under God)

Washington Redskins- RED/WHITE/GOLD one of my favorites. Symbol is a foundation red indian head that points forward. It has two (2) white feathers attached (2 feathers would be red, whereas if it were only 1 feather it would most likely be blue instead). Is the red balance in teh blue area (east coast is a blue area).

Tampa bay Buccaneers- RED/WHITE/SILVER/ORANGE symbol is a red pirates flag that has a skull and 2 crossed swords. Red dominant team due to both team colors and 2 swords (as opposed to 1). Similar to St Charles' colors (which are orange/black) and geographically close to St Pete, FL (St Peter), so id classify them as an enforcer team, like the Raiders. One of my favorite teams since they make soecial accomodations for people with disabilities (new coordinator they just picked up was paralyzed in teh NCAA last year from teh neck down, and they still followed through with giving him a contract so he could be part of teh team, and have also done it in the past the kicker they had that tied teh NFL field goal record a few years ago had a club foot.

Thats all I got for now, ill update it and add teams as I go for NCAA and other sports as I write it up. Later.

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posted on Sep, 12 2012 @ 10:44 AM
I read your post and I am kind of confused by the whole color thing, can you explain that better?

posted on Sep, 12 2012 @ 10:55 AM

Originally posted by Flavian

Originally posted by strangedays
Id say its a WHITE universal sport, due to the fact that all races are represented more frequently than in other sports (higher concentration of African, Latino, Asian, White-less Middle Eastern, but there are a few).

Are you kidding? How about proper football, for example? Played in every nation on the planet............


Oh yea totally soccer, and moreso that than baseball, I just have not yet had teh ability to travel abroad to witness those events yet and "check stuff out". Definetly getting into soccer though. It rules.
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posted on Sep, 12 2012 @ 10:59 AM

Originally posted by TwiztidRoman
I read your post and I am kind of confused by the whole color thing, can you explain that better?

Heres some of my other threads that explain the color system, to the best of my knowledge (they arent too long but explain a lot):

and teh car maker thread for those interested

posted on Sep, 17 2012 @ 10:09 AM
more on football

If you watch football, you can see them illustrating "telepathic" communication in the new nfl/com ticket sales commercial. It features a guy on a plane talking to people at a Green Bay game via thought, and them talking about how they can see him, and how hes not smiling (I couldnt find it on youtube it might be too new).

-player numbers are in 4 (a 2 tithe) places on the jersey-left shoulder, right shoulder, front of player, back of player

-there are 20 seconds on the playclock before a delay of game can be called (versus a division of 10, 1 = 10, 2 = 20)

-there are two 2 minute warnings in the game as opposed to 1, and the warning happens at the 2:00 minute mark

-game is measured in yards (3ft = 1 yard) versus feet such as in sports like baseball

-there are 4 (2 tithe) downs in a set of downs, and 3rd down (3 tithe) conversions are a huge recorded and paid-attention-to stat

-false starts-attempts to sidestep or "trick" the other team into a false start (also when they do this, the QB, when calling the snap, its popular to to precede the attempt and let the team know which snap (also in the huddle) it will actually occur on by calling out RED/BLUE signals, suchs as "RED 90" or "BLUE 32")

-the goal line is marked by a big ORANGE/BLACK "G" (God tithe)

-when a player is down, ending recorded yardage is determined by foot (foundation of the body) placement

-on TV, the first down line is marked by a GOLD super imposed line

-they use an ORANGE/BLACK flag set attached by chain (metal-masonic tithe) to determine 1st down measurement and the flag is in the shape of a downward pointing delta

-they still include the shadows of players (on some networks) over the super imposed yardage line to pay recognition to the shadow world

-nickel formation is a 5 (BROWN) tithe, dime formation is a 10 tithe

-a "hail mary" pass is a RED tithe

-penalties are often in 5 yard increments (BROWN)

-quarterback (represents 25, like a quarter) can call an "audible" in which he verbally alters the 1st intended play before the snap to form a 2nd play (2 tithe, negotiability/alteration)

-teams will wear armbands (in certain sports) and patches with names of the deceased to honor their dead spirits (brings the spirit luck as well), which is a delta (3) tithe

-fans have superstitious practices (all sports) to help bring spirits to their team so they can win (also referred to "rituals" and also players do "ore game rituals")

-RED flag is used for a coaches challenge (negotiability) and a GOLD flag is used when a referee issues a penalty or flag on the play (the GOLD symbolizes a bonus or gift in the non offending teams favor)

-on TV, BLUE is the color used to electronically illustrate the line of scrimmage

-has a medical staff (all sports) or healers for injuries that occur on the spot due to it being so common when the world is watching (as opposed to having EMS at HS games and such)

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