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Do you think David Icke will fill wembley Arena, £ 687,500 .00 Whats your prediction

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posted on Sep, 13 2012 @ 06:11 PM
Anyone who looks at David Icke in a common sense objective manner will see he believes what hes talking about. Therefore he cant be using deception to gain a financial reward.
Is David Icke right or not. Lets be honest here, he has absolutely no hard evidence but he what he does have is alot anecdotal evidence which he interprets and pieces together which presents how things are. The how things are well thats up to someone listening to decide on its veracity.

I agree there are consciounesse, entities living which reside outside the light specturm we can percieve. Thats actually really not a fanatasic thing to accept, id be more suprised if it wasnt that way.

The stuff he talks about on the control system moving in. Well yeh ok nobody can deny that technology is permeating more into our lives and the cost of living is going up. Whether thats happening by design of not it doesnt matter because it does have a pressuring stressful effect on peoples lives, which is obviously not what most people want. People want less stress in their lives not more.

The last main thing he rambles on with is the royals being shape shifitng reptiles. He offers not hard evidence on that.

That is basically the core things he talks about. And he is a very good get up in front of a crowd speaker. I sometimes listen to him talk because hes entertaining speaker, and i learn of ideas for speaking or communicating messages to people which in my line of work good speaking skills are very useful.

Would i go pay money to hear him talk. No because all he stuff is free on the net.

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posted on Sep, 14 2012 @ 08:02 AM
Jesus said there would come many false Christs teachers, who people would go after .
its also written in the end times , many believe to be now, their would be a strong delusion, deception that will lead many astray into deception,

we also see written, the whole world goes after the beast, given authority by the ten heads of the beast, nations kings, and people worship the beast, take his mark, with out the mark you cannot buy or sell.

and those who dont, are hunted down and killed if found.

The Hall mark, for a true messenger, prophet , teacher, the word of God, is, what has been spoken coming to pass,

David icke has made predictions, statements, the information given to him at times from his spirit guides, that was clearly not the truth, had not come to pass, like for example shortly after the Kuwait war, he claimed Saddam Hussien was dead, though this clearly was not the case.

as ive mentioned in the general chit chat forum, there is a thread discussing if the new age truth movement has become a cult,

David icke also says any one who questions his theories teaching , himself is doing himself and the world a great disservice .

so to be seen to do so on his official forum, will result in an immediate lock out, ban. this is how cults and sects operate.

Also while a member there as a christian, i encountered a real anti christ spirit, from his hard core followers,

there are spiritual forces guiding David icke and behind the new age deception. truth movement. religion.

For a christian, we believe as we do, because of what has been spoken written, our spiritual experience

As with David Icke many see him as a great teacher, the Messiah of the new age truth movement,

if David icke says it, it is true, if he says the Queen is really a shape shifting blood sucking reptilian vampire , she is,

if David Icke says the moon is a reptilian space craft it is.

If David Icke says Jesus did not exist, the Romans invented Jesus, now being discussed in the religion forum here,

then Jesus did not exist.

so his power and influence over a lot of lives is evident.

but are they being led in reality to truth, or into deception.

he commands a big audience , a world wide audience now,

who will contiue to fund him, buy his books, attend his gatherings,

Terrence Mc Kenna makes an interesting point after encountering spirits , lying spirits, in the spiritual realm,

and becoming a host to such spirits, he found him self gifted with eloquent speech, soon became a good convincing public speaker.

some thing he was not before this encounter, and before he became a host.

mentioned here is about rock bands concerts, ect many have spoken of their occult activity before concerts, in their music production, and of the demonic presence drawing people filling people during concerts.

Icke speaks of this great wembley gathering , transformation, just what spiritual forces will manifest at such a gathering, that people will open them selves up to, become host to ?

David icke his spirit guides he calls the guys, that started the lucifer movement, tell him Saddam Hussein is dead.

though clearly not the case.

Jesus says if the light in you is really darkness, satan can appear as an angel of light, then how deep is the darkness.

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posted on Sep, 14 2012 @ 09:27 AM
David Icke has the same belief system as Jewish Occult Satanist ,Helen Blavatsky, using to the same New World Order Book , he is said to be against, who is coning who?

some of his teachings come right out of the inner court of free masonry, and some of the Freemasons founding fathers. of the US

video does have a pause , where David Icke is being confronted and keeps stuttering, not shown here , about the cover of his book, he claims to have had nothing to do with, no knowledge of the symbolism?

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