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The Outlier Network

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posted on Sep, 8 2012 @ 12:52 PM
In a world of billions, it's a funny thing how the future of all may be decided at a basement table sitting 20 people.

It was 1997 and though the men at the table were fairly confident in their grip on power, they were always wary of who may be watching or listening. No plan ever succeeded without some challenge and deviation, and these men who considered themselves world leaders had drawn few conclusion on what ultimately drives humanity on Earth. So, they tried to act secretly and met in various remote locations. This time in a Himalayan fortress.

The 20 were seated at a rectangular table, all facing in the direction of an elevated podium. To the right of the podium a masked man drummed a gong and called the meeting to order. "Introductions!"

From left to right.

"Bill Gates. Microsoft."

"Henri. Grand Duke of Luxembourg."

"Bill Clinton. President, USA."

"Carver Milton. Director of Intelligence Coalition."

"Muhammad. Patron of Prophet's Lineage."

"David Abraham. Order of St. John."

"David, Rothschild."

"Mikhail Gorbachev, Former USSR leader."

"Jay, Rockefeller."

"Elizabeth, Queen of England."

"William, House of Rhodes."

"Sigismund, Archduke of Austria."

"Guru Deeyaya. Secret Temple of India."

"Mona Zayba. Matron of African Female Army."

"Jiang Zemin. Communist Party China."

"Alan Greenspan. Chairman of the Federal Reserve."

"John Paul, Pope."

"Colin Powell. US Army."

"Akihito. Emperor of Japan."

"Lawrence von Auflitz. Chairman Elite Scientists League."

The masked man banged the gong and yelled, "Presenter!" All heads focused on the elderly man at the podium.

"Thank you for your attendance. My name is Dr. Wilhelm Bismark. I've been asked to give a brief biography for the new initiates that are not familiar with me. I am the last son of Otto von Bismark, born in 1884. My younger appearance in health is attributed to my advanced mentality. New initiates will have access to my writings, but few have been successful in repeating my results. I was a top mind in the new field of psychology in the Nazi regime and led a project studying anomalous human consciousness. I am anomalous, myself, and we sought to understand and classify those who seemed to perceive beyond the conventional senses. When the regime became increasingly brutal, I turned double agent and helped bring them down.

We found a correlation in adverse circumstances and development of special ability. During the rest of the 20th century, we sought to create a situation with necessary struggles to spurn the development of those with extreme potential while maintaining a quality of life for those in the norm. Creating a world of comfort for the normal, and contradiction for the observant.

This is a delicate balance. The rate of top level minds was 1/4.6 million during the war era. Most of the survivors were identified and committed to the cause of a dynamic global humanity. In 1950 our ranks were 500 of top ranked minds. Today, with increasing comfort of the common class, the rate of top level minds is 1/55.1 million. My longevity is, in fact, an outlier among outiliers. Most of the original crew has died. We now only have 210 and the stress on each is increasing. Remember, it is this group of people that prevent the majority of cataclysms on Earth.

We have come up with a plan to increase the rate among comfortable nations. We must increase the struggle, make conspiracy obvious. And provide an online network for potentials to meet, discuss, and cultivate their curiosity. This network of outliers will work as a major source of intel for the governments of the world.

We will call the outlier network Above Top Secret.

As much knowledge as we have gained in the 20th century, advancement is still a necessity to avoid the various disaster scenarios and build a world conducive to bringing everyone to their highest potential.

Remember, although we have far fewer at the top levels, success has been found in the modern world in preventing people from falling to the lowest levels. World War 2 produced many geniuses, but many more psychopaths.

It is important for people to maintain a sense of freedom, hope, opportunity, and spirit. Combine a young hope with a severe challenge in young adulthood, and we find people develop enhanced ability.

It is important to keep in mind that 95% of the top class are born among common citizens, and that the initial breakthrough usually comes with a realization that the rest of us have missed. The Outlier Network will help us monitor waking citizens during breakthrough and utilizing instant intel.

We can not spy on them, for many of the truly talented will be stunted when facing the fact in their deeper mind. Our ambition is to create a situation where people turn to their own ideas because the outside world isn't making sense. We give such people a community on the internet, and they voluntarily give us their findings. We believe the recent increase in surveillance has been a factor in the decreasing rate of breakthrough.

The plan is to initiate an event of mass shock and then put the network online.

Within five years, the outlier network of anomalous minds called Above Top Secret will be up and running for the benefit of humanity."
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