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I had a dream and found this forum

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posted on Sep, 7 2012 @ 01:51 AM
Hi, well this being my first post I obviously need to post a few times here before I can elsewhere so I have to discuss my situation in the introductions.

About myself

I am not exactly the kind of person that frequents these sorts of topics no less forums like this, or forums of any kind really, I am not very religious, not very political or much involved in current events. I am just a typical guy with a not so exciting job that pays the bills. I did some searches for websites that could explain my experience and get some input and figured this as good a place as any to be receptive. As for my location I am only willing to say major city in the north east.

So it was a dream that has got me so worked up. It wasn't a normal dream because it was real, felt real, looked real and I only know it was a dream because I woke up in my bed at the end and I was alive and breathing much to my relief.

The odd part of the dream is I specifically recall mundane parts of it such as being stuck in traffic on a public transportation bus, waiting in elevators, brushing my teeth and little things that seem to be neglected from normal dreams. Another odd aspect of the dream is I slept in it and had at least one normal dream of no consequence while all this was going on.

I recall things as if they happened last week, for me and my mind they did. I had this dream six days ago having woken up from it on saturday. the events were so clear I think I might be having some sort of emotional reaction to things that are disturbing my day to day functioning.

Well on to the damn dream then. I was at work, I have a cubical on a rather high floor near a hallway with some windows. The very instant of the dream that was important and mind you this is the rather brief and disturbing part was also the last moments befor I work up.

I was sitting at my desk doing what I do on my computer when suddenly the building started to shake and literally sway. The lights flickered and everything lost power a few seconds into the shaking and swaying and several of the thick windows cracked and fell letting in some really crazy winds. The shaking stopped and having been frozen in my office chair dealing with what was going on I finally snapped out of it and looked around. Books fell off the shelves lining the hallway, some coworkers were screaming and a girl who works in the cubical behind me was sobbing. The guy across from me was frantically using his cell phone and all I could do was stand up and walk over to the window.

I stood a few feet from the now open view to below and out over the city. The wind was pretty strong that it actually pushed me back inside, I could have actually leaned into it and had hold me up, of course I didn't dare lean towards the open window.. I inched a bit closer stepping on broken glass that was both tiny and in big sheets, I felt it under my shoes, I even remember the smell of the air coming in from outside.

As I looked down I saw the streets flooded with people, traffic stopped, and the only lights on the pre sunset city streets were those coming from emergency vehicles and many fires both big and small. There were several massive Clouds of black smoke rising in the distance and I starred in horror as a noticed a plane quickly heading straight down. It probably was heading out of the airport and never made it very high in the first place. It hit the ground in a fireball as it tore apart a few apartment buildings.

The next thing I noticed was a giant wave washing over the roof tops of buildings that had to be fourty stories tall. It was was coming straight to where I stood and as it got closer I began to realize as my heart stopped in my chest that the top of the wave was above where I stood looking out an open window. People behind me screamed but I couldn't take my eyes off the wave. It got closer and larger soon blocking out the sky from where I stood. Nothing stopped it and the building I was in was the tallest building facing the atlantic(which could hardly be seen from where I was) that stood in its way.

As the wave got closer the wind got colder and as I starred in disbelief at the wall of water a man stood next to me shoulder to shoulder and he looked at me. I turned my head and looked him in the eyes and he said "let them know it can be prevented", I never saw this man before but I recognized him. However his face is the only part of the dream that I can not recall with perfect clarity. I felt a very strong splash of water wet my face and A moment after that things went very dark as if it was suddenly night and I looked back out the window and felt a rush of cold and then myself get lifted off the ground for a brief moment.

I woke up at that point in my bed last Saturday morning. I was wide awake completely not in a state of having just woken up. I was utterly confused disorientated and my heart was pounding.

I called in sick so far this week and do not know if I can go back to work. What was this?

posted on Sep, 7 2012 @ 01:59 AM
reply to post by FutureDreams

It was a dream.. everyone has them.

Thinking it was prophectic has been proven over and over to be silly. i hope youll notice that being your a member of this forum now.
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posted on Sep, 7 2012 @ 02:05 AM
reply to post by FutureDreams

First, welcome to ATS.

This is not in my area of experience. I've never had any "paranormal" events, though I can tell you about nightmares. Night terrors to be exact, and from the way you woke up that is what I would call that. Cold sweat? Heart in your throat? Shaky hands?

Do you feel that maybe it was a "premonition"? Do you work in said office building-live in the city of your dream?

posted on Sep, 7 2012 @ 02:05 AM
reply to post by Wertdagf

Outstanding way to welcome new members.....I'm so proud of you.

OP, you take from a dream what you think is valuable. You can lead a horse to know where i am going, but spread what word you feel is true, and then let the cards lie where they fall.

Welcome to the nut house

posted on Sep, 7 2012 @ 05:44 AM
Welcome to ATS. You'll find no shortage of opinions here
. Hopefully your dream wasn't prophetic. Probably you should try to keep your job, by going to work.

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