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Korea’s nuclear link to underworld alarms US

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posted on Apr, 28 2003 @ 10:08 AM
A few months ago, I shared information that Japan had accused N. Korea of trafficking in methamphetamine and actively smuggling that drug into Japan. Now a further report comes to light alleging that N. Korea is continuing to market drugs worldwide. Consider the following information and check the linked report:

Compelling new evidence of North Korea’s involvement in the illegal drug trade has convinced many American officials that the regime will use its underworld connections to sell nuclear materials to the highest bidder.

Kim’s latest brinkmanship came as Australian police charged 30 North Koreans with heroin smuggling after a five-day chase that ended last Sunday with the capture of their ship by the Royal Australian Navy.

A court in Sydney denied bail to the alleged smugglers, who were arrested on board the Pong Su, a vessel owned by a North Korean trading company but registered in the former British colony of Tuvalu, a remote Pacific island. The Australians seized heroin worth £32m.

While the investigation yielded a dramatic success, its outcome proved to western officials that North Korea maintains links with some of the world’s most unscrupulous crime syndicates.

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