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Oscar Pistorius angry at shock Paralympics 200m loss

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posted on Sep, 3 2012 @ 08:38 AM
Remember Oscar Pistorius who participated in the Olympic Games? Well he lost his 200 meter race and then complained that the guy was wearing prosthetics which were too long. The problem here is that Pistorius knew that his artificial limbs were shorter than hi opponents because the rule regarding their usage is governed by different rules. Pistorius trained and uses the shorter limbs so he can compete against non-handicapped athletes.

"Don't focus on the disability," Oscar Pistorius told the world before these Games. "Focus on the ability." How right he was. There was no room for sentimental thoughts or emotional notions after the T44 200m final.

It was not a procession or a coronation, but a race, raw and fast. And Pistorius came second. He was beaten to the line by Brazil's Alan Fonteles Cardoso Oliveira, who won in 21.45sec. Pistorius was .07sec behind him. He reacted furiously, telling the TV cameras in his post-race interview that "we aren't racing a fair race".

Pistorius was convinced that the running blades Oliveira was using were too long, and called for the International Paralympic Committee to investigate. This from a man who has had to fight long and hard to overturn doubts about whether or not he himself has an unfair advantage when he is competing against non-disabled runners.

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posted on Sep, 3 2012 @ 08:46 AM
reply to post by fnpmitchreturns

He didn;'t really lose, he came second.

Secondly, he still broke the world record in the preliminary heats.

Look, he is complaining now, and shouldn't really be doing that. He had a huge heart to take part in the normal olympics, and now in the paralympics too.

He did well, and all of us here in SA are proud of our bladerunner!!!

Still got a 400m and 100m coming up!


posted on Sep, 3 2012 @ 11:38 AM
reply to post by VreemdeVlieendeVoorwep

My hats off to any one who can over come a disability.... I see this as a great thing and the coming bionics which will be used in the future....

I remember when even when I was young that even the physically handicapped were treated and lumped in with children with learning disabilities.


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