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The Futures Market Unhooked From Money

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posted on Aug, 31 2012 @ 03:26 PM
Georgeous George is a good old boy , and good old George has the sounds of Heaven brothers .
George and Henry - oh yes , two true . The Punishers ...

Who really deals in the temporal zone ? More than you might think, but without their knowing it too well .

Time is not money's equal , but money's owner . Time kicks money's butt . All the way to the bank .

I am going to instruct you - one way - take it or leave it .

What you need is moral honesty - and to recognise the real truths in life . You must understand the categorical imperative of strictest moral honesty, not only to yourself but also others , and our environment - your world .
Keep this in mind - morality .

There's a good reason that words are similar if they contain the same root . Morale then - this will come with morality . Meet each moment in life in a moral and respectful manner - treat life itself with much honour - in the ways that you can be truthful to yourself , and to others , at all times .

Will this guarantee your liberation ? The answer is yes . Why then - you may ask it .

The reason is , that life and the future are not set by men , but reward men with what they send forward . Send forward for yourself, bonds in heaven . What life gives you, or not , is not up to men , but what they send forward the future will return them.
In the material world , assets and business are sports and pleasure , should you use them right , and make them last - life allowed us things to last , and futures to develop , and things to hope for , sunny days to come .

But money has become the stumbling block .

The futures market works in a similar way to morality and moral choices 'sending forward' results . The reverse of the coin os the sending forward of immoral acts , sentiments, words - check the persons account then .

Grain futures are set future prices to be paid by agreement from industrial consumers - processors of food - in deals set with buyers co-operatives who in turn agree to collect grain from farmers to sell in bulk . They both use complex agronomic calculations and thorough assessment of for example world market prices and current availablility of supplies , calendar use, reports , fuel price and of, course , demand, quality , intended use , regional variation .

But these are besides the point . Unhooked from money we are not talking about profit . we are talking about time . The direct route to profit . Straight out of the future .

What happens , in effect , is an agreement is 'sent forward s in time , to guarantee a return , and hence the critical sustainability of profit - for all parties - by continuous employment of capital

So , likened to this , making moral and hence respectable choices is to make an agreement with life . To agree with the future - to allow it its time for due process , so that everyone's happy.

No need for worry : we are with the Bank of Time . Selah !

posted on Sep, 5 2012 @ 11:49 AM
Great work man. The more stimulating the future market. The more fiat money flowed. This is only my opinion.
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