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The Psychiatric Olympic Games (homage to Python)

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posted on Aug, 29 2012 @ 05:42 PM
As there is a theme developing in using the Olympics to show how the weaker members of our society should be regarded as equal i.e the Paralympics I thought that there should be a Psychiatric Olympics or Psycholympics.

The post uses stereotypes as people with mental disorders are regarded in the MSM.

This is a homage to Monty Python`s Silly Olympics:

Unfortunately there are problems envisaged:

At the start of a race on the track the starter gun may pose problems - the schizophrenic 100 m would be marred by one of the competitors stabbing the starter to death as he thought that the gun was the devil.

The manics or unipolars could not be assembled on the starting line due to their irritability.

The depressives would not leave the starting line due to self-pity and asking themselves "was 4 years of training all worth it?"

The hop, step and jump for the attention deficit hyperactivity disorders would be reduced to a hop and step due to failure to complete tasks.

The marathon for the chronic fatigue syndromes would be poorly attended due to many of them having a "bad day".

The head injuries would be asking if the starter if he was there dad and could they take them home.

The Alzheimer`s pentathlon would be reduced to a triathlon due to non-attendance of the final four events.

The alcoholics and drug-addicts would win most events but would be stripped of their gold-medals due to positive urine tests.

The obsessive-compulsives would still be running 2 weeks after the the games have finished.

The autism competitors would be too sensitive to attend because the medals were gold, silver and bronze and not red, blue and green.

The Aspies would not recognise themselves as needing a special Olympic event as they were normal and everyone else was abnormal.

The oppositionally defiant would argue with the photo-finish pictures.

The narcissistic personality disorders would not leave the changing rooms as there were mirrors there.

and so on.

"Do not judge a person by their weakest link or wickedest deed in the same way do not judge the ocean by a wave" - written by Elvis Presley in the back page of his Bible.

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