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My Letter to Michael Gove

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posted on Aug, 27 2012 @ 05:43 PM
So I was disappointed with my results that I recieved on thursday.
As probably seen in the thread I started not so long ago- Education scam! GSCE results have been controled by the government (My opinion)

So I decided to write a letter plus additionally make a video where I read the letter. I will also post that.

Dear Mr. Gove

This short letter, as short as your interest in this current affair is and additionally. As short as my temper with the way you have blatantly ignored this important issue that affects millions of teenagers here in the UK.
How dare such a man, which has such a high priority over the education system. Ignore such a massive and life deciding drop that teenagers have faced. I’m one of the teenagers that was affected, but I have managed to cling on with my fingers.

You and your fellow boards and examiner heads have tried to stomp on my fingers till I let go. I nearly have managed to let go, but luckily enough I squeezed in to educate myself further in the subjects of my choice. But that does not have its good sides. The unfair markings have left most of my subjects at quite a low standing. This means that in the future, universities might be disappointed with the grades I have gathered.
I’m also sure that many others have been in that problem also. My teachers predictions have been rather ‘over predicted’ as some of you and your fellow people may consider their verdict to be false but I find it a disgrace that I have been predicted a grade like that. I would not mind if I was a grade lower or couple of marks away from my prediction. But two grades lower is a disgrace to me. I’m sure it is too many young teenagers that have faced the hard regulations that have been controlled and set by you and your fellow goodie boys.

So let me tell you something that your fellow conservative wonder boy said to the government in August ‘stop pussy-footing around’. I think you should take into consideration what your future prime minister candidate is saying too many of the master minds that have taken their seats in this historic parliament that you disgraceful people are using to create such an embarrassing, stage act in front of 6 billion people that are currently laughing and pointing their fingers as you destroy something that showed the world democracy.

So let me get back on topic,

Me and many others who have suffered this great depression that has surrounded us in a bubble that we cannot burst, even with the true sharp knowledge that we have. Because every time we show that, we get knocked lower into the standings that force us to give up. So do not ruin another genius.

Do not block the path way of the next prime minister and the next world leaders.

Do not block the next inventor who will make us advance.

Do not block the new master of arts that will lead us to different ideologies that are in front of us.

So listen out to my cries, and of many others. Do not be ignorant and show that you are a true human being.

Additionally here is a video that I made. Thanks for listening!

posted on Aug, 27 2012 @ 06:07 PM
Well, I'll tell you. IF Mr. Gove received and read this letter in full, he will certainly know his educational system has completely failed. He has managed to create an educational system that fails to teach students grammar, spelling, and punctuation well enough that they will not be embarrassed if their writings become public.

After reading this letter I am convinced that the predictive scores on this test are entirely accurate. Perhaps students feeling adversely affected should concentrate on learning the lessons rather than complaining about the tests. If the opposition gets hold of this and publishes it, they'll have a field day laughing about it at your and Mr. Gove's expense.

posted on Aug, 27 2012 @ 06:18 PM
All right now let me say first that I don't like the UK government and have a particular dislike for Gove, there is something arrogant about the man and I am sympathetic to criticism of him. I should add that I'm generally supportive of youth, encouraging young people to be be politically active, or at least not switch off from politics.

However, OP, my generation was an early one that took GCSE's. Its a fact that every single following year as a percentage schoolkids have been getting better grades. Unless you subscribe to the 'theory' that kids are getting smarter and smarter, its likely that the marking of exams has become easier and easier. Not just for one year, as has happened to you, but some two decades my GCSE marks have been devalued by the easier marking. The standards for me getting to take A levels or going to university were not too different to as they are now (I was forced to resit some exams actually, I'll bet that would not be the case today).

Now there is a functional / unbiased argument that I accept.has had an impact in the increased pass rates - that teachers have increasingly focused pupils on the syllabus for exams, and that whilst GCSEs were still newish this focus was not there. However, that still does not account for the year in year out improvements in grades that has been going on for decades, until Gove did his intervention.

I have to agree that GCSEs these days are seen as a bit of a joke, because they are considered easy to pass. This was not the case back when I took then. Anyway OP I would be interested in what you think of my view and just want to add again that I respect your position.

posted on Aug, 27 2012 @ 06:23 PM
reply to post by schuyler

Well I'm deeply sorry schuyler that you did not find this letter of quite a high quality to fill yours or the governments expectations. Well I rather have them laugh at me and him than let this education system die to the ground.
I know that I’m not perfect with my spelling, grammar and punctuation sir. I was certainly not in the state of mind to correct my mistakes in the climax that I was facing.
It is easy for someone to prejudge someone. I'm sorry once again that my letter of great concern about the problems that we are facing as teenagers does not satisfy you.

posted on Aug, 27 2012 @ 06:35 PM
reply to post by freethinker123

Yeah the results have been increasing as the BBC itself has reported. I agree that tests should become tougher as the level of intelligence grows.
I find that the unfair marking that has been placed to be a more of a political game to set back most of the students so that they do not have the capability to show their true knowledge to the places they are applying or will do so in the future.
I have seen a gradient in how difficult the tests have become (I myself have done 2009 papers to practice on and I have seen the change in difficulty)
I cannot say that teenagers are getting stupid or there is just a lack because my school has doubled the results and so on of the previous year and so i heard did other year elevens.

I faced a difficult problem because when I done my English language i found that even though i was at the highest grade possible (I'm almost certain) I still got the grade lower because they changed the amount of points that were required for that level.

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