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Conversations with the Dead

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posted on Aug, 24 2012 @ 11:07 PM
The researcher peered down his glasses at the young man, a glinting bead of sweat making its way down his wax-like forehead.

"So, you mean to tell me you see into the 'under workings' as you call it, of reality?" asked the researcher.

The thin man across from the researcher took another inhalation from his cigarette, paused, then let an exasperated and raspy sigh out.

"Yes. As I have told you, we began discovering that alternate perceptions we had been experiencing, even from child hood, were moments of our own brains picking up on different levels than your average person, channels if you will."

Writing feverishly in his journal, the researcher kept looking up at the lax man with a kind of scrutiny that rivaled a prosecutor's look after having heard the defense of a serial murderer. The researcher thought to him self as he wrote in his journal:

(I've spoke to so many people like this guy that ended up not articulating anything passed insanity...but something about this guy is different, I can't put my finger on it)

"It's hard to put a finger on it," said the smoking young man quietly.

The researcher continued to think to himself, not having heard the young man.

(...I really can't imagine anything will come of this, but lets give it a shot)

The researcher, adjusting in his seat to ready himself for the next discussion, began to look up, only to be scared to oblivion by what he saw.

"Hah! Hah! I'm sorry, sometimes I like to make faces, keeps you on your toes, you know?" smiling ear to ear with the cigarette hanging from the corner of his mouth.

Having settled back into his chair, trembling slightly, "Yes, I certainly was frightened.,, so about these, "abilities", can you elaborate a bit more?"

The smoking man put out his cigarette, slowly twisting it in the marble ash tray:

"See this ash tray, it's in the golden ratio, you can tell by the length to width ratio. This length is almost exactly 1.62 times the measure of the width," both of them now watching quietly as the smoke spiraled randomly from the end of the cigarette butt.

"Yes, that's erm, quite something. If only we had a ruler to prove that," speaking with a certain level of chagrin, which was immediately met with a one sided grin on the face of the smoking man, who was now already smoking another cigarette.

"So, you wanna know MORE now? See, if you were really paying attention, you'd already be astounded. Try to pay as close attention as you can. Don't strain, just, relax," speaking with a sense of calm that seemed non-normal for a looney toon about to spill his beans about some kind of profound knowledge.

Seeing that the researcher had mostly settled down, the smoking man began again with a swift inhale.

" *exhale* You see, this world, it is far more traveled than many believe these days. The progress and experience of the human race has not only been occurring for millions of years here, there are also many true experiences and conditions that most people today would simply put off as impossibility. I know they are not impossibilities."

Writing in his journal again, the researcher paused and looked up at the young man,

" I.....see. You speak as if you are privy to some kind of great archive?"

"I am."

Blankly staring, the researcher gestured for him to elaborate.

"Lets just say I tapped into it," leaning back into the darkness.

Continuing to etch these all-to-familiar words and phrases into his journal, the researcher sighed,

"You know this kind of anecdotal evidence isn't very useful."

"Then why are you researching people like me to write a book."

The researcher continued to write in his journal. As the smoke filled the room, the light seemed to become dimmer. He wrote with a sonic-like speed, thinking as he wrote:

(I wonder if this guy really is telling the truth? I wonder If he's even sure his story is describing accurately what he has experienced?)

"...heh, either that or I'm God," snickering to himself as he inhaled again.

Continuing to write in his journal, the researcher eventually came to a pause.

(I hope you recognized it that second time) thought the young smoking man.

The researcher furrowed his eye brows, wiping the sweat from them, "You know, I can't recognize what it is, but this is the second time in the last couple minutes that I've felt like you might not be as honest as you're letting on."

The young man puffed on the cigarette, rolling his eyes.

"Let's try a different avenue."

The young man leaned forward again, dusting the ash off the end of the cigarette.

" *Ahem* Humanity has been left in the dark, when it comes to the various capabilities of the mind. There are levels of what you call intuition that are tangible, and have been observed to the point of total proof."

"So why do so many people not know or rather, believe" questioned the researcher.

"Have you ever heard of the quantum physics principles of the wave form of light, and how an observer effectively 'collapses' the wave into a single, particulate reality?"

The researcher furrowed his eyebrows again, "Uh yes, yes I have read about those theories."

"Well, the reason why so many people don't know is because so many people only listen to: no one, to traditional religious teaching and text, or anything that the modern scientific community puts out. Don't forget your friendly mainstream media."

Scratching his head, the researcher asked for a cigarette and lit up. "Alright, I understand the beef that conspiracy people like you have with the current strong influences of society, but what exactly do you mean?"

"What I mean, is that the people with the heightened levels of awareness or ability, are collapsing their own local realities out of self defense. Due to this, observing their 'ability' from a 3rd party perspective, with a notable level of empirical certainty, is off the table. If you want to get a chance, you'll have to employ technologies and methods of proof that are superior, so that you may find these things in people. The only other way is if the person is comfortable and aware enough of their ability to share it, and to attempt to prove it. This proves to be difficult because the mind of the other observer, you, can affect the probability of seeing the 'proof' too."

The researcher puffed a few more times on his own cigarette, put down his journal, and thought to himself:

(This guy seems to articulate very well for a looney bin-er. Maybe I should set up a time to talk to him again)

The young man stood up, keys in hand.

"I appreciate your interest, but I have to go now. Remember, people's emotional and thought foci have effects. After all, isn't that what a true belief is, the combination of the two? The power of belief my friend. Some people not only know this, they abuse it. I am one of the one's that is trying to help, but some of the subversive ones have already set up baseline perceptions, perceptions to be instilled in easier-to-manipulate people, with the intent for these to people feel and think that people like me, and now you, are the enemy. In reality, we are the only ones capable of saving us from what lies ahead. It's a war, and it's war of minds. Good bye, good luck. We will meet again."

The researcher blinked as the young man walked down the dark corridor, smoke trailing behind as he turned the corner, flickering.

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