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continuing litlle by litlle

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posted on Oct, 12 2004 @ 03:02 PM
i wanna thanks to all my beeings understanding mi for there replies and to all that people with a large mouth for all the replies the important is that the message came to who ever understand it
there is people here who want s to hear a proof of all this but there is no proof for people who are not ready.there is people asking where i m born(is it in amerika) what importance there is (i ll tell you -to forget what s really important with more STUUUUUF)for your satisfaction i ll tell you -whatever you wanna call born is born in a beautyfull country in east europe-this time- but in fact I m born at the same place like it some how- somebody saying.what for ----i ll tell you for-more separation of course . i used this word MATRIX just to lie to you all so i can hear your answers and use the esence of them and use them to try to come together with who ever is ready and it worked perfectly.whoever continue to come here- ready -to leave e-mail and i ll contakt with them .some are asking what i m doing here if i m really free---there is no other place to go any how . somebody asking aren t . THEY BEHIND YOU THEN . ---yes they are all the time,but i dont give a ......cause i lived with theme long long long so i ve learned there ways so now they are just a fun for ME.everything you see ,imagine ,and cant imagine is just a ilusion in different levels of compresion -even the coming out of MATRIX - is.but at least the next level contains the last one in is really beutyfull when you really start,to breath ,smell,feel , hear ,and see like never before , i t really beutyfull to see how the people who you loved so much and belieft so much ,and all the womans around you , just after the process Just stop to caer about you , and they become the are reall nature (which is quite painfull for the sleepers cause iA nature that doesn t see difference between life and death)THEY JUST STOP TO SEE IN YOUR EYES THIS PART THEY SEE EVERY WHERE THAT HAS ALLWAYS AND DAYLI KEPT AND BUILD SUCH AN AMAZING AND BEAUTYFULL WALLS FOR VACATION----BUT STILL WALLS.So nothing is actually changing taking the STEP.ALONE WITH THE TRUTH .OR TOGETHER WITH THE PUPETS AND THE PUBLIC.CAMMON. They were a old saying that says- the bed only exist cause the good is not doing anything.why cause is on vacations,and you cannot believe that you are the good one and the only one here and now - and you will be allways here want or no .who ever wants to die and may be believe that this will stop all his ignorance and stupidyti -will die of course but it will be surprised to find himself here and now with one more experience THE DEATH. But still with a case full of stupidyti that he didn t trhow away at the last rubbish box(cause it was so sweet and shyni) .so GLORY ETERNAL TO THE ONLY TRUTH LIVING IN ALL THE THINGS , GLORY AND TRIUMFH WE BECOME LIVING IT MUCH ATENCION -interesting time s !!!!my name ---small GOD S gift.LOVE.

posted on Oct, 12 2004 @ 05:20 PM
Asleep ? Yes, some are asleep, but not unaware, thier perception is just habituated with conceptualism.

To deny the reality of things is to miss their reality;
to assert the emptiness of things is to miss their reality.
The more you talk and think about it, the further astray you wander from the truth.
Stop talking and thinking and there is nothing you will not be able to know.
Hsin Hsin Ming


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