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Asking for answers through a dream, real or wishful thinking?

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posted on Aug, 14 2012 @ 05:57 PM
First I want to say I have had a history of prophetic dreams dealing with things in my life. Some vivid, burnt in my memory, and easily interpreted or 100% accurate. One I will never forget I posted about previously a long time ago, it dealt with a couple old friends and a car wreck and was bone chillingly accurate.

Anyways I do believe dreams tell us things, help us learn, can be messages but the problem I am having with my most recent one is did I dream it because I asked and was answered or did I dream it because that was what was on my mind before going to sleep?

Basically I asked God (please don't turn this into a debate about God) to answer me through dream last night. I asked "is my girlfriend cheating on me?"

The dream went like this. My girlfriend and I start out at a large dance club. It's kind of dark with a bunch of lights. Suddenly I am walking around and can't find her. I walk all around and finally I see this man staring at me. He nods his head to the right and I feel confused as to why he is trying to communicate with me. He does it again and I look around the corner and see my girlfriend sitting with a group of people, she is wearing a white shirt with a black angel wing design on the back.

I walk over and say/think "there you are" (I can never tell in a dream if things are spoken or thought, it's kinda weird, more of a feel thing I guess). She looks stunned and shes sitting by a guy. I ask "who are your friends". Another guy there says "he doesn't know"? Then the mood changes and I know she has been cheating. She tells me she has been sleeping with him for 3 months, we argue, blah blah then suddenly a guy from the group is trying to calm me down and I want with all my might to just hit someone but I keep hearing "you wanted to know". Then suddenly it jumps to me and her in the parking lot arguing and her basically breaking my heart.

The dream jumps again and suddenly I am in a diner looking for her. I keep thinking I see her but when I walk to the tables the people sitting there morph into other people. I then ask the waitress where I am. She tells me I am in a city I have never heard of and I look at the window and there is beautiful green forest and I don't want to leave. Suddenly all my worries are gone and I ask if I can stay here and work. She says, sorry but your parents are waiting for you they helped you out. I turn around and see my parents and walk out with them and the dream is over.

I woke up feeling like the whole dream was a scene set up to answer my question. However I started to question if I dreamed this because it was on my mind or if it was truly an answer. Right after I asked my question I cleared my mind and focused on other things to try to avoid "bias" but honestly with these things one can never be sure.

I am going to gently bring up the topic with my girlfriend and see where it goes but who knows.

So, do you people think answers come in dreams when asked or are they just manifestations of our subconscious playing out on a mental screen?

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posted on Aug, 14 2012 @ 06:38 PM
Interesting dream. If I had it, I would think it's my sub conscience answering my own question. There was one element in your account that leads me to say that: the group of people who kept morphing. One of the reasons they are continually changing is because you haven't decided who they are thus making the dream a product of your own mind. I've encountered this several times and if you're lucid enough you'll find that these people will morph into whomever you want.

That's not to say some dreams aren't divinely given answers. In those dreams however, I think there is little to no doubt.

posted on Aug, 14 2012 @ 06:39 PM
They definitely can be used to give answers.

The black angel wings worries me. When I read your dream it seemed to me that this is the major symbol.

I would tread carefully, what if this is a lying dream, you asked the question and your mind is open to this scenario-ie cheating. But there is an enemy that would send a dream that seems to say your girlfriend is cheating but in reality she isn't. You argue and he's won.

Recently I have been doubting my hubby's fidelity, certain signs you know. I think that a online game he plays, has witches on it. (We met one a few years ago when he sold her some books. We found out after.)

I suggest you first pray to God.

posted on Aug, 14 2012 @ 07:04 PM
reply to post by AriesJedi

Thanks for the comments both of you. And yes I think the angel wings are the main symbol, they are the only symbol that sticks out and I remember even though I can play through the whole dream in my head as I sit here.

Interesting you bring up a manipulative entity. I didn't think of this at first but do know through years of occult study that spirits and such can sometimes be tricksters. Thinking about this it makes me recall how "she" acted in the dream, her personality was mocking, almost happy to cause me pain, which is not like the girl I know at all as she is very loving. If anything she complains I am not loving enough.

Well I won't dwell on it too much, but at least it will give me the kick to bring it up myself instead of wondering.

posted on Aug, 14 2012 @ 07:44 PM
reply to post by WhiteSpectralMirror

I've researched this topic extensively with most emphasis given to scientific research. The scientific research can be used to explain somewhat of what people perceive is happening.

When we are doing something or trying to figure something out and things aren't going right the old timers would say to sleep on it. The next day the job goes perfect as if you studied it all night. In essence you have. In the first part of your sleep the mind processes what you were working on and uses some weird ways that give us dreams that seem like they are unrelated to what you desire to know. Our brains find and translate the answer to us in different ways.

Our brain is formed when we are young and the perceptions we formed back then are needed to translate all the rigmaroo that we are attempting to figure out. Do you remember how you thought when you were one or two, that is a major part of our thinking style, translating concepts in and out of a youngsters language. Everything we figure out is formed in this primordial part of the brain because it is the most protected part of the brain. Alzheimer's disease mostly effects the other parts of the brain first leaving the knowledge of a young age because of the protection of this part of the brain. It is a survival thing, with all the weird perplexities attached.

Long term memories are also formed from short and moderate term memories as we sleep. If our brain doesn't desire to learn something than we will not learn it. Eating chocolate or other inhibitors of memory formation stops the formation of the long term memories of stuff we learned that day. If we fall into a deep sleep before forming these memories, the memories are lost. Sometimes it's hard to fall asleep because we ate something that interfered with long term memories forming and we don't want to forget the knowledge. Deep sleep will not be attained in that case, we will be tired in the morning.

A high percentage of processing is done when we sleep. So what you are referring to is deeply studied by science. They knew of this back in the seventies but did not have ways to prove it. Now with the aid of MRI's and other specialized equipment they can track down these things. They are still not completely provable but the evidence substantiates what was already thought to be true. Do you wonder why a guy gives a woman chocolates when he does something wrong? Because the chocolates, and even the chemical reaction in the brain from anticipation calms the woman's mind and helps her forget the digression against her. Deep sleep dreams may be a way that the mind translates this information to us to set it. Like I said our subconscious minds translate things from baby talk sometimes into our chosen language. To do this it uses examples that the conscious understands.

This does coincide with what dream interpreters do to interpret dreams. It also ties into those who use astral projection dreams. The astral projection dreams could be a translation of how to fit what the subconscious mind figured out into our beliefs and perceptions. It is also important to say that these processes work at the speed of light and very fast chemical reactions, a short nap or zoning out for a few minutes can accomplish the same thing. They do this in Yoga with breathing and music. There are many forms of super relaxation that can depress our bodies enough to allow this to happen. Eating a little glucose before bed helps greatly because the mind uses glucose to work at high speed. Glucose is the nonsweet part of sugar, sucrose needs to be processed by the liver to make glucose. Ketones burn well also, sleeping in a cool bedroom is better because the body starts using up fats to make ketones which work in the brain too. Ketones are slower though than glucose so thinking is a little slower.

Good thread, I get carried away with researching the paranormal. It is also possible that communications between people can occur through the subconscious at night also so you can learn things you do not know. Frequency has to match the other person at the time though to tie into the network

The part of your dream about your girlfriend could be because you fear losing her or you are a little worried about her actions. I am not good enough at dream interpretation to give an answer for what it means, I just wanted to try to explain to myself if the paranormal dreams had basis. Talk to your girlfriend about the dream, communication is good.

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