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Operation NYPVTT

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posted on Aug, 12 2012 @ 06:28 PM
Just a fictional write up that applies some alternative perspective.

Operation NYPVTT : Fed terminated, economy collapses, government forced to privatize.

Translation: Executive Global Engineers allow shutdown of unsustainable Ponzi scheme branch in US after perfect scapegoats demand an audit upon which Fed data sufficient to cause shutdown without exposing immense wealth generated by its private shareholders is "discovered". Philosophers of Liberty become reviled by the masses as do the majority of positions associated with them. Additional laws complete the revocation of citizen rights with redundancy. DHS announces multiple militias plan acts of terrorism, declare martial law zones where US military forces are deployed to restore law. Working with The Council on AntiAmerican Factions the DHS declares any resistance to the restoration of peace an act of terror. Mass detentions quell bulk of unarmed resistance while military forces subdue armed insurgents. The Chamber on American Recovery begins privatizing government operations to fund Prosperity Redevelopment Project. Police, Prisons, and Military command are purchased by front groups established by the previous shareholders of the Fed.
UN Aids North America with Peacekeeping Mission after international financial aid falls short of restoring United States economy. Continental US rezoned into single state, nicknamed "The Old Republic" by remaining legislature. America signs Trade Liberation Treaty with Canada, Mexican government uninterested. Bank of Canada provides low interest loans for the Canadian American Commerce Committee. Mexico's financial condition worsens as their central bank declares insolvency. IMF acquires Banco de México. Mexico's transition to International Currency Unit accompanies accelerated economic growth. IMF aid and advice proves positive to assisted banks while economic despair worsens in economies still collapsing.

-J Silveus

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