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The Vow of Aleppo ; Pragmatic end to Syria's conflict.

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posted on Aug, 12 2012 @ 08:44 AM
Yet again, for 17 long months, the world wrangles over even sanctions to end the Syrian conflict, nothing more than excuses to do nothing, and allow the immense human suffering in Syria to continue on.

It does no good for the situation to continue on because:-

1. The Free Syrian People have the numbers, proven themselves resiliant and resourceful, even using pitchforks to repel against the Regime's military might. Despite the Regime's numerous indiscriminate bombing of civilian targets, it only drove MORE to join up with the Rebellion.

It will continue on, a war of attrition till the last man stands in Syria, as long as the world does nothing, or allow the HumanSlayer Assad to continue butchering his own people.

2. HUMANITARIAN aid, while useful and appreciated, will NOT end the conflict, for more refugees will flee from the daily bombardment and disruption of water and electrical supply to the nation by the Regime.

There will come a point that no matter how kind the neighbour is, they cannot possibly accept the high influx of fleeing refugees and providing for them, nor does the world has that capability to fund for months with no end to peace in sight.

In the end, when times get desperate, may the world not blame the syrian people for turning to banditry, for they too, only want to live, and since being reduced to jungle laws to survive, might is the only right instead of rule of law.

The time for doing nothing by the world has ended. The consequences of it is far more dangerous than to simply watch events unforld. The Arab League and UN will soon have a new envoy and a meeting to deal with the situation. There are only 2 tasks needed by that envoy to perform to end the conflict.

A.) TELL, not convince, Assad to go.

i) Every human learns from childhood the sanctity of life, and the punishment accorded if a life had been taken by one.

Assad had ordered the slaughter of many. He knows full well what is murder, even if he no longers call himself a muslim. He can label his enemies as anything he wishes, but the butchery of innocent men, women and children carries no other label than the label of MURDERED VICTIMS, without justice or trial.

Carry the 3 year old child, who had both her feet blown off by his bomber jets shelling recently, to him and challenge him to label that girl as a terrorist, one of tens of thousands whom he had slaughtered and maimed.

He knows the truth. Then tell him only one avenue left if he wishes to save his life.

In all religions, there exists sanctuaries - hallowed ground that is consecreted to Allah, a place whereby criminals can escape human justice, so long as they remain there till their dying days, respected by all humans unless they wish to break faith with religion and be condemned.

Tell him to give it up now, and go, to a home outside of Syriah which accepts him bounded, so that the slaughters may end, and for him to find redemption with Allah, as well as to pacify all Syrians whom are seeking for his head. Justice would have been served.

Tell him he has 5 days to accept. If not, the war will continue on, and this time, the free world will not stand idly by. Nor will the Syrian Free People, whom will possibly be better armed.

i)His Regime's troops will equally be given 5 days to defect or surrender. If not, the fight will go on. Attrition styled war, the Regime's military strength cannot compare to the civilian population. When the war is won by the rebels, those soldiers will be sentenced to hard labour for life, to rebuild back the roads and links they had destroyed.

B.) Syria Transitional Council

There can be no doubt that there are many diverse groups with diverse agendas within the rebellion troops.

This is not a worry and should not be. Democracy welcomes diverse views and is the only solution to brigde all views. Let all who have a stake with the nation and is a syrian rebel, to have a say, to present their views and agendas, and be elected to the Council.

It would not be a problem, as majority of them are muslims, and that was the way the good prophet Muhammad had taught - to discuss and debate over issues responsibily for the greater good of all, not based upon the voice of one unelected equal human, as he left no heir nor appointed any leader when he passed on.

And for those who dare claims that they speak on behalf of Allah, or had dreams and visions of being told, then they must immediately be apprehended and put into jail for their own safety, to be tried for Apostacy, for the prophet Muhammad had been declared the last messenger from Allah in Islam. Another other who claims to be a messenger or have a message, is a liar and must be stoned on the spot.

The Arab League can provide muslim scholars to the meeting, if need be, so that there be no mis-interpretations for those whom have scant of triffling knowledge of the Holy Koran.

When all had agreed upon the Syrian Transitional Council, to form the constitution and the next government, they must elect the members and VOW to uphold that agreed upon decision by all.

There will be no more dissension or arguments, or worse, violence, to destroy the Syrian's People aspiration towards the common goals of life, regardless if under a theocratic govt or secular govt.

They can discuss amongst themselves, and try to win over others for either govt style, but they must satisfy all, NOT just on religion or secularism, but with realistic economic, social and political plans for the nation.

Whomever gets elected by MAJORITY VOTE, ALL must uphold that person & group, and their decisions made, by a VOW, or be sentenced to death for anyone or group that breaks that vow.

The Free Syrian People had asked that the free world help. The free world will do so within its own limits freely, but it must be convinced that those groups have serious intentions and the capabilities to elevate the lives of fellow humans.

However, there is a price, not something unaffordable, but only the affirmation of human rights, and for the nation of Syria, it is called the Vow of Aleppo. - the very same vow taken for a transitional council for Syria.

posted on Aug, 12 2012 @ 09:19 AM
Well this sounds like Aleppo is the FSA s Valley Forge.....
They withdrew from Aleppo, but defeat has oly bound their determiation to be free of Assads.....
Hopefully, the new goverment will really be democracy......but i am thining thats not really in the cards for Syria......They will try to bring about a full sharia Islamic nation...just like the rerst of the recently overthrown
I wonder if this has more to do with Albert Pike than we give credit for......
Perhaps this strengthening of Islam is part of the build up to the third war of the NWO for control of everything.
Iran may just be another starter war and not the main event.....which hardly seems feasable because of relative strengths of the two sides Xtianity and |islam.
In order for them to fight to a bloody standstill as Pike predicted would happen,

posted on Aug, 12 2012 @ 09:48 AM

And for those who dare claims that they speak on behalf of Allah, or had dreams and visions of being told, then they must immediately be apprehended and put into jail for their own safety, to be tried for Apostacy, for the prophet Muhammad had been declared the last messenger from Allah in Islam. Another other who claims to be a messenger or have a message, is a liar and must be stoned on the spot.

So your good prophet Muhammad who claimed to be Allah, should have been stoned to death too because he was also crazy advocating murdering people who are clearly mentally ill and delusional, just like he was.

See that's just one of many reasons i'd never be muslim, that general lack of mercy towards others, that leads to people being killed, even the mentally disturbed people.

posted on Aug, 12 2012 @ 10:05 AM
reply to post by lonewolf19792000

Thanks for your participation, and your personal beliefs, of which you have the right to.

However, majority of Syrians are muslims, and equally have the right of worship. They have the choice for fundamentalism to return back to the ignorant days of the 7th Century, or progressiveness that Islam offers as a society, without losing its central civilisational tenets which are only common in all mainsteam religions.

Even the Taliban, long hypocritically preached for the regression back to the 7th century styled living, had not be ashamed to embrace technology that if by their priniciples, would be considered 'haram' - or fobidden. AK 47s, IED, RPGs, internet, etc, are not science and tech of the 7th century.

Similarly, while many outside of Islam looked questionably on hudad laws, it will be the muslims themselves, whom when given opportunities to truly live and love, they will evolve as all mankind did, the way christians and jews had discarded the repressive and totalitarian laws of the then domineering medieval Catholic Church and the jewish rabbitical meanderings, and evolved, to even remote controlling man made devices on Mars today.

Let them decide, so long as human rights and democracy is upheld by them. They have that choice as fellow humanity, as long none gets hurt or harmed, and over time, they will make the right choices when the nation is not doing or doing well. Mistakes are but the path to human evolution. Any other way, humankind will never learn nor cherish the knowledge given.
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posted on Aug, 12 2012 @ 10:09 AM
What about the christians?

There are many christian groups embedded in the Syrian community. The FSA is just killing them, do you support that too?

posted on Aug, 12 2012 @ 10:19 AM
reply to post by harryhaller

Your claimed that the FSA murdered the christians are unfounded and unsubstantiated. Please desist, unless you have evidences or proof, or mass testimonials of them being murdered by the FSA.

On the other hand, I can supply you tons of witnessed testamonials of not only christians, shia, sunni muslims as well as tens of thousands other innocent men, women and childred whom had been slaughtered enmass by the indiscriminate bombings and shellings by the HumanSlayer Assad for 17 long months.

You only need to google for it, on your own, sparing me the verbose to play your games of denying realities on the ground. Evidences found on your own is better than any I can willingly supply, for they are from your own hand and the intellual capacity to comprehend them intelligently. Thank you.

As to the issue of Christians in the new Syria, it will have to be a choice of the Syrian People to democratically elect a government that they want to head the direction of the nation, with human rights accorded to all, including any minority ethnic groups within the state, and subjected to the agreed upon laws of the new constitution.

Similar with every democratic constitution on planet Earth. For example, does the US constitution claimed that US is a protestant nation and have every law to protect only protestants? None.Freedom of worship is one of its laws, and up to the state how they wish to implement it, such as reality of new churches or mosques requiring approvals for construction within.

Or can the US constitution switch to Shariah law overnight? Fat chance, with 95% of americans being christians.
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posted on Aug, 12 2012 @ 10:24 AM

Originally posted by harryhaller
What about the christians?

There are many christian groups embedded in the Syrian community. The FSA is just killing them, do you support that too?

Can you perhaps post a link via a reputable source? I.E. not RT or syrian state run media that says the free syrian army hates all christians and kills them because they can?

posted on Aug, 13 2012 @ 02:26 PM
6 hours ago ( from the timestamp of this post), the Syrian ambassador claimed that the Regime is ready to hold talks with the opposition now, BUT on the condition that it be under the SUPERVISION of the HumanSlayer Assad.

May the beast Assad wakes up.

He had already lost his legitimacy to governership of Syria, and is a MASS MURDERER. Who in our human world would hold talks with a murderer whom had just slaughtered tens of thousands of citizens and their loved ones?

And more insultingly in the offer was that, it be held under the SUPERVISION of him, and not even neccessarily means he would show himself at the meeting, which only means he does NOT acknowledge his horrifying atrocities, and insultingly deigns not to show himself before his 'inferiors' which he long held in disdian and even to now.

But the bloodshed must end.

If he wants dialogue, then he must show sincerity. Acknowledge his barbarities as a condition and the penalties for it, and hold talks in his presence unarmed as with all, in a neutral but safe location, such as Switzerland or Sweden, with a ceasefire in place first to end the bombings to the civilians.

Anything else, he is only playing for time and further duplicity to fool any idiot who licks his boots that he is 'ready' for talks.
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posted on Aug, 13 2012 @ 02:59 PM
reply to post by SeekerofTruth101

You should take your meds ... getting a bit worked up over there
The potential fallout ranges from the exodus of many of its 2.1 million Christians

is reinforced by attacks on Christians in rebel-held areas of northern Syria. Christian refugees from those areas, many with family ties across the Turkish border, have all but given up hope of returning to their homes.

and a post-Assad regime that threatens to make Syria, with Turkish backing, a place in which they no longer are welcome. 9060742.html

Few places are as central as Syria to the long history of Christianity. Saul of Tarsus made his conversion here, reputedly on the Street Called Straight, which still exists in Damascus. It was in these lands that he conducted his first missions to attract non-Jews to the nascent faith.

A century ago, the Levant supported a population that was perhaps 20% Christian. Now it is closer to 5%. Syria today hosts vibrant, if dwindling, communities of various ancient sects: Syrian Orthodox, Syrian Catholics, Greek Orthodox, Greek Catholics and Armenian Orthodox.

"A lot of people have passed through this country—the Byzantines, the Muslims, Tamerlane, the Mongols, the Ottomans," said Mr. Haddad, seated in the shadow of the convent of St. Thekla, the feminine hero of the biblical legend, the Acts of Paul and Thekla.

"Jesus was from just to the south. St. Paul came to Maalula," he says. "Christianity is very strong here."

Yes, the christians?

posted on Aug, 13 2012 @ 03:01 PM

Originally posted by SeekerofTruth101

Similar with every democratic constitution on planet Earth.

You ever get the feeling those aren't working out too well?
Ask Greece, they invented democracy, and constitutions.

posted on Aug, 14 2012 @ 11:42 AM
The SNC had called for 'no fly zone'.

1. Syria is ringed with russian supplied radar and sam sites unlike Libya. Although the free world knows each and every site and had long already have mission plans to destroy them all in a snap, unfortunately, the inhuman Chinese CCP govt and Putin had stuck to demand for inaction to let more Syrians die. May Syrians remember them for life.

2. Thus, the FSA must not bank on the hope that a no fly zone will come, and wait, and do nothing. Actually, it is too late and not necessary, for the will and the spirit of the rebels along with the terrian will help itself wreck havoc upon aircrafts, with a little ingenuity.

The Free world will do whatever it can to support the lives of the Free Syrian People, as they had done for the past 17months while the China CCP govt and Putin refused to do anything, but let syrians get slaughtered. If the Free world had not done so, today, there would be no syrians left in Syria, for without support, millions of syrians would have been long dead by the onslaught of the beast Assad's machines of death hell bent on crushing his own People.

3. There is no use or need to talk to the inhuman CCP govt for help. They had done nothing and will do nothing, and had long accused the rebels as 'terrorists' - only fellow humans whom had enough of watching their loved ones tortured and slaughtered, and are fighting back against the HumanSlayer Assad.

The CCP govt will only delay with call for impractical talks, to do nothing, and then sniiff the backsides of the winner, whomever wins, to gain Syria's resources. This is its game. Human lives mean nothing to those animals.

4. Any UN envoy who seeks for the precondition of 'unity' from the world is unrealistic, and should get lost if he can't do the job of convincing national leaders and world on the necessary realities for the job - get rid of the mass murderer Assad. The UN had been tested and found wanting.

It had failed in the test, for fellow humans had been slaughtered for 17 months unabetted, thanks to the few inhuman nations that support the slaughter with inaction and delays. Hope is now lost for UN by humankind, unless it reorganises itself and its laws or the continued honor given, efforts and funding WILL BE ONLY a huge colossal waste.

5. The civil war is getting ugly each day, as the frustrations by the helpless syrian people is showing. No quarter is given, espacially to combatants on both sides, and will only get worse still, thanks to the inhuman nations' determination to see all syrians dead and damascus levelled.

Civilians are weary, but their sons and fathers had not hesitated to join the FSA to take the Regime down, to protect and seek for justice for their loved ones slained by assad and his dogs.

The Humanitarian envoy sent today, would have passed a realistic picture and message to the Regime. Enough is done. Far more effective than ineffectual whinning 'special UN envoys'.

The ticking, one way or another. Syrian refugees are waiting to come home. It will be soon.

posted on Aug, 14 2012 @ 02:37 PM
It had just been announced that the Syrian Regime had rebuffed the efforts of the Humanitarian envoy now, and claimed it had the 'ability' to take care of its own people and the refugees to return.

Sad to see the descent into madness by the Regime. Would fellow humans return to Syria to be murdered and slaughtered by indiscriminate fire from air and land by those animals?

Worse, WHERE are the funds to feed the hunger and thirst of the civilian citizens from the Regime, while they lived it up with cavier and champange daily in their palaces, but not even a bread for the common masses, which the FREE WORLD had been providing for months, and not even a cent more from the beast Assad supporters such as Iran, China and Putin?

Baroness Lady Valerie Amos, the Humanitarian envoy, can walk with her head held up high, to the regime dogs snarlings. She had done what was needed, to show those animals reality and passed the message.

Assad and his dogs, as well as the military, knows what is to come then. There is still time, to change, but not much left....

The clock ticking.

posted on Aug, 18 2012 @ 01:12 PM
The Syrian National Council today has said it believes that to form the necessary transitional govt would need the consultations (and most definately) the agreement of all diverse Syrian rebel parties sarificing their lives in various districts in the fight with the HumanSlayer Assad's russian and iranian machines of war.

There is only one pragmatic approach for this agreement, for many will have different agendas and views on the governance of a post war Syria.

1. The answer lays with the ability by FSA Central Command to convince ALL the diverse units to accept unity and organisational central command for the coordination, supplies, intelligence and success in the fight to end the civil war quickly.

WITHOUT those necessary attributes, those small rebel independent units will face a struggle, if not outright doom when they struggle alone. They must be made to see the light, but upon their free will, with no force.

If they chose to fight on their own, then they will be on their own, and FSA Central Command to not depend on them, but focus on the units of the willing, to forge a common strategy and shared strengths, to end the war. The FSA is no longer a provincial team, but an army of its own.

2. When the war is won, those units whom had not join in the unity, will be offered once more to join. If they do not, the might of the FSA must be used to arrest them, BUT give them a fair trial, for them to explain themselves. The new Syrian State cannot have individual warlords with arms running around the country. Unity and political representation is the only way to a stable state to achieve the aims that ALL humans seek for, not arms.

3. The FSA Central Command MUST also realize that when the war is won, there will be critical issues of a new soveriegn state to deal with - such as social, economic and political transitions, for the very sake of the people whom they had been fighting for.

Armies are good at war, for they are trained for it. But in the end, when the fight ends, proper administration is necessary to build on the gains won, and it can come only from those whom have the practical and pragmatic ideas to elevate the lifes of the Syrians, from assad's chains to new hard won freedom paid by the precious lives of many syrians sacrificed.

And that can only come from a council of honest and sincere willing humans - male or females, regardless if from the army or the civilian sector, to share, discuss and debate for the best solutions for the new nation to move forward to, and never, never, upon the decisions of one man, or a few cronies. It's called democracy, despite its flaw, but a concept that suits flawed mankind best - the ability to change players every 4 years if errors are made to correct them and progress.
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posted on Aug, 29 2012 @ 12:22 PM
1. Today, the HumanSlayer Assad had forestalled any attempt for a UN mandated 'buffer zone' for civilian syrians to be protected from the civil war of both sides, with his usual tirade against the Free World's humanitarian aid.

This insane mad beast prefers to bomb the crap out of his own citizens of all ethnicities, regardless if are his supporters or not, and leave them to charity by other nations.

In truth thus, the 'buffer zone' will never work, as long as the beast refuses to lay down his arms and weapons of war, and the buffer zone will be an easier target for his foreign troops to stir the pot in those areas.

In fact, there is NO need to talk to this animal anymore. Which civilised human would shake hands with a wild beast? He had ceazed to figure in any consultation. UN and the Free World should just go ahead and do what it needs to do to save the lives of syrians from further slaughter, and simply ignore him.

2. The FSA had contritely apologized to the citizens in the cities for the bombs being rained upon them, by being there. There is NO need for such apology. It is but an uprising by ALL in ALL cities.

Fact is, which city in Syria today wants that beast Assad around? Majority hates him, and hate what he had forced upon the masses with his indiscriminate bombings enmassed.

From day 1 till 18months of butchery today, those pockets of discontent had grown, for there are few syrians whose loved ones was not slaughtered by that animal, whose answer to dissent is to bomb the sh*t out of them, and unconscionably use the term 'collateral damage' as an excuse.

After such bombings, which son or father will not want to seek justice? Thus the growth of the FSA. Check out those refugee families outside Syria and you will only find women, children, disabled and the old there.

If the FSA too were to leave, Syria will be empty the next moment - something the beast would flippantly called a 'purge'. But no able bodied patriot syrian will leave, and thus a fight that grows uglier as time drags on, with no quarter given on both sides, which the world will have to accept if it does not intend to intervene as in Rwanda. Cut the hypocrisy and crocodile tears.

3. The Free World is rightly concerned about Jihadists groups within the FSA. In the initial stages, there can be no denial that they complemented the shared goal to end the Regime. But today, the FSA, made up of patriotic syrians, had grown, and are a force to be reckoned with by the small jihadist groups.

Utimately, the jihadist groups are humans too, and can be convinced by logic and reason to serve a greater good. They may be religiously misguided, but can be set right by approaching help from the right people of religion to change perceptions.

For those who refuses, then a time will come to thank them for their contribution, and bid them farewell, with safe passage out of Syria. Peace and national progress is what the Syrian fight had been all about, not further wars.

4. The Syrian Free People leaders unfortunately are divided, as groups with many agendas find it hard to come to terms with.

Fact is, leadership now lays with the FSA - the guys who are sacrificing their lives daily in the struggle, a fact that those who seek for non-violent means or lofty goals must understand.

The decision for peace lays with the FSA leadership. It is them who decides the shape of the New Syria to be - secular or theocratic, and with those choices lay the decision for help by the Free World. Upholding the Rule of Law and respect for human rights is what the Free World seeks, and will help only if those terms are met.

If not, the FSA will be on its own, for the Free World will not want another Iran, China or Russia to share this world with.

What the Free World seeks for is not difficult, but only the aims of ALL mankind seeking civilisation and progress. Being leaders, the FSA must choose between democracy, or tyranny such as becomming the next Assad of Syria, and ultimately face another fight later on, for syrians are only humans, seeking what all humans seek, to be free from tyranny.

Equally, the commanders of FSA must realized that they alone cannot administer to the country, and will need the intellectuals to help in order that the nation progresses civilly once peace is acheive. Military rule had never advanced nations since civilisation began, may the leaders be aware

posted on Aug, 29 2012 @ 02:52 PM
Right now on this post's time stamp, Turkey, who had been generously putting up with refugees fleeing from the madman Assad in Syria, is pleading with UN for a buffer zone within Syria itself, to cope with the continual influx of refugees.

But as usual, China and Putin's Russia had objected strenously to such a move.


With Power of UN VETO, comes RESPONSIBILITY.

It's about time those 2 nations share the humanitarian effort to house the refugees, afterall, they DID say that the solution of Syria, lays with the Syrian People. And the People had spoken - to seek for refuge while the world and those 2 nations does NOTHING to bring law and order to their homeland.

Here how's it can be done:-

1. All Free World nations to 'gently' 'take' the savings or investments of russian and chinese citizens/corporations monies in their banks to finance ships, at the least LUXURY cruise liners, to ferry the refugees to China and Russia.

2. Those citizens whom had their monies 'gently removed' can claimed it back from the Chinese and Russian govts, whom have bleeding hearts to care for the Syrian People to deprive them of civil law and order in their homeland, will happily honor those 'gently removed' funds WITH INTEREST even.

If not, the chinese and russian People are most FREE to take the issue up with them on the streets. Afterall, honor, trust and integrity are the hallmarks of leadership, and those govts possessed them....or am I led to believe so by them?

I heard the Black Sea ports in Russia have the best climates, so those cruise ships, a number of them, should head there, and have 3 meals provided daily with full service offered.

As for China, Shanghai is a great and modern city with a port. Some of the Syrians will enjoy life there, as promised by China's 'humanitarian' decision that the choice of leader in Syria is dependent on Syrians themselves, and the world should not interfere.

May the Syrians remember my post and send me a postcard from those 2 'great humanitarian nations' when they get there, as well as from the kind chinese and russians whom had so heartwarmingly willingly to share the funds and resources to house MILLIONS our fellow human Syrian brothers and sisters.

Is this post for real, or China and Putin's Russia are just plain hypocrites in the eyes of the world?
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posted on Sep, 11 2012 @ 02:49 PM
Today, the chief UN monitor that was in Syria - General Robert Mood condemns the West for supplying arms to the Syrian Rebels as culprits for prolonging the war and suffering there.

Fact is, if without the free world, including muslim neighbours supplying those equipment, Syria would have become a total wasteland today, devoid of syria humans, leaving only assadist wild beasts there.

In the initial stages, the HumanSlayer Assad had claimed that the rebels were from the village of Homs, and had pounded Homs to dust, but did not stop, only continue to deploy his war machines to wreck death by the thousands upon innocents in other villages in Syria, FOR 14 straight months.

As a result, after watching their loved ones slaughtered mercilessly, many Syrians rose up across the country to seek for justice against the leader, as they know best, and will only get worse as both sides give no quarters.

General Robert no doubt is the highest ranking monitor of UN, but he has a military force, and know full well of the slaughter taking place regularly. No general exists without intelligence unless he is a fool. He had been a fool, either unintentionally, or wilfully. Chance are, he acted wilfully.

WIth the full authority of world humanity -UN, he should have gotten his forces to protect the village, even if it is one amongst many, to save at least the innocents from brutality of bombs and murder by the regime's animal shahiba units.

With his presence in those fight zones, HumanSlayer Assad would not have dared to molest even an inch of a UN monitor, if he hopes to get the world on his side.

His 400 men would not have been able to save all of syrian villages, but such a stand would have save at least the few innocent lives lost and told the world....

But Robert chickened out, and by his apathy, he allowed the slaughter of thousands. And he has the cheek to slap the face of Free mankind today for their support of the rebels whom had prevented an outright genocide. He is no leader, a disgrace to all in uniform and a failure of generalship. All he has is only Bull&it.

He, as a general, has lacked judgement, behaved as a coward and had ABSOLUTELY FAILED in his mission, only to seek excuses for his shortcommings today. He should be sacked by the UN, and whichever nation that had given him his rank, should stripped it off him and make him a private soldier today, or better still, boot him out altogether.

It is inepts such as him that causes the doubts on UN missions.

The insignificant nobody me takes no pleasure in this post, but truth must be told, no matter how painfull it usually is, to be acknowledged, so that mistakes can be corrected to progress.

May the next monitors sent into Syria, if ever, have more courage and intelligence than the previous fool sent.

As for the refugee situation, if UN has difficulty in collecting funds to support them, UN should appoint the best debt collection agencies from our world to knock on the supporters of the HumanSlayer Assad agencies such as Iran, Russia and China, to surrender funds for the upkeep of the refugees.

It is only fair, as they are the ones who had insisted on the self determination of the Syrian People. The men are fighting for self determination, but the women, children, old and infirmed are not able to fight. Someone have to pay for their upkeep. Who more better to responsibly pay for it than those who support the slaughter of innocent syrians by the HumanSlayer Assad unchecked today?

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posted on Nov, 1 2012 @ 01:45 PM
The free world and the arab states are seeking for a leader to lead the rebellion against the HumanSlayer Assad, hopefully by next week so that they can give all the assistance the free Syrain People needs to end the tragedy we see daily being played for the past 18months.

Right now, with the many more militants joining the rebels, the fear is that the democratic aims of the free Syrian People will be hijacked to serve fundamentalist Islamic paths which will only be regression, and those militants cares not a hoot about the Free Syrian Army, whom truly represents the People - made up of doctors, mechanics, lawyers, soldiers, shopkeepers, etc, seeking for democracy.

The FSA should not and NEVER fear those militants, to command them to form a cohesive unit against the HumanSlayer Assad.

The good prophet Muhammad had NEVER intended Islam to be a religion of lawlessness, where each human is free to interpretate the Koran as they wish.

He had taught democracy, where the community or assembly of muslims -a nation, to decide on the course and direction of society, not just upon the whims or fancy of one man or a few cronies, and thus the intentional leaving out of any heir or appointment of any mortal when he had all the time to do so during his lifetime.

The militants had claimed to demand for Syriah law to be the law of the land. Fine enough, for Syriah law is still the rule of law for a People, even though that form of law had not progressed since the 7th century as it was meant for - barbarians just taught civilisation and thus very rigid and strict to prevent backsliding.

But today, after centuries of civilisation, the arabs had grown in population beyond normadic existence into better educaton and cities. Syriah law too will have to progress, to stay relevant without losing its essence, to progress the next generation to better evolution.

But by rejecting authority, the militants who claimed to respect Syriah law is only bringing more shame, disrespect and apostacy to such laws, for who are those militants to claim ANY authority? Are they the prophet, when the prophet had already said he was the LAST messenger and no other will come? Had they been elected by the People? None.

The representatives of the free Syrian People right now are the courageous FSA. HumanSLayer Assad had lost ALL legitamcy to rule muslims the day he SLAUGHTERED innocents in a peaceful protest whom were only seeking for succor from the leader. He had became the enemy of mankind, and thus the birth of the Syrian FSA to save the nation.

As the FSA is now the true authority of Syria, they must consolidate all military efforts in the campaign. Any militant group whom refuses to accept FSA authority is an apostate, seeking self glory despite mouthing support for Syriah laws, when they had themselves broken it by being renegades to law.

The FSA only needs to send its agents to circulate among the members and tell them the truth. A militant commander is only as good as the troops and amount of troops they have. Many of the troops in the militant group fight only because of their faith in Islam. Who truly represents Islam right now?

Is it the militant commander, who accepts no authority except his own, heretically, or the FSA, whom had support of majority of the free Syrian People, to lead and end the suffering of all?
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posted on Nov, 2 2012 @ 01:44 AM
reply to post by sanic9k1

syrian state run media that says the free syrian army hates all christians and kills them because they can?

From an article which is clearer one sided.

The plight of Syria's Christians: 'We left Homs because they were trying to kill us'

Yes Christians in Homs have left Syria, Homs because the Free Syrian Army had occupied it the FSA trashed there churches.

Yes i am oh i am quite sure the FSA would be loving the Christians if they win in Syria

posted on Nov, 2 2012 @ 06:24 AM
Seeker, clearly not seeker of truth.

Nothing in your posts but rubbish. What's going on?

Seriously? You're sounding like Wapo.

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