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Come pickin' time- US election 2012 Poem

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posted on Aug, 11 2012 @ 09:23 AM
Stay home and gather up you leaves
when polling time comes round
'tis best you spend your energies
on clearing up your ground,
It matters not to anyone
the way your vote is cast
the victor is already known
his day has come at last,
for all of it is pre-ordained
in marble pillared halls
the deepest pocket always wins
the vanquished never falls,
our fate alredy has been sealed
as insignificant
by heirs of those who forged the wheels
that turn as is their wont.

No soverign land to wander
all freedoms now curtailed
with credulity surrendered
democracy's derailed,
pull up your chair and have a rest
distress yourself no more
what's Left is Right and right is left
to those who fix the score.


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